Hunted: Prologue


4. Scene 4

Scene 4

(INT Police station)

(Lights up. Cop 1 is sitting at his desk playing with his rubiks cube. Cop 2 walks up to him.)

Cop 2: Still no luck with that thing, huh?

Cop 1: Yeah, it’s unsolvable

Cop 2: Ok. well, just keep an eye out for...Ah a customer, what can I do for you, Vince?

Vince: Um, Hi. I would like to report an attack on my son.

Cop 1: where is he?

Vince: Uh...He’s currently hiding out as an embryo.

Cop 2: Oh...And tell Rachel I said congrats on her baby.

Cop 1: So, do you have photos of the attack? Or…

Vince: Yes I do.
(hands photos to the cops.)

Cop 2: Ok, do you know who did it?

Vince: Uh, no. my wife and I have reason to believe it is Fenrir’s gang...But we can’t conclusively say who the men work for.

Cop 1: Ok, do you have the weapons?

Vince: Yes. I’ve just covered the weapon with a towel so none of my DNA gets on the hilt.

Cop 2: That’s smart.

Cop 1: I’ll run this through a series of scans to see who this could belong to and we’ll get back to you.

Vince: Sweet, thanks.

(Vince exits and Annabelle enters with Percy, he is dressed in a tank top, exposing his slashed arms.)

Cop2: Hello, Welcome to the Athens police station, what can we do for you?

Annabelle: Um...Hi, I’d like to report my father for a crime.

Cop 1: What did he do this time?

Annabelle: You’ve had him in before?

Cop 2: Yes. he’s a frequent detainee.

Annabelle: Um...yes, I’d like to report him for an act of malicious assault.

Cop 1: Ok, who’s the victim?

Annabelle: Um...this young man.

(Percy steps forward)

Percy(Nervously): Um...I am, officers.

Cop 2: Alright, son. Give us a look

Percy: Yes, officer..

(Percy gives his left arm to Cop 2)

Cop 2: Yo, get a look at this.

Cop 1: That is not...that is can’t be, can it?

Annabelle: What?

Cop 1: You have a good head to bring him to us.

Annabelle: What?

Cop 2: Those aren’t just any scratches...They’re from the receiving end of a scorpion.

Annabelle: Aren’t those the really gross bugs that sting you?

Cop 1: No. These scorpions, much worse.

Percy: What could be worse than dying from a scorpion attack.

Cop 2: Scorpion also refers to the torture device. It’s more common name is the barbed cat o’ nine tales. It’s a really brutal weapon that rips the skin clean off the victim’s body. You are extremely lucky he didn’t aim for your chest or head. These whips are incredibly powerful as the ends are tipped with either fish hooks or barbed wire.

Cop 1: For extended pain, the hooks are sometimes dipped in poison ranging from melittin to tetrodotoxin. You seem to have gotten off easy as the wounds are red, due to the skin being ripped open. If you had been struck with poison, the skin would be green due to the venom having settled under the skin.

Percy: How do you know all of this?

Cop 2: We see a lot of these types of injuries.

Annabelle: Thank you so much, officer.

Cop 1: Any time, we will put up wanted posters asking for your father to turn himself in. just keep his wounds covered.

Percy: Thank you so much.

(Percy and Annabelle exit. End scene.)

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