Hunted: Prologue


3. Scene 3

Scene 3

(EXT: Street)

(Lights up, Nathan is out walking when he is jumped by two of fenrir’s thugs)

Thug 1: Well, look who we have here.seems like someone is trying to protect his baby brother.

Nathan: How do you know about Leo?

Thug 2: Doesn’t everyone?

Nathan: But mom hasn’t put it on Facebook.

Thug 1: Let’s just say that our boss and your mom have some mutual friends.

Nathan: Mutual friends mean nothing.

Thug 2: Alright, in the car.

Nathan: No.

Thug 1: What did you say?

Nathan: You heard me, I won’t let you take me out of the picture so you can hurt my family.

Thug 2: You don’t have a choice in the matter, bitch.

(Nathan pulls out a switchblade)

Nathan: Say that to my fucking face why don’t you.

Thug 1: (Laughs) You think you can hurt me do you?

Nathan: Yes, and I will do it...Mercilessly.

Thug 2: Alright, boy get in the car or I will…

Nathan: No.

(Nathan launches into a fight, Thug 1 grabs his arm and twists, Nathan cuts himself on his own knife.)


(He is thrown to the ground, his arm and wrists are bleeding)

Thug 1: Good luck shaking that one off, wench.

(Thugs 1 and 2 exit, leaving Nathan Lying in his own blood. He faints. Blackout to show passage of time, Police 1 is standing over him.)

Cop 1: Are you ok, Son?

Nathan: Yeah, just a bit sore.

Cop 1: You father is on his way. Did you get the names of the attackers?

(blackout to show time passing.)

(INT Nathan’s house)

Vince: was it Fenrir?

Nathan: I think it might’ve been...I don’t know.

Rachel: Well, you’re ok and that’s the most important thing.

(The doorbell rings.)

Vince: Should I…?

Rachel: It’s ok, I’ll get it.

(Rachel answers the door and Old woman enter)

Old woman: Hello, Dear.

Rachel: Good day, ma’am.

Old woman: I was wondering, could I trouble you for a glass of water?

Rachel: Not at all.

(Rachel gets a glass of water.)

Vince: So, what brings you here, Ma’am?

Old woman: I was in the neighbourhood and got a little bit lost.

Vince: Would you like a bed to sleep in? We have a guest room.

Old woman: No thank you, my dear. I’ll be on my way.

(Old woman shakes Rachel’s hand and gives her a bottle)

Rachel: It’s nothing. Really.

(Old woman exits)

Nathan: What’s that?

Rachel: Nothing...It’s nothing.

(Lights down)

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