Hunted: Prologue


2. Scene 2

(INT: Fenrir’s house)

(lights up on Fenrir and Nancy)

Nancy: Honestly, Fenrir. You’re a nightmare. How I put up with you for all these years, I’ll never know.

Fenrir: Fine then. Leave, walk out the door on your own daughter.

Nancy: Fine then.

(Nancy exits. Regina enters)

Regina:It’s over Fenrir. I’m done.

Fenrir: But...Regina.

Regina: Don’t but me, Fenrir.  You’re absolutely sickening. I’m leaving.

(Regina storms out. And Hazel enters)

Hazel: How could you? You’re unbelievable.

Fenrir: Hazel, Look…

Hazel: No, you look, Fenrir. You’re sick and you know that. You need help.

(Hazel storms out.)

Fenrir: Alright, you wanna play it that way do you? Kids, get in here.

(Annabelle, Luke and Ryker enter)

Annabelle: Yes, father?

Fenrir: Annabelle, could you get me a drink?

Annabelle: Yes, father.

(Annabelle retrieves a beer.)

Fenrir: Sit down all of you.

(Fenrir’s kids sit.)

Ryker: What’s up, dad?

Fenrir: I need to tell you something. Your mothers have take custody over you.

Annabelle: Dad, you can’t be serious.(Takes court papers) Guys, get a load of this bullshit.

Luke: Custody papers? Seriously, dad? You can’t give in to their demands.

Fenrir: Court says I have to.

Annabelle: Father, you can’t. Luke and Ryker...They’re my brothers.

Fenrir: Annabelle, please.

Annabelle: No, father. Listen. If Luke and Ryker are taken away, who knows what Regina and Hazel will do to them.

Fenrir: Annabelle, I’m sure Luke and Ryker will be treated with kindness and compassion. I will not give in to you, I will not fight you on this. If you resist the law, you risk incarceration at 16. I don’t want that for my daughter.

Annabelle: Yes, father.

Fenrir: It’s alright. Get a good night sleep all of you. Annabelle?

Annabelle: Yes, father?

Fenrir: Take this letter, read it. Oh by the way, kids. Your court case is next week.

Luke/Ryker/Annabelle: Yes, father. Good night.

(Light up on Annabelle, she is on her bed crying. Suddenly she hears a loud crash and a horrific scream. She gets up , walks downstage to the cellar and sees a young 21 year old male lying in a growing pool of blood and chains.)

Annabelle(Shocked): Oh my god, are you ok?

Percy: Get away from me. Please. Get away.

Annabelle(Scared): It’s ok, I come in peace.

Percy: Yeah, that’s what he said before he tortured me.

Annabelle: Who?

Percy: I think he said his name was Fenriss.

Annabelle: You mean Fenrir?

Percy: Yeah, you know him?

Annabelle: He’s my father. Now I understand why my mom doesn’t want me living with him. We have to get you out of here.

Percy: No. you need to get out of here. Your father, if you can even call him that, is a monster. I came here looking for a friend...I think he’s coming back, get out of here now, while you still can.

Annabelle: I’ll come back for you, I promise.

(She kisses Percy then storms into Ryker and Luke’s room.)

Annabelle(Cont): Boys get up.

Ryker: What?

Annabelle: I understand why our mothers want to take us away from dad. He’s a monster.

Ryker: I’m sure you’re overreacting, Annabelle.

Annabelle: Luke, you believe me? Don’t you?  

Luke: I do.

Annabelle: Ok. so what we’re gonna do is fake our own deaths.

Ryker: Isn’t that technically a crime?

Annabelle: Not if it’s to get away from an emerging criminal.

Ryker: You do that if you want, big sis. I’m fine with dad.

Annabelle: Ok, then, stay there. Luke you with me?

Luke: Yeah.

Annabelle: Ok, so, we’ll cut our wrists and drip it onto the sheets. That’ll make dad think we killed ourselves. Meanwhile we take his car and drive as far away from this torture place as soon as possible. Sound good? I’ve just got to pick up someone.

Luke: Isn’t that a bit violent?

Annabelle: Fine...I’ll get someone else to do it.

(Luke nods and Annabelle goes down to the basement with a sheet.)

Annabelle: Quick, Drip onto this.

Percy(groggily): What?

Annabelle: just do it.

(Percy hangs his arm over the sheet, Annabelle pours waters onto his wounds over the sheet and into a bucket.)

Percy(Weakly): Thank you.

Annabelle: Here put this on.

(Annabelle puts a blanket on Percy.)

Percy(Weakly): Thanks.

Annabelle: Save your strength, you’ll need it.

Luke: Are you ready, Annabelle?

(Annabelle throws the sheet into her room)

Annabelle: Yes, you?

Luke: Yes, let’s go.

(Annabelle, Percy and Luke exit.)

(end scene)

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