Hunted: Prologue


10. scene 10

(the time has fast forwarded to January 2017 Lights up on Leo and Ben. They are sitting in the living room. The phone rings)

Leo: Hello?

Fenrir: Is this Leo Spence?

Leo: Who are you and how do you know me?

Fenrir: That doesn’t matter. Now, is Rachel home?

Leo: She’s out with dad.

Fenrir: Ok then...that’s fine. I’ll just have you pass a message onto her...say that it has begun.

(The phone goes dead)

Ben: What was that?

Leo: Don’t worry about that.

(Vince and Rachel enter)

Vince: Hey boys

Leo/Ben: Hey dad.

Rachel: Did the phone ring?

Leo: Yeah...someone wanted to tell you that something has begun.

Vince/Rachel: Shit.

Vince: Leo, Ben go to your rooms.

Leo/Ben: But…

Vince: Don’t “But” me

Ben: Dad.

Vince: No, Ben.

Leo/Ben: Fine.

(Leo and Ben exit. Vince sits at the table. Rachel gives him a drink)

Vince: Fenrir’s contacted him.

Rachel: So, what now?

(Vince picks up his phone)

Vince: I think it’s time.

Rachel: No, Vincent. Not until the 16 of September.

Vince: I’m giving them 9 months notice.

Rachel: Fine, do what you have to do.

(Vince dials his friends number)

Nico: Hello, this is Nico speaking.

Vince: Yo, Neeks. Are you available in september?

Nico: Available for what?

Vince: I need to get Leo back to Greece where his brother can protect him.

Nico: So, what do you want me to do?

Vince: Come to New Zealand and pretend to have an interest in Leo until he suspects someone is after him, when he lets his guard down, grab him and bring him back home, unharmed.

Nico: Yep, will do.

(Cut to next year. It is sept 2017. Vince and Rachel are onstage with their kids)

Vince: So...,Leo, you’re in charge. Ben, listen to your brother, ok? Your mom and I are going out to the movies.

Leo: Ok. sweet. pick the movie.

(Cut to later in the night, Leo and Ben are sitting down and watching a movie)

Ben: Leo, could you pass the popcorn?

(leo gives ben the popcorn)

Leo: We’ll watch one more episode of home and away and then hit the hay.

(Cut to later.)

Ben(Rubbing eyes): I’m tired.

Leo: Alright, bro. We’ll hit the hay.

(Ben and Leo hug)

Ben: I love you, Leo.

Leo: I love you too, bro. Good night.

(Leo and Ben exit. End play.)

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