Hunted: Prologue


1. Scene 1

(INT: Nathan’s house)

(Lights up on Rachel, she is standing with Vince.)
Vince: Well, Just three more weeks and He’ll be ready.

Rachel: You promise you’ll be good to him?

Vince: Why wouldn’t I, babe?

Rachel: I know.

(She kisses Vince as Nathan walks in)
Nathan: Oh, Dad. can you not? That’s disgusting?

Vince: Oh go fly a kite, Nate.

Nathan: Dad.

Vince: It’s just a joke.

(Flash-forward, Rachel is holding baby Leo.)

Rachel: He’s beautiful. Nate, come and say hello to your baby brother.

Nathan(Whispering): Hey, Leo. it’s me, your big brother Nate.

Vince(laughs): I’m so proud of you, Rachel. You’re gonna do great. I believe in you.

Rachel: Thanks, Vince.

(Vince kisses Rachel and kisses Leo tenderly. Flash to show family at home. Rachel puts Leo to bed.)

Vince: How was it? First day as a mother?

Rachel: It was beautiful.

Vince: Well, I’ll check on him in the morning. Good night love.

(Lights flash to show passage of time, Rachel screams)

Vince: What is it?

Rachel: Vincent, was that plant always there?

Vince: No.

(Nathan runs in)

Nathan: Everything ok, Mom.

Rachel: Yes, everything is ok.

Vince: What plant is that?

Nathan: It’s a lily. A calla lily to be exact.

(Rachel exits)

Nathan: mom? Everything ok?

Rachel(offstage): Yes. I just need my privacy.
(Cut to Rachel)

Rachel: Hey, sorry to bug you but please, Hebe. if you’re up there. Answer me. I need to protect my newborn son. Please.

(Hebe enters)

Hebe: don’t cry child.with the help of us on olympus, we will protect your son. Someone will come to your door dressed as an old lady, they will give you a potion. Slip it into your eldest son’s dinner and give it to him at 5:00pm or it won’t work. He will be reduced to an embryo and will be reborn on the year of your son’s 6th birthday. You will raise him like your own.

Rachel: Does the potion wear off?

Hebe: It will, on Leo’s 16th birthday.

Rachel: Thank you.

Hebe: that’s alright, child.

(end scene)

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