Ambush Brook

Anthony is a shy kid. He is forced to go to summer camp, and naturally the bullies, Steve and Todd, pick on him every way they can. Campers start to notice shower lights on nightly, and Anthony hears the rumors. He also notices Steve and Todd's beds are empty, unaware of what Ambush Brook camp is really about.


6. Words Never Said

 Anthony starred in disbelief as he re-read the third and sixth lines in Steve's note. A sudden warm nip swept through him, he only had to decide how to respond to it.

I really must be nuts he thought as he rummaged through his pants pocket and took out a ballpoint blue ink pen. Steadily, he hovered the tip over the drawn square box with YES written above it. Either he was signing up for a date or the biggest embarrassment of his life. Anthony checked the box.   

Anthony turned his reddened face to look at himself in the mirror. He stood back two steps straight with his fly open so he could watch his fingers working his penis. Anthony's penis grew larger, so he began to make the thrill better by fingering his ass with his left hand while playing with his dick with his right hand. Anthony rubbed his anus and caressed his lower stomach till he got his penis wet.“I’m going to rape your tight, little, pink pussy , you fucking tease!” Todd jokingly and passionately told Anthony through his gritted teeth as he humped him wildly on the imagined wall of his feverish orgasm. Anthony loved to watch that clear sweet cum drip from his cock while he rubbed his nuts. He liked to tap his anus with his stained fingers and add pressure until he was at the point of climaxing, then he stopped and slowly teased the insides of his butt. AAAAAAAA.....Oh yeah Steve!!! sighed as he took his fingers red and slippery, soaked with cum and watched himself lick them telling the boys of his subconscious how good it tastes, this makes him even wetter. Anthony stepped closer and rubbed his butt hole on a discarded tube of acne cream all the while watching himself in the mirror and talking dirty to himself. He moved up on the sticky tube and pumped his hole on it till he was almost there again and stopped to give his dick some love. This drove him crazy till he felt the tingling in his cock and had to cum. Still on his feet and cumming over the sink so he could watch his cum fly up and away, he pumped his dick and slapped his ass at the same time as he came, all the while watching himself in the mirror. Then Anthony put his cock back in his pants, the smell of his exploit made on the confined space, and wiped his sweat off before heading out into the crisp night air.

Arriving back at the cabin three minutes later, Anthony knew it was time to hit the showers. Already as he entered, some boys were going in and out of the showers whereas others relaxed on their bunks socializing, noses buried in comic books or goofing off. Looking out for Todd and Steve, Anthony did not see either of them and knew it was now or never. Innocently walking slowly past Steve's bunk, Anthony made a gesture of tying his left shoe. Kneeling down next to the bottom one belonging to the bully who was itching for him. With the note hidden under his shirt sleeve, Anthony slid the paper under the bed-sheet while making sure he wasn't noticed. 

God please don't let this be the death of me Anthony exhaled deeply before crossing himself and moving on to take a shower.

Dressed in a blue, read and white stripped shower shorts and black anti-slip sandals, Anthony guardedly entered the showers. The playful banter sounded while hot steam, smell of Head & Shoulders shampoo and sweaty clothes filled Anthony's nostrils. Taking the first available shower head, he welcomed the flow of cleansing hot water as it burst from above down on him. Anthony had always been self conscious being nude publicly, especially in Gym class back home, even more away from it. As he washed his dampened red hair and moved his blue bath sponge across his chest- Anthony mentally drilled himself not to draw his eyes to any of the other boys or do anything suggestive.

Todd and Steve's uproarious laughter and hollering added to the din bouncing back and forth. Also in the shower were five other campers, ones Anthony was cool with but still not much open to. There was Scott, a 13-going-on-14-year-old Black boy. A middle school joker and star on his home basketball team. He is "pop-star" cute many say. The other black kid there, Zack, also 13 who hails from NYC. He is a bit tougher than the other campers, but did have a good attitude by Anthony's standards. Twelve-year-old Carlos is the "camp whiz". While small and coming from a traditional and proud Latino family, Carlos is an artist and often preferred sketching to passing time on a Game-Boy. Lu, also 12, is a Chinese-American kid. Wisecracking, smart and mischievous- he and Anthony talked rarely but a flickering respect if not friendship was there between them. The youngest of the bunch, Johnny, an All-American Caucasian boy with an outdoor background and street-smart attitude. He is Zack's best friend and a soccer player.

Each of his fellow campers were lookers in their own respects. Still, Anthony never entertained the thought of crushing on them or them having any such thoughts about him. As he washed his arm pits, he cast a brief glance across the room at the seven other boys whooping while attempting to pull down others boxers, squirting shampoo on one another and play-boxing.

 Damn  was all Anthony thought about all those boys that were in there.  In a few minutes soon, he was hard in an instant. Three of the boys began to reach into their own shower trunks and wash their private parts. Anthony couldn't bear to expose his dick and butt to the others but wanted to finish up and get out. Squirting a wad of shampoo into his right hand, he washed around his buns while moving his lips to imitate singing a song (always a good distraction technique).

Scott, Zack and Johnny finished and left to dry off. Anthony was aware of them leaving and could picture their peeps and snickers at him. The hot calming water did little to abate Anthony's boner. Keeping up his nonchalant het act, Anthony ducked his left hand into his trunks to clean his cock. He looked at the other boys nervously, his green eyes looked hopeful yet timorous through the thick steam clouds. Carlos smiled at him, standing naked in frontal view, hoping that maybe it'd help him feel more comfortable. He slipped off his shorts and revealed his dick. It was a soft mocha color with little black pubes around it. His buns were fetching in size, almost stunning as dinner rolls. Anthony felt himself looking at his body, as he got undressed in front of the others. He looked away to hide his blush when Anthony saw Lu's little cute butt. They both joined along with Steve and Todd as they shared the vacant heads on Anthony's side. It was nice but he could sense that there was some tension. Was it sexual or maybe because they were embarrassed? Anthony stared at Todd's tight little ass as he reached over for the soap. He was lean like Anthony also, but had a cute set of buns that would have fit in the palm of his hands. 

Before he could think, Anthony realized Steve was rubbing against him. He could feel his cock getting harder and Steve looked at Anthony with shy eyes. Carlos touched his shoulder and Anthony turned to him, his black hair now sleek and stuck to his ears. Carlos trailed his fingers against Anthony's arms, rubbing his soft belly against his. Carlos was a very athletic boy, with a smooth belly and full kissable lips. Lu kissed Anthony gently on his back, when he felt Todd's soft touch from behind touching his crack. Todd rubbed softly as Anthony let out a small moan that pleased the others. With the water still running, Anthony softly caressed Carlos erect nipples in his hand and brushed up to him just as Lu massaged his butt. Anthony started to get really close and turned to Lu, rubbing up against him, feeling his warm and wet beautiful body against his own. Lu took one of Anthony's fingers into his mouth, sucking softly and licking on the tip. Anthony pulled Carlos closer to them and touched him softly on his cheek as he felt a finger slip inside of him. He looked at Steve and Todd as Carlos slowly finger fucked Anthony and Lu suckled on his neck. Anthony took his hands and massaged Lu's slit, feeling the wetness inside as Todd and Steve got harder, getting more moist at the sight of them. 

Lu leaned forward and kissed Anthony, grabbing his cock as he played with his very wet blazing locks. Carlos and Lu turned off the water and made their way out to dry off, still dripping the four hurried off giggling among themselves and enjoying Anthony's near orgasm, a near explosion but he felt accepted being touched, feeling each others naked skin.

Todd and Steve stayed on for two minutes before following after Lu and Carlos. Over a raised shoulder, Todd flung a sideways glance at Anthony and using his two fingers against your face and your tongue sticking out between the middle of them. Anthony was in the middle of drying off while wrestling with the surge to ejaculate over Todd's vagface. Steve however was still in the shower room ogling over Anthony's svelte physique. 

 Next Anthony felt Steve's right hand on his shoulder. The slight toughness of the clamp and the cleansed smell of his soapy was erotic, but there was something viable by the hem of his shorts, Steve's weighty rousing hand. Slow, gentle, like he wanted it to last until dawn. Anthony stayed still and let Steve do it, a hair-raising feeling growing in the pit of his stomach. 

Slowly Steve's stroking fingers moved down, to the nest of Anthony's pubes, then lower. he wondered if he would touch more of him than he seemed to want. Part of him hoped so. Steve's hand then gently circled down his chili dog, and then he whispered into his right ear "Am I going to get lucky later?" he asked, obviously referring to his note. 

Anthony could not find the words to reply as Steve's hand left out of his shorts. His frankfurter-thick fingers ropy with Anthony's jizz. "Better get dressed soon Tony, soon it will be light's out" Steve gibed as he smiled wide enough to make his cheeks pucker up, a crescent-shaped curve on his lower eyelids with "c" shaped lines etched into the corners of his eyes. Bringing two of his cum-coated fingers near his lips, Steve winked and walked out of the room. 

Lingeringly Anthony dried himself off, almost non-eager to touch his own crotch. Eyes closed, he had a yen for his mates to touch him .... grab him .... play with his cock ... and give him an orgasm! The ways they play, they move up and down with their hands, heaviness of their hips.... ummmmmmmmmmmm ! I love it! 

Anthony continued to rub  the fingers of his left hand round and round his cock. Then in an up and down motion! He started getting wet very wet!!!! At last when he felt that electric and brimming tingling in there, Anthony waited for 3 seconds and enjoyed a blast off! He looked inside his shorts after masturbating. Drops of semen mixed with water collected at his feet and flowed down his legs. It was completely wet, showing the white beauty all over the tile floor. Anthony had come to love the way he felt after masturbating. He could only bid his meeting with Steve later tonight would be just as congenial. 

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