Ambush Brook

Anthony is a shy kid. He is forced to go to summer camp, and naturally the bullies, Steve and Todd, pick on him every way they can. Campers start to notice shower lights on nightly, and Anthony hears the rumors. He also notices Steve and Todd's beds are empty, unaware of what Ambush Brook camp is really about.


10. The Hike

Breakfast that morning- cornmeal griddle pancakes topped with blueberries. The boys knew they would need the fuel for the trek Mr. Carswell had planned. Underneath the usual charged and tireless jesting from the other boys- Anthony, Steve and Todd shared subtle but flirtatious signs of the meeting they looked forward to later the same night. 

Todd reserved direct eye contact with Anthony, focusing on his kissable lips while keeping up conversations with the rest of the boys. Steve innocently reached over from Anthony's left side to grab a bottle of honey, getting a whiff of his shampoo while his big wet tongue sluggishly yet sensually moved from the corner of his mouth over his lips. Anthony responded with a half smile before munching down on his remaining side of scrambled eggs.

Once everyone was full, the crew set out for their mid-morning hike, rain jackets and backpacks ready. Anthony wore his green jacket, Steve in blue and Todd in yellow. Carswell and the five other boys were in the lead while the other three purposefully lagged behind but kept moving. The clean, humid and comforting breeze made it ideal weather for a hike. The crew sang, talked and cracked jokes as they carefully climbed hills winding the rail around the camp exuberantly. Todd decided to make the hike a little more interesting as he moved his right hand inside his jacket pocket before gripping his space grey iPod shuffle. Walking on Anthony's left, he gently nudged his shoulder while pointing up into the trees shouting an Eagle just flew overhead. A ruse to offer Anthony the right earphone, and as he put it in his ear, Anthony felt a warm surge run through his body...the kind that gives any boy an amazing rush in all the key places. Todd and Anthony locked eyes for a moment, and both knew the other felt it too.

Giving the back of Anthony's neck a little caress, Todd continued to tease him even more as they continued on the path. My dream to fuck you has been harping on me all day. After almost making you cum in the tent, wish we found a secret spot, perfect for a jerk off outta sight Todd thought as he pushed play on Austin Mahone's Say You're Just A Friend.

Anthony smiled and chuckled as they passed an oak tree and gave Todd tickled bemused and knowing smirk, while putting an arm around him. 

"Kiss him," Steve mouthed to Todd as he tried to capture a photo of a grazing Buck. 

Todd obliged, and as his lips met Anthony's stunned ones, his body responded with an electric trepidation and longing need. It's amazing what kissing does to you Anthony mentally remarked hoping his cheeks were not scarlet by now. His slick, wet cock began to pulse, craving to be touched. 

As playful touching grew more bold, the boys hands started exploring each other. Steve wrapped his left arm around Anthony who felt his hand grip his ass and started to whisper in and breathe into his ear. 

"I want you," Steve whispered heatedly and clicked his tongue. 

The crew stopped in a grassy area for a break, Anthony felt Todd's hardness through his jeans. He was 100% sure he felt the heat emanating from his own growing dick. Steve tackled Anthony from behind to caress his butt, jumped on his back for a surprise piggy back ride, and nibbled his neck. Much to the merriment of the other kids. As the crazy trio took a rest by a nearby boulder, Todd discreetly slipped his right hand through a open pocket in Anthony's jacket in return and started rubbing his belly gently. Anthony's upper body stiffened quickly under Todd's skilled hands and his slim jim started throbbing like crazy. 

Three of the boys went for a piss before continuing on the walk back to camp. Anthony saw it as the chance to take care of the boner pulsing over the waistband of his briefs. This did not keep  Todd at bay. Noiseless and nonchalantly, Todd approached the auburn boy from behind. Rubbing circles into his back with his right hand, Todd unbuttoned Anthony's jeans and pulled them halfway down, along with his gray briefs which had a wet spot from precum. He gave the tip of Anthony's cock a few slow strokes before biting onto the back of his neck while grasping the base. Todd gave his balls a few strokes too, then back up to his crack to prod him in deep. Todd's warm, pinl lips rolled wetly up and down Anthony's neck as his left hand massaged his nearly erupting cock. 

Anthony's prick was at its peak, so he shed his own jeans and moved to roping the pony. He left on his tight fitting briefs so Todd could tease him through the fabric. Anthony barely held back as he moaned touching his cock as he felt Todd's hard meat teasing his butt, delighted and aroused at the soft divide the briefs made. Between your Todd's cock and Anthony's wetness, his briefs were soaked with the blonde's cream. 

Todd decided Anthony had enough fun torture for now and moved his briefs lower, causing him to gasp with pleasure when cool air hit his rear and Todd's penis slid along his crack. You moved two fingers toward Anthony's lips and it was almost too much that he could take. The pleasure of both Todd's cock on his butt and his sweet tongue and fingers on his upper body drove him wild, causing his second orgasm to pop through him. Anthony's hot juices sank into the moist earth and dripped from the greenery around them. 

Anthony really wanted Todd's cock inside him. He spun around and gave the blonde a woodpecker kiss, pulling Todd up into a tight friendly embrace, running his fingers through the winsome, classic soft hair. It felt fantastic touching Todd. Anthony looked into Todd's eyes and licked his juices off one of Todd's fingers and pretended to pluck his cute button nose.

They rejoined the others, singing along to The Ready Set's Forever Young as they felt every inch in and out of each other. Anthony rested his hand on Todd's butt so he could see him look at his face and whisper in his earlobe: 

"God, Fuck me. I want your cock so bad," Anthony whispered into Todd's ear, that boyish lust washing over him again.

Ever the player, Todd obliged by putting on 5 Seconds of Summer's "Don't Stop" and combing his fingers deep into his red wavy hair. The time for play was over. Anthony had a crave for a hard pounding. Anthony turned his face to meet Todd's as he mouthed out the lyrics "Don't stop doin' what you're doin'
Every time you move to the beat
It gets harder for me
And you know it, know it, know it
Don't stop 'cause you know that I like it . . ."
  to me, softly and soulfully. He felt Todd's right hand slapping his butt, triggering another hard on. 

"Gimme more," Anthony begged as Todd stuck his tongue in between his lips. 

Anthony felt his shoulders fall back as Todd massaged his shoulder blades, continuing to mind-fuck him hard. Oh fuck yeah, just what Anthony counted on. I felt one twitch lead to another, with his wetness running down his tight briefs, his ass itching for Todd and Steve's cocks.

I want your cum in me. Anthony started feeling his ass muscles start to draw more joy out of him. He felt Todd and Steve's fingers dig harder into his hips and knew he was close. 

Instinctively Anthony fucked back against his lovers harder, moaning, "please...fucking cum in my ass!" 

Anthony heard Todd let out a light groan and came again himself as he felt jizz shoot in his briefs, once more full of mushy hot cum. Fuck yeah! That was just what I needed Anthony smiled with satisfaction as the crew came back to their cabin.

The boys all collapsed onto their beds, tired, hungry but happy. Anthony, Todd and Steve winked lightly at each other, anticipating what bridges they will cross tonight.

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