Ambush Brook

Anthony is a shy kid. He is forced to go to summer camp, and naturally the bullies, Steve and Todd, pick on him every way they can. Campers start to notice shower lights on nightly, and Anthony hears the rumors. He also notices Steve and Todd's beds are empty, unaware of what Ambush Brook camp is really about.


1. Summer, Rain and Toying

Large, pristine, humid and odd- this is what camp Ambush Brook brings to mind the first time someone comes to it. Why the weird name? Word has it people who go in unsullied, leave tweaked.

Not the summer 14-year-old Anthony Harper was psyched about. A soft, bright and mild-mannered kid- Anthony was a wallflower more comfortable being lost in a book then mingling with the loud, juvenile and cantankerous attitudes of his camp mates.

One perk about Ambush Brook were the rainy days. No schedules, no counselors harping on anyone and everyone was free to do what they liked. Today was that kind of day, one Anthony enjoyed best. The rhythmic rain drops on the windows soothed him as the winds drew in the clean pine-scented air into the spacious log cabin with two bunks beds and one Double. 

The calm was all Anthony could want as he fixated his attention on his copy of Louis Lowry's The Giver. The warmth of his cot under his chest and legs made the slight chill from the rain less distracting but the occasional shout, laugh or random curse word would usually be the queue for  Anthony to turn on his MP3 player. 

Wish I was home Anthony thought or anywhere but here as he pictured himself in the shoes of the book's hero, Jonas.

From his first day there, Anthony kept much to himself. His first lesson from school: Keep under the radar and the sharks will steer away from you. A lesson that didn't apply much at Ambush Brook. Despite his attempts being the quiet kid, Anthony had other campers eyeing him. Some gave fleet glances and others probing him like a microscope. He couldn't get why the other kids always kept pushing his buttons. Especially Steve and Todd.

Anthony never thought of himself as a looker, not that he wasn't cute by any means. Auburn hair, forest-green eyes all set in a heart-shaped face. His big ears he wished were not his best feature as other kids and some adults would pinch them, swooning over how sweet he looked.

Shaking the thought from his brain, Anthony kept on reading, reveling in the privacy of the cabin. The unexpected and quick enveloping power of a muscular arm round his head, big warm hand over his mouth and heavy weight on his backside petrified him. 

The stone-solid force on top of him plus the smug and mischievous giggle were enough to identify Anthony's mystery attacker-Steve.

"Don't be a wuss, okay?" it's me Tony" Steve whispered close to his ear. While pushing further down on Anthony.

"Get off me!" Anthony spat back shocked and annoyed, even more with the "Pet Name" Steve picked out for him. But Steve held Anthony down to his disquiet.  

The same age as Anthony, Steve is a big-boned kid. The sort one could find on the school football or wrestling team. He had the muscle for it, no shit. His hair medium-brown and buzz cut with eyes the shade of Hershey chocolate. No one called him fat oddly enough, not that he was a porker.

Anthony still kept pushing and turning to get Steve off his back. His nerves curiously started to calm with the heat emitted through Steve's dark blue jeans, from his crotch, past Anthony's khaki pants to his butt crack.

Shit Anthony's eyes widened Is he hard? Please don't make me get a boner Anthony begged in his mind before Steve got off him, rolling over to the left side of the bed.

"I need you to help me out, how about it?" Steve asked with a tad touch of worry to his voice.

"With what?" Anthony urged wondering if Steve was really jerking his chain or not, while shielding his arousal away from Steve's view.

"I gotta find Todd. I haven't seen him since breakfast" Steve replied with a nervous look on his face.

"Why are you asking me?" Anthony asked not letting his guard down so fast. If they be quick about it, he can get Steve out of his hair- literally. 

"Come on, man. Come on" Steve nudged Anthony's shoulder and tousled his hair much to his surprise. "You're going with the Hercules here. You're supposed to stand by a pal" Steve patted his his back. The thrill of the touch almost made Anthony jump.

"You're a douche, but okay" Anthony grudgingly conceded and got up to get his light green jacket. Steve eyed him as he went to the closet. Lanky with long legs and slender arms, Anthony was sometimes mistaken for a girl, drawing the eyes of fellow students at school back home. A sight that didn't escape Steve's thoughts, but not so much as Anthony's round pappy-looking butt.

Steve's hot damp tongue poked from the corner of his mouth, licking his lips very slowly. His 6 inch cock pulsing in his jeans.

"Earth to Steve!" Anthony said breaking Steve's daydream. "Are you coming or not?" he asked standing by the cabin entrance ready to go.

"S-sure sure" Steve answered hoping Tony  didn't see what he did. Still, he kept the confident teasing smile he knew both intimidated and hooked Tony.

Anthony met Steve's gaze, holding it for two seconds before walking down the steps as Steve followed close behind him. They started searching around a nearby tent close to the lake. Anthony and Steve said few words on the walk there. Against his judgement, Anthony raised his eyebrows briefly at Steve before dropping them. 

Steve started to slow his pace just enough to catch a glimpse of Tony's ass again.

Wonder if Tony's butt has a number, because it's calling me Steve thought as they approached the still seemingly empty tent.

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