Ambush Brook

Anthony is a shy kid. He is forced to go to summer camp, and naturally the bullies, Steve and Todd, pick on him every way they can. Campers start to notice shower lights on nightly, and Anthony hears the rumors. He also notices Steve and Todd's beds are empty, unaware of what Ambush Brook camp is really about.


2. Scare, Kiss, Hardballs, Shit

Ten minutes searching the nearby area and calling Todd's name turned up nothing. If this was a Hide N Seek game- Todd was king of it. Frustration, boredom and a growling stomach nudged at Anthony more while he looked with Steve. Finally, they knew the ugly bright orange tent was the one place they didn't look.

"Steve I'm getting tired plus I could eat a Horse" Anthony said irked as the thought of steak potatoes and peppers made his mouth water a bit. "Haven't heard or seen Todd anywhere."

"Don't start on food please" Steve begged jokingly before turning on a positive note, "Rain has stopped for now."

Their small talk was broken by a low yet stunning khhht PHHRRRR sound that spooked them both.

"What was that?" Anthony asked startled, looking around lest he was going nuts.

"I heard it too" Steve answered as he fumbled each of his fingers nervously. "I'll check out in the back, you get a look inside" he suggested before darting off.

Who died and made him president Anthony thought, slow in nearing the entrance and to take a peek.

Hushed, not a soul seen or a recent sign of any in the tent. Anthony scanned the interior filled with plastic containers, rucksacks, a bed plus your usual bare necessities. About to leave, Anthony noticed a dark blue sk8-Hi zip sneaker in front of him and more alarming- what was attached to it.

Anthony's eyes followed the black cargo pants clad leg until he saw it as Todd. Wearing a black and red stripped T-shirt with a blue jean jacket over it. His sleep-like knocked out face framed by wavy golden-brown medium-length hair. But he wasn't breathing and didn't stir when Anthony touched his foot with his and panic started to creep on him. On Todd's right cheek a bright red hand print- the streaks of the fingers ran down to his throat.

Oh shit, it's blood! Anthony stood transfixed, his own windpipe narrowing unable to even gasp.

"Aaah!" Anthony gave out a shattering shriek, thinking Todd was dead.

"RAWR" howled out of nowhere when a figure with a "Freak Show" scary clown mask on and a golf club raised high burst forth, eliciting another scream from Anthony. The fright caused him to fall on his back while instinct badgered him to scramble for his life until his legs were grabbed and an odious booming laugh rang in his ears. Anthony looked up to see none other than Todd with a smug open-mouthed smile, looking down above him and affixing Anthony's arms to the ground. The Psycho Clown none other than Steve as he removed the mask and got his own laugh out of the prank.

"It's awful scary in these woods, Tony" Steve cooed over Anthony.

"You should've seen your own face dude" Todd chimed in. "Your eyes were like bulging out of your head." Todd moved his eyes in opposite directions while his tongue lolled out of his mouth, nearing Anthony's ear. The futile flailing of Anthony's body under him made Todd chortle more as he promptly humped the shocked and outraged kid at his mercy.


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