Ambush Brook

Anthony is a shy kid. He is forced to go to summer camp, and naturally the bullies, Steve and Todd, pick on him every way they can. Campers start to notice shower lights on nightly, and Anthony hears the rumors. He also notices Steve and Todd's beds are empty, unaware of what Ambush Brook camp is really about.


3. Pranks & Plans

"Corn syrup goes a long way" Todd swiped some off his neck and licked it off while flashing a malicious grin at Anthony.

"You guys are such douche bags!" Anthony protested as he squirmed more to break free of Todd. "You're sick the pair of you!"

The screams soon brought camp counselor Mr. Carswell into the tent. A 45-year-old firm but moral man with a triangular face. He was not one for any tomfoolery.

"Todd, get off of Anthony now!" he barked.

"What's going down?" Carswell asked with his eyes aimed straight at Steve and Todd.

"Not much" Todd replied in a deadpan tone "Just having a laugh".

"Laugh huh? Tell me what the screams were over" Carswell ordered. "Sounded like a Horror film for real".

"Awesome!" Steve and Todd jovially high-five each other for a prank well done.

Carswell noted the flushed and downcast look on Anthony's face as he tried to keep up a strong front. He dreaded the almost never-ending discipline rant to come.

"Anthony, go back to your cabin. I'll take care of this" Carswell assured him. As much as Anthony wanted to believe the sincerity in his light blue eyes, it was best just to squash the whole thing as he left the tent.

Quickly grabbing Steve and Todd by their shirt collars, Carswell had them sit down on two nearby suitcases. His interrogative and icy haze eyed them both.

"Are you both really sickos or do you have a strange sense of humor?" Carswell asked the boys.

"Was just a joke" Steve answered simply.

"No one was really in trouble anyway" Todd interjected, showing his corn syrup-stained fingers to Carswell.

"Tell that to Anthony" Carswell glowered at them. "You two need to leave him be, I've had enough drama out of you both as it is" he lowered his head at them. Lines of strain and impatience prominent on his forehead and cheeks.

"But it was classic!" Steve countered Carswell. "His scream was the best. I think he almost c-"

"Shove it!" Carswell spat tired of the immature lurid foolishness. "Both of you back to your cabin on the double" he said before storming out of the tent.

Steve and Todd were still unperturbed by their latest prank, especially on their Tony. They got kicks pulling ones on other campers, but Anthony was a riddle all his own to them. One they couldn't help but try to crack. On the walk back , it was all they talked about to make the time fly faster. 

"Dude, I thought I was gonna bust in my pants" Todd tittered. The feel of being on top of Anthony still had him piqued.

Trying to hold back his own laugh, Steve couldn't help it. "I saw how dead beat red he went. Would've totally creamed himself!"

"Still might" Todd winked and made a wanker gesture with his right hand.

"Oh, he's got like the softest butt!" Steve whispered at Todd flanking his left. "Kinda sorta wish I had got him off earlier".

Todd could not suppress his hilarious laugh and clapped his hands. But behind the jokes a more serious topic was on both of their minds.

"You really think we can get him to- you know . . ." Todd bit his own tongue, trying for once not to let his prick speak ahead of his brain.

"One way to find out" Steve replied casting him a flirtatious pseudo cautious expression. "We gotta be slow and quiet though-"

"Hey, I have done this before with four other kids" Todd cut Steve off to further gloat on his own self-love. "No way Tony will be able to resist all of this" as he struck a Johnny Bravo-style pose and kissed his muscles

"Whatever Dude" Steve shook his head and started to walk further up the trail. "Oh, something you don't know" he said to Todd.

"What?" Todd was so unaware- SUCKER!

"Your fly is down" Steve laughed as he made a dash up the trail leaving Todd flabbergasted.

"Son of a-" Todd chased after his friend. Either before or after dinner I'll kill him he thought half dumbfounded he fell for a old third grade joke.

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