Ambush Brook

Anthony is a shy kid. He is forced to go to summer camp, and naturally the bullies, Steve and Todd, pick on him every way they can. Campers start to notice shower lights on nightly, and Anthony hears the rumors. He also notices Steve and Todd's beds are empty, unaware of what Ambush Brook camp is really about.


7. Ghost Stories and Invitations

The rowdiness of the campers simmered just hardly as Anthony walked out of the showers clad in plaid read, white and black lounge pants and a mid blue T-shirt. Most of the boys were occupied in different activities, wanting to enjoy the minutes left before Carswell announced "Lights Out".

Scott and Zack sat on the latter's bunk listening to mutually liked Hip Hop tracks on Scott's Ipod. Carlos sketched in his art book, from Marvel Heroes to animals. His pencil moving with the speed of a strategist. Johnny's attention centered on a Playboy magazine he swiped from his 17-year-old brother back home. Lu's mind and hands set on solving a Rubix cube as he sat on Anthony's bunk. Anthony kicked back and cracked open his copy of John Green's Paper Towns. The bliss was short-lived when Carswell's head popped in through the front door, startling the kids as their heads spun to the door like deer.

"Lights out boys! Got a day of hiking set for tomorrow" Carswell announced as he briefly looked around to see what his young charges were up to. 

Two minutes after Carswell left and the electric lights were turned off, the time for nighttime escapades was on. Todd, Steve, Johnny and Scott pulled out their concealed flashlights to signal the others it was ghost story hour. The eight boys gathered into a circle at the center of the cabin. Todd and Johnny were chosen as tonight's tellers. 

Todd, dressed in a soft navy Crew neck sweatshirt with the Japanese word Thunder in applique, cleared his throat before starting the story. 

With a Cheshire Cat grin Todd began "For this meet of the Night-Fist Creed, I give you Do Not Visit Lover's Lane."

A few of the boys groaned, thinking it would be a sappy love story. Still, Todd knew how to keep an audience hooked and kept on with the tale. 

"A young couple went to the movies, and stopped at the local Lover’s Lane for some kissing. The boy turned on the radio to set the mood. Just as he reaches his arms around his girlfriend, a news bulletin warns of an escaped murderer who has a hook for a right hand. The man had escaped from a facility for the criminally insane. . ."

Outside a rattling sound by the left wing window caused the boys to jump. Lucky timing or was Todd telling the truth? Despite the chilling disturbance, he continued with the story.

"The boy thinks it will be funny to tease his girlfriend to scare her. He begins to tell her he is sure they are in a place the escapee might choose to hide. He goes on and on terrifying his girlfriend. He hoped she would throw herself into his arms for comfort, however his plan backfires. His girlfriend insists they leave right away. . ."

Scott imitated ghostly noises and wiggled his fingers at Lu- much to the boy's irritation instead of fear. Carlos motioned for them both to shut up, he actually found the story good. Johnny and Zack whispered among themselves while making morbid sexual related gestures. One thing to expect mixing horror with eroticism.

Slightly perturbed, Anthony felt cold drops of sweat run down his chest and the back of his neck. The large and backing touch of Steve's arm round Anthony's shoulders soothed his frightful nerves while the big-boned boy gave him a tight lipped smile.

"It's a story Tony boy- it's only a story" he whispered into Anthony's right ear with low intensity. 

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