Ambush Brook

Anthony is a shy kid. He is forced to go to summer camp, and naturally the bullies, Steve and Todd, pick on him every way they can. Campers start to notice shower lights on nightly, and Anthony hears the rumors. He also notices Steve and Todd's beds are empty, unaware of what Ambush Brook camp is really about.


5. Dinner

The camp dining hall was spacious with a wooden paneled kitchen and serving area, two storage rooms and a restroom. There were five sets of bench-style tables. Tonight's menu included baked beans with smoked sausage. The meaty spicy aroma had all of the boys swarming inside, eager to get in line.

Anthony, relieved his boner shrank, wanted nothing more than to forget what happened today as he enjoyed the sweetness of the hearty meal being served. After getting a hot bowl full with a slice of cornbread, he looked for the first empty table available. He remembered the condition he made with his parents to try and be more social- easier to say than to do. He was not sure if the prank got around camp or what his cabin mates thought. Anthony wanted to chuck the very rock of his sorrows away into a far off river as he washed down a spoon full of the savory casserole with a gulp of Sprite. The unexpected sound of two other trays broke Anthony out of his trance to see Steve and Todd join him.

Great, they must be back for another sicko laugh fest Anthony thought hardly giving either of the boys a glance as he randomly scanned the dining hall to distract himself. Steve took a seat on Anthony's right-hand side while Todd sat in front. Both bearing lopsided smiles. Anthony could smell trouble but couldn't help flash a smirk in response as a truce gesture.

"Hey Tony" Todd greeted him. "Me and Steve just wanted to say we're sorry about this afternoon and wanted to give you a peace offering" he said throwing up the "V' sign.

"Think I was born yesterday?" Anthony answered absentmindedly stirring the remaining morsel of beans in his bowl. Bet everyone else knows what you did now huh? he thought with contempt and an urge to zip away from the table and leave. 

Heedless of Steve's big and toasty-warm wandering hands running over his back and left arm in a friendly manner, Anthony knew instantly it would lead to another sick joke or shielded slinky pretense.

"No shit Tony, we're really sorry for real." Steve said, not letting up on the touches he gave him as his eyes trailed over the milky skin of his bookworm plaything.

"Whatever, just cut it with the freaky stuff, okay?" Anthony asked disgruntled, his eyes flat and teeth gritted.

"No problem, me and Steve wont do anything you don't like" Todd cut back in "Right Steve?" he flashed a complacent smile at Steve, who nearly choked on his Hawaiian Blast Kool-Aid trying to hold back a blush.

Gradually the other kids started to leave their empty dishes for the kitchen staff to wash and went back to the cabin to hit the showers. Some casting curious glances at Anthony, Todd and Steve while others moved on oblivious to the flirtation going on at their table. 

Steadily Todd removed his left foot out of its sneaker and moved his sock-covered toes over the head of Anthony's shoe and took the leap to glide his foot up his right leg. Anthony quaffed as his palms grew moist. While he was glad nobody was there to see it, Anthony twitched not wanting to spunk around them.

"Hey Steve, do you smell something?" Todd asked running a finger in Anthony's bowl and bringing the drop of syrup to his lips and winked in his direction.

"Wednesdays Fajita surprise?" Steve asked as he drew circles on Anthony's back, making him shift on the hardwood seat.

"No . . ." Todd sat up and started to make his way over to his two dining partners.

"My breath?" Steve teased as he delivered a low blow into Anthony's ear. Steve's breath odor made him scowl but also bone a bit.

"That's not it" Todd took a seat to the left of Anthony whose eyes glistened wide. One half of him anticipated what would happen next while the other cried Dead Meat.

Todd leaned in towards Anthony who wanted to shift away but held in place by Steve. Todd took a gratifying whiff of Anthony's neck before pinching part of his crimson red shirt and enjoyed its redolence. Steve snickered as Anthony's cheeks developed a pink tinge.

"I'll tell you. It smells of his jizz" Todd answered as he enjoyed the staggered look on Anthony's face.

"I see our lil' prank made you buff the banana, huh?" Todd asked as he patted his right hand on Anthony's left cheek. The squirrel had nowhere to run.

"Do you know what the banana said to the vibrator?" Steve asked.

"N-no" Anthony faltered while rubbing the fingertips on both of his hands together.

"Why are you shaking?" Steve laughed as he snaked a hand into a pants pocket while Todd darted at Anthony's belly for a tickle attack.

Anthony was in between trying to break free from their frivolous assault and not showing fondness for it.

"Hey you kids, get outta here. Dinner ended seven minutes ago!" shouted one of the dishwashers from the kitchen.

Steve and Todd stopped with the foreplay with slight vexation but called the flustered boy speeding toward the main door a win.

"C'mon Tony" Steve called out after him. "We just want to be friends . . . with your insides" he razzed along with Todd.

But Anthony was already out and nearly running back to the cabin.

Taking refuge in a green portable toilet on the way, Anthony's heart skipped a beat to the confirmation that his bullies really did have a thing for him. There was a longing, like a rush, to be physically near them. But the gape of incarnate repression still blocked his path. Once his heart rate steadied, Anthony moved to turn the latch and leave but was stopped by the sudden crunching sound of balled up paper.

Reaching into his right pocket, Anthony gingerly pulled out a folded sheet of notebook paper. He knew it wasn't there before and nearly considered flushing it down the drain. But a nerve in his mind poked him to open it.

Probably Steve and Todd declaring me a Fag Anthony mused as he unfolded the note only to find something totally unexpected.

Hi Tony,

If you get this note you're probably wondering why you got it. It's because I turned into a wuss and hid it in your pocket. But let's get to the point. I like you Tony! Like you a lot. I don't know if you really like me. If you do, I wanna hang out with you after dark. Check YES or No and give this back.


"Oh shit" Anthony said to himself as he face reddened uncontrollably. 

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