Ambush Brook

Anthony is a shy kid. He is forced to go to summer camp, and naturally the bullies, Steve and Todd, pick on him every way they can. Campers start to notice shower lights on nightly, and Anthony hears the rumors. He also notices Steve and Todd's beds are empty, unaware of what Ambush Brook camp is really about.


4. Cockburn

"Assholes" Anthony cursed under his breath as he neared the cabin.

By now most of the other campers were back and either engaged in conversation, immersed in their Ipods and some even writing notes home. Anthony was quiet as he came in. He did give slight acknowledgement to anyone who waived or said "Hi". Still, he needed some time alone to compose himself and get his train of thought back. He made a straightforward speed walk to the restroom, about the one place he could have some privacy.

"Why me?" Anyone else the dipshit duo can fuck around with. What makes me so special?" Anthony murmured to and fro in a whisper as he entered the first empty stall.

The reek of urine countered by the pine smell of Mr. Clean detergent both jolted and calmed Anthony as he sat down on the toilet, just to be alone and wrestle with the fixation his bullies had on him. He never thought being different would get him the weirdest kind of attention. Even more outré was that it made him hot, sent a rush he never much felt all over his body.

Snap out of it Anthony face-palmed himself. You're not queer- especially NOT for Steve and Todd! His breathing fast, beads of sweat brimmed on his forehead. Why am I getting worked up over them?

They may be jerks but on the flip side, Steve and Todd were magnetic in ways that Anthony liked and derided. While most kids ignored him, these two wouldn't loosen their grip on him.

Steve has a bold, energetic and outgoing personality whereas Todd is a more wisecracking, rebellious and sarcastic character. Nevertheless- they could draw a small smirk from Anthony, while out of their view.

Slightly moving his hips, Anthony felt the growing boner forming in his pants. Great he thought letting out a disgruntled sigh. He knew and heard all the rumors, anti-acts and real facts on LGBT people but never felt himself belonging in that crowd. Unbuttoning his pants, Anthony could see his 6 inch cock throb, heat up and seek attention. He slid his pants down to his sneakers and his white undies slightly in turn.

Bedazzled by the transfixing warmth and urge to wrap his hand around it for a wank proved too addictive to fight. The Dinner call would go out soon, Anthony knew he had to burp the worm now or endure the snickers of his cabin mates who would see his bulge. Tentatively, he grasped his pulsating cock in his right hand. Anthony instantly felt the ardor, electric shock of his fingers on the silky smooth flesh of his dick, and the ample lump in his own throat. Horny and craving it, he closed his eyes in a rapturous bliss and jerked- sighing with fresh lust.

Looping the mule, Anthony thought of Todd, how hard he felt,how cool and attractive he is. Anthony couldn’t help but touch himself, playing with his dick, kneading his balls and imagining Todd was sucking his tits. Fuck I am getting so hot and horny thinking about him Anthony thought. He slipped a finger of his left hand between his butt cheeks and began to finger his slick, wet hole, pretending it was Steve fingering his hole. Damn this feels so good! Anthony was so close to orgasm when a fellow camper entered the bathroom, interrupting him. "Shit, I was so close to cumming." Anthony was so horny, going to his load, the other kid hopefully did not hear a thing. He was still for 5 minutes after the other boy had left. As he sat there super aroused with his aching cock, Anthony began to think of attractive Todd again. Wishing he was here beside him, kissing his lips, touching me, taking him. "This is nuts,I shouldn’t be having these feelings, I’m not a 'fag' and Steve nor Todd are gay, they probably don’t have any secret, gross gay fantasies like me. I gotta stop thinking about them and just brush it off." Anthony tried but couldn’t. He was just so worked up from that jerk-off in the stall. He sat there thinking what it would be like to have Steve and Todd be his secret frenemy gay lovers. How could he come out to them?

Raising his right hand out of his underwear, Anthony was delighted and stricken by the gleaming and sweltering cum staining his fingers. Casually he brought one finger to his tongue. The taste was steamy and tangy as he licked his jizz from the other three fingers and his thumb. The satisfaction he indulged in was broken by the call for dinner. Anthony was thankful the hard-on he was sporting had been dealt with- for now. Zipping up his pants, Anthony quickly washed his hands and his face of sweat before leaving the bathroom. This time, he left with a undeniable and evident realization he kept trying to hammer down into the recesses of his brain but it always sprang back up.

  It's true, I admit it God. One, I am gay. Two, there are vibes coming from Steve and Todd — and I'm not sure how real those vibes are — that want and prey on me. And three, I have a mondo and undeniable crush on them both.

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