Ambush Brook

Anthony is a shy kid. He is forced to go to summer camp, and naturally the bullies, Steve and Todd, pick on him every way they can. Campers start to notice shower lights on nightly, and Anthony hears the rumors. He also notices Steve and Todd's beds are empty, unaware of what Ambush Brook camp is really about.


8. Boys Night on the Mat

In the quiet dark of the night, Anthony laid motionless teetering between sleep and anticipation. He had a hope and a apprehension, wanting to avoid the counselors so as not to draw attention or rumors from other night owls.

The light tapping of beefy fingers on Anthony's exposed right hand was the sign he had been waiting on. Sure enough as he turned his head, Steve was there with his face grinning at him. Anthony smirked slightly in response while trying not to shift as he felt his groin tighten.

That first day he saw what Steve meant about boys making advances at him. Two now four of them with really cute young bodies came up close to him and sort of rubbed against him and gazed in a friendly way about along his face and back. He was often viewed like a girl.

But Anthony was cool and while he did nothing to encourage them, he loved the attention.

The second day Steve came by to see how Anthony was doing and while he was there, Scott pretended to be sinking in the lake. Anthony jumped in and pulled him out and it was clear he wasn't drowning at all. Anthony cursed at him grimly and said "Don't play Bow who cried Wolf with me."

Steve said he had handled that well, and then asked Anthony to come see him by the Health Center after lunch.
By the Health Center that afternoon he told Anthony he had guts at the lake and said now he could see what he meant about others offering temptation.

Now, gently brushing the skin of his right hand he said, “I can see you got a big heart, but even bigger hard on can get fired up after a while. "Think' in order to keep you from wetting the bed, we should try to relieve your boner right now” moving his tongue across his upper and lower lips before clicking it.


Apace and stilly, Steve and Anthony put on their tennis shoes and jackets. Both put their pillows and a couple of bags under the blankets as a ruse to anyone thinking they had sneaked out the cabin. Five minutes of walking in the damp chill night air in the thick of crickets chirping, woodland animals moving around and humming of machinery at the site- both boys made it to the Gym, evading anyone who may have been up late.


The Gym had a 800m2 surface. Equipped with the usual machines, tools, gear and the like for sports, cardiovascular exercises and bodybuilding. The sweaty, leather and sanitized mixed smell was cleaned away for the night. Anthony and Steve entered through the back door, often unlocked by the fickle, slow-witted drunken caretaker Mr. Linsell. Steve drew Anthony on, clutching his left arm while trying not to pull too hard. Inside they looked around, to find the best spot for their workout. The boxing ring at the center of the room appeared to be the best choice. 


The blue cotton canvas was cool and comforting as the boys skin made contact with it after removing their jackets and shoes, laying back on it side by side. 


Animated and on the border of having cold feet, Anthony had no clue what would happen next as he cast glances at Steve's chubby heaving belly, Paul Bunyan-like arms and comely Russian Doll face. Steve did not overlook Anthony's sexually flustered hints, he was ready to take him base by base and counted on Anthony wanting the same.


Steve deliberately laid his mild big hand on Anthony's constricted and sprouting boner. The invincible touch of cotton against a snug rocket ready to take off was one all boys never got tired of, especially Steve as he stroked Anthony through his PJs. The wash of red on Anthony's cheeks was the green light for Steve to take the lead.


Steve said “Would you like me to help you pump that python?” Anthony nodded that he would, and then Steve stood up and took off his pajama bottoms and underwear plus night shirt. Steve stood there naked and then he began undressing Anthony who helped him so he was naked too, Anthony's penis standing out directly. Steve smiled while stroking Anthony further and said “You see, I knew you were packin' it.” Then Steve sat down with Anthony on the mat in the ring and they began to play with each others bodies and while Anthony had never had any experience, it did not take him long to get excited and cup Steve's butt cheeks. Anthony kissed Steve's lips, neck and chest and then felt his pecks and squeezed, licked and sucked on them.


Anthony felt Steve's cock and made it even harder before he said “Harder Tony, harder dude,” meaning he was close. Anthony began feeling down Steve's thick meat and then licked on a hickey he made and Steve said “Oh god, oh shit, let’s cum” and Steve slid his hand inside Anthony's pants and guided his fingers to his cock, which was oh so hard, just long and warm. Steve pushed down and felt Anthony's wonderful warmth to where his fingers were all the way on and then he began the slow up and down and he raised Anthony's chin to meet his lips and they had six minutes of absolute heaven jacking off before both felt they were beginning to cum. Steve was about to turn Anthony around but he said “No, No, give it to me Steve. Flog my dog,” so both came in each others hands with huge spurts and they climaxed with a great orgasm and then laid there panting for two minute.

Then Steve had Anthony slide close and said “Now, don’t you think that will keep you safe from the other little crotch dogs?” and Anthony said "I just wanna let you in."


Anthony and Steve indulged in the afterglow of their orgasm giving each other nibble kisses. Both continued to touch the others heated skin as moonlight from the windows shone on them. the brushing of pubes, gooey cum smell on each finger and settling shared body warmth made for a perfect moment neither wanted over yet. Steve pushed his upper body forward on to his knees and crawled forward to his jacket. Reaching into the left pocket, he pulled out to Anthony's eye-opening chock, a pack of Newport cigarettes and a lighter. 


Giving Anthony that infamous broad smile of his, Steve flipped both the cigarette pack and lighter in his hands. "I always spark up after I cum" he claimed before taking a seat on a bleacher to the left wall facing the ring. He beckoned Anthony over to take a seat on his right. Still nude, the boys remained close together. Anthony laid his head on Steve's shoulder, breathing in his scent while Steve snaked an arm around his back to pet and drive fingers through the ginger locks he loved.


"Wanna try one" Steve asked after he inhaled and blew out his first drag, enjoying the innocent dubiety on Anthony's face.


Not wanting to come off as the wuss most would call him, Anthony accepted the offer. His mind spun like  dropped coin. First time sexually with a guy and now his first ever cigarette. He'd have one hell of a journal entry to make when he returned home.


“I don’t know if I should do that, I hear they're really bad for you.” Anthony almost balked, looking to Steve for some support.  Steve kissed his forehead, “Come on. Don’t be a pussy. I know you're not that” So they shared it. It was a witching moment, which in retrospect was the coolest thing Anthony ever did. He didn’t know cigarettes were so sweet and delicious! Prior to that, he only knew the negative stuff on weed, so Anthony smoked like it was a joint, ripping on it deep and fast, and he got a little ill. 


Steve giggled a bit as Anthony coughed while patting his back, taking the cigarette from his right hand.


"Damn Tony, didn't think I'd fuck you up this good" Steve murmured into his ear before grabbing his exposed crotch, causing Anthony to laugh.


"Good shit isn't it?" Steve asked partly enamored by Anthony smoking. Subtlety, Steve gathered smoke in his mouth without inhaling it. Then, start blowing smoke out of his mouth slowly and steadily. While he did so, lightly flicked his cheek repeatedly forming a small “ooo” shape with his lips. 


Steve looked on spellbound, he so wanted to learn how to do that trick and quickly took back the cigarette for his next drag. This time he breathed in and exhaled almost like a pro.


"Shit is really good" Anthony said, obviously baked from just that single cigarette. 


"I know what feels even better" Steve replied as he got his fingers on the nearly spent cigarette. "Wanna blow-back?" he asked tweaking Anthony's nipples.  


Steve held the cigarette in his mouth between his lips with the hot end in it while he blew smoke out of the hole at the other end into Anthony's mouth, giving him a big hit. The return of Steve's warm bulky arms near him, his sapid moist lips close to Anthony's sparked his cock to jump in joy.


A moment of silence. Both boys stared at each other totally captured by the appeal that radiated from the other. The fondness they felt in their nakedness squashed the dismay, hateful speech and straining longing that gnawed on their insides.


"I knew you weren't a softie" Steve said as he finished off the cigarette, extinguishing the butt with a drop of spit.


Anthony locked his eyes with Steve's face and pulled in his stomach before puffing his chest out.


"Did you have to bully me like shit just to find that out?" Anthony asked as he moved his left arm down Steve's bulging belly, fingers grazing over his pubes down to his rotund dick, sealing his fingers around it.


Steve let out a light moan before he could meet Anthony's gaze. He wanted a chance at him, he only wasn't sure if the ginger bookworm was into boys. Now with the point proven, he didn't want shit to hit the fan.  


Touching Anthony's milky white bony right knee in response, Steve was overcome by the want to kiss the boy again and even go to the next base.


"Wasn't sure if you were-"


"A fag" Anthony cut him off and turned away to look at the basketball hoop.


"If you would go for somebody like me" Steve said as he angled his pelvis towards Anthony.


"Why would you worry about that?" Anthony asked, his eyebrows raised and mouth slanted. Steve may not be popular but he wasn't the ugly kid some would avoid. 


Steve let out a dismal breath, "Kids at my school harp on me for being so big. Fat-ass, Lard Tub and fuckin' Piggy are all names I'm used to. I got friends but still take shit. Like you must get being nerdy."


That last sentence brought Anthony's attention back to him as he turned to look at Steve. Met by the jumbo-shrimp sized fingers that waived over his eye lashes, cheeks and lips.


"Whe- when did you find out . . ." Anthony began and Steve already knowing what his question was.


"When I was twelve, my cousin Logan was visiting last summer. We were sharing a room. Saw him on manual override- it was like wow. . ." Steve licked his lips as Anthony's grip on his cock tightened a degree more.


"Logan caught me lookin'. He wasn't mad but asked me to join him. Said "Come here cuz, I'll teach you how to be a man." I laid on the left to him . . ." Steve wanted to buck as his fingers clawed at the wooden seat.


"We tickled, touched and even kissed" Steve blushed reminiscing. "He brought me closer and kissed me, my first kiss." Anthony's own reviving hardness boned up as Steve continued.


"Next he said he'd teach me the best lesson ever- I spanked my monkey for the first time" Steve said as he slumped his butt-crack up and down Anthony's cock, happy over his crush's randy expression.


"What about girls?" Anthony asked curious if not sure Steve never looked at or thought of a girl as fine.


"I've kissed, looked at and even boned at them" Steve rubbed his toes over Anthony's bare feet, "But guys always get me hot too" he delivered a buzz kiss to his lips.


"AAAAAAA" Steve groused and came at Anthony's sudden jerk.


Both boys panted, their sweaty skin sticking together while they listened to the crickets chirping outside. Overwrought and chill, Anthony had one question going across his brain as a pin ball: Did Todd also want him? He knew it was now or never that he could ask Steve and it was now about 11 PM at night.


"So . . . is Todd also . . ." Anthony asked with a curious hesitance, not sure how Steve was going to react.


Smirking back at Anthony, Steve made a fake cough to stifle a giggle. At some point during their date, he knew Tony was going to ask. 


"Tony boy, Todd is as gay as a hatbox full of speedos. Shit, most of the guys I've heard say they think you're a good looking piece" Steve leaned further into him to say. 


Licking the rim of Anthony's ear, Steve whispered "Todd's told me how he has eye fucked you before and after activities. I even saw Carlos doing a sketch of you in his notebook, he was so into it" he said while rubbing Anthony's chest downwards with his fingertips in circular motions. 


Anthony felt nearly deadened at this revealed secret. He thought Ambush Grove would just be another dull and boring camp where he'd be the Black Sheep loner. Now, tables turned and he was more happier than he'd been since the start of the summer.


"You know . . ." Steve began, "Todd wants in on this too" he said steadily.


"What's he got in mind?" Anthony asked still skittish about going any further sexually.


"Nothing you wouldn't like Tony baby- unless you want us to pork you" Steve licked his lips at the thought of pounding Anthony.


Anthony was much too overcome with a jolting aroused intensity, he almost couldn't form the words to reply. Steve read by the thumping of his crush's heart under his fingers that his response was clear.


"Mmmm, looks like you don't need to say it" Steve pestered Anthony gently until he realized they had better get back to the cabin before Carswell would find them gone.


"C'mon Tony, we ought to head back" Steve said as he shifted up from the bleacher seat.


The boys spent four minutes in helping each other get dressed, basking in the touches exchanged in putting on underwear, PJs, socks and jackets. Anthony and Steve raced back to the cabin giggling while swapping noogies, play pushing and crotch grabs. Reaching the back door in a swell of gaiety, they stopped to catch their breaths while soaking up the glee and zeal shared through wide smiles.


Between low pants Steve asked Anthony "What . . . do I . . . tell Steve? Tomorrow night by the lake house?"


The idea of another whirlwind night, with Todd included had Anthony near peaking with anticipation. He could only keep his fingers crossed that he wasn't throwing himself into a trap.


"It's a date" Anthony answered as he wiped a trail of sweat off his forehead.


The two sneaked back into the quiet dorm area. The rest of the boys were still asleep and the camp staff were not heard patrolling. Steve and Anthony moved about silently. Grabbing Anthony by his left arm, Steve twirled him around till his back was against the wall. Enclosing him with his brawny arms, Steve neared Anthony's ear again and in a low inaudible voice, asked him a bold and dirty question.


Anthony and Steve crept towards their respective beds, both sharing Duchenne smiles as they got on their bunks. Both hiding under their t-shirts tokens of this memorable night, their underwear. Anthony's were a dark green combed-cotton rib and Steve's red Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Under the sheets, both clutched the others underwear as they let their newfound and confirmed desires drift them off to sleep. Both inhaled the scent of the other- high on the gooey taste of cum, the balmy allure of the crotch and heft of cock. Steve and Anthony loved it, even as they tucked their prizes beneath their pillows, they became hard again.




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