Riddle (H.P)

Cassiopeia Riddle has lived in an orphanage all her life; no knowledge of her family or who she really is. Nothing, that is, until she's finally found by Hogwarts and she can finally go and become the person she's supposed to be, discovering not just herself, but her family in the process. Will she find what she's looking for? Will she be left disappointed, angry and, most importantly, in danger?

(The Harry Potter series is property of J.K. Rowling. I do not own any scenes or characters from the books or the films. Cassiopeia Riddle is my character, however, and some scenes may differ from the books. There may also be some modern references.)


8. Chapter 8

"Girls, time to get up," Mrs Weasley calls. Cassy wakes with a start at the sound of her voice. There is no light coming from anywhere, it's still pitch black. 
Cassy sits up slowly, sleep trying to pull her back down into the darkness. She picks up on of her pillows and throws it at Ginny, throwing the other in Hermione's genera direction. As her pillows hit their targets, muffled groaning starts up, whining and complaining. 
"Well, if you two don't want to see the Quidditch World Cup..." Cassy shrugs. 
Ginny sits bolt upright, realizing what day it is. Excitement fills her face, her eyes brightening at the notion that they're going to the actual Quidditch Cup. Hermione also wakes slightly at this, and soon all three girls are sleepily pulling on clothes. Eventually, Cassy had settled on some blue ripped jeans and a black cold shoulder shirt with flowers decorating the bottom. She slips on her trainers sleepily, and goes to brush her teeth. She stands there for at least two minutes before picking up her toothbrush and lazily beginning the process. As she's brushing, she can't help but feel like she can hear a hissing noise- far off but also right in her ear. She shrugs it off and finishes in the bathroom, finding her way to her room. She picks up her magically enlarged bag and packs some of the books she has yet to read through, her wand and some other clothes and shoes that could come in handy. She makes her way downstairs with her bag packed; being forced to the breakfast table by Mrs Weasley in an attempt to make her eat- but Cassy couldn't. She found herself reminded of Nagini's omniscient words from last time she'd seen her.
'Stay out of trouble, you never know what could go wrong.'
What was being planned? Who was planning it? Why would it impact the Quidditch World Cup? There would be massive amounts of security would there not? 
These questions were swimming around her head that she didn't even pay attention to the commotion around her as Mrs Weasley confiscates somethings from Fred and George. 
Soon they were off, up to the hill. Mr Weasley is explaining the premise of a Portkey to Cassy, something she hadn't gotten a chance to ask before now. Cassy was listening intently, deeply interested in the workings of one of the things that had basically thrown her into her new life. 
As they reach the top of the hill, the group begins searching for the Portkey. 
"Over here, Arthur! Over here, con, we've got it!"
Two silhouettes were standing y'all against the backdrop of the starry sky. 
"Amos," Arthur greets the man with a smile and a handshake. Behind him, a boy a few years older than Harry, Ron, Hermione and Cassy. 
"This is Amos Diggory, everyone," introduces Mr Weasley. He details his job before turning his attention to the boy. "And I think that some of you know his son, Cedric?" 
Cedric Diggory was very attractive- well, at least Cassy thought. Everyone was very polite with him, Fred and George only nodding courteously. Cedric beams at the group. 
Amos inquired about the trip and the two adults exchange small talk before Amos' attention catches me. 
"Who's this, then?" he asks, a friendly demeanor all around. I'm loitering at the back of the group, but I'm suddenly pushed forward unwillingly by people's hands. 
"This is a new arrival to the Wizarding World," Arthur says. 
"Cassiopeia," I smile. "Cassiopeia Riddle."
My name strikes a nerve, but I don't allow it to phase me this time. 
"Riddle... my goodness, Arthur not like Riddle?"  Amos asks, eyes wide. 
"Yes, Riddle like that Riddle," Arthur says, a very closed tone to his voice. 
"So, what year will you be entering, Miss Riddle?"
"Fourth. I'm a little late to starting, but I'm sure I'll be able to catch up eventually," she replies. 
"I'm sure you will, a father like you've got," Amos says, almost approvingly, but not towards her father- towards her and her potential. "Horrid things, he did. But good things I can only imagine you can do."
"I'm sure," Arthur says, listening closely to the conversation to make sure I didn't get any clues as to who he's talking about. 
"Yes, yes- horrid business, all of it. The Longbottoms, the Bones family, the Potters, too!" Amos' eyes land on Harry as he says this. Cassy nods in agreement, as if she knew who these people were. She made a mental note to search for references in books. 
"It's almost time to go!" Arthur says rather loudly, interrupting Amos' eyes, which were flickering rapidly between Harry and Cassy. 
"Oh yes, so it is. Everyone make sure they're holding on," Amos says, making room for Cassy in between himself and Cedric. She puts a finger on the boot being used as a Portkey and watches as the world turns to a blur.

When she next grasps a place, she immediately recognizes it as a forest. The boot drops to the floor and people immediately rush them out of the way. They're directed towards a place. Wizards attempting to dress like Muggles provided quite the entertainment for Harry and Cassy as they walked. Harry stops to help Arthur with the Muggle money, and the man running it mentions foreigners, saying how there were lots of them around at the moment. They continue through, finding their plot quite easily. The tents they walk past were quite the extravagant sight. 
"Wizard pride," sighs Mr Weasley. "Whenever we get together we can't help but show off. It's not very inconspicuous, is it?"
"Not particularly," Cassy grins. "But you've got to admit that it's pretty cool."
Mr Weasley passes her a small grin before starting to set up two natural looking two-man-tents. 
"Umm... Mr Weasley? Are you sure we're going to... well, fit?" Cassy asks. The three oldest children weren't even there yet (they could Apperate) and everything was already looking slightly small. 
"Why don't you go inside and check?" he smiles.
Cassy does just that and as she steps in she's greeted, not by the two man tent she was expecting, but with a large living area joining to two separate rooms. She comes out and checks the second tent, finding the same things waiting for her. 
"This is the girl's tent, this is the boy's tent. Charlie, Bill, Percy and I will take one room, Ron, Harry, Fred and George the other. Girls, you can decide between yourselves..."
But it had already been decided non-verbally that they'd share the one room, since the night before they had concerned themselves with Nagini's words- worry and excitement threatening to spill over. The girls go into their tent- both rooms had one bunk bed, but it only took a small amount of magic from Hermione to conjure up another bed in one of the rooms. Cassy got the top bunk, Ginny beneath her and Hermione on the single. 
"We're going to stick together, right?" Hermione says timidly. 
"Of course. But before we work ourselves up over what a snake told me, let's just enjoy ourselves. If something happens, it happens. There's nothing we can do about it," Cassy says with a smile. 
"I'd feel better if you knew how to defend yourself..." Ginny mutters quietly. 
"Then teach me," she said simply. "Nothing big, just some basic defenses."
"That sounds like a good idea," says Hermione, sitting up. "Have you got your wand?" 
Cassy nods, pulling it out from her bag. 
Hermione first demonstrates a Shield Charm, the most basic- Protego. She then runs through the hand motions, and Cassy tries to copy them without casting a spell. After a couple of times, Hermione nods indicating that Cassy is ready to try the spell. 
She raises her wand, taking a second to focus her energy. "Protego!"

A barrier shoots up between her and Hermione and when Hermione goes to press on it, it hold considerably well.
"That's really good! For a first try, I wouldn't have expected it to even materialize, let alone hold under any pressure," she says. 
Cassy smiles, lowering her wand and the barrier. "So it was good?" 
"Good? That's the best first time Shield Charm I've ever seen," she says. A bright smile floods over Cassy's face. 
She repeats the process a few more times, gaining more and more confidence with each try- and her shield gaining more and more power with every conjure. Soon, Hermione is confident that a spell of relative strength wouldn't be able to get through, although she did mention that the shield would need recasting every time. Cassy suddenly felt a pang of belonging, this is where she wanted to be and she knew she'd fight to keep her place in this world. After the Shield Charm, they went on to more offensive spells, going back into the woods behind the tents (with permission, and Harry and Ron) to practice. 
Hermione, once again, demonstrates- using Harry and Ron as testers. First, they use Expelliarmus, a disarming spell that should remove the wand from the opponent's hand. Cassy manages to work this spell without much difficulty, and soon Harry's wand is flying out of his hand every time. Cassy also realizes that she can block a Disarming Charm from Harry, who almost prides himself upon that spell. 
"I can't believe you can block it already! Even I can't use Protego yet," Harry complains. 
"Well, maybe you should learn, otherwise Cassy's always going to be in possession of your wand, mate," Ron jokes. 
"Oh, do shut up complaining! Don't you boys see, she's a natural!" Hermione gushes, smiling brightly. Cassy smiles at this.
"That means a lot coming from you, 'Mione," she replies, before sitting at the base of a tree, slightly tired. 
Hermione sends her a beaming smile as she takes a seat next to her. "You know, we might not have to stop at curriculum based spells, Cassy."
"Really? What kind of spells aren't on the curriculum?"
"Loads of defensive charms are only spoken about theoretically, there are household spells and helpful charms. The best thing is- you're probably never going to be completely magic-reliant, you've lived with Muggles for so long."
"You think? I reckon that if I find magic helpful enough, I'll end up using it for lots of things," she replies, looking up at the canopy the trees create. 
"Look who we have here," a familiar voice says from behind them. Cassy turns to face whoever it is, noting Ron and Harry's hateful eyes and Hermione's annoyed composure. 
"Oh! Hi, Draco," she says happily, waving with a smile. 
"Cassy! I didn't know you'd be here," he says, dropping his sneering countenance at a second's notice. He looks genuinely pleased- something that both Ron and Harry found displeasing. 
"Yeah, the Wealsey's offered to bring me along, isn't that great?" 
"Brilliant," he says. He walks over to where she's sat and takes a seat next to her. At this display of friendship, Ginny, Fred and George had left to return to the tents; unwilling to be near the Malfoy heir for longer than required.

Hermione moves to be closer to Harry and Ron as Draco chats happily to Cassy. 
"I'm the Slytherin seeker at school," he explains, furthering the topic to discuss what exactly that entails, noticing Cassy's rapt attention. 
"Harry, you're the Gryffindor seeker, right?" she asks, turning just to notice that the trio had left somewhere in the middle of the discussion. Cassy visibly deflates. "Oh."
"Hey, it's okay. We're kind of... enemies, really," Draco explains, looking slightly guilty. Although his statement seemed to have struck Cassiopeia as funny, since she can't help but laugh. 
"Enemies? What is this, the Middle Ages?" she taunts, spluttering with laughter. "What did he do? Steal one of your pigs?"
"Hey!" Draco whines, joining in on the joke. "He didn't steal one of my pigs, he stole three of my sheep!"
"Oh, dear! Whatever will you do?"
Draco snorts with laughter, causing Cassy to dissolve into fits of silent, breathless laughter. When she finally composes herself, she notices that Draco has a gentle smile etched onto his face. She straightens up. 
"I should really be getting back to the tent before they jump to the conclusion that you've kidnapped me or something," Cassy sighs, standing up and brushing herself off. Draco follows suit and offers to walk her back. She accepts. 
"Hey, listen. I know you don't know much magic yet, but if something happens- I'm not saying something will," he says when Cassy sends him a questioning look. "But if something does, come and try to find me? Please?"
"I can try, but I'll probably be with Hermione and Harry. But you can one hundred percent come with us," she offers, smiling up at him. "Unless your arch-nemesis is too much for you to handle."
Draco laughs, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Potter will never be too much for me to handle, Riddle. You should learn that early on."
"Big talk from someone who is literally the biggest fluffball of the Wizarding World so far," Cassy laughs. "And if we're doing last names, do I have to call you Malfoy? Because, no."
Draco laughs airily, letting some of the August sun hit his pale skin. 
"Draco it is," Cassy nods. "Hey, we're both named after constellations, how weird. Is it a trend?"
"I mean, kind of. The Malfoys are related to the Black family, and they have a thing about it... Orion, Sirius, Arcturus, Cygnus, there was a Cassiopeia ages ago, Walburga, Alphard, Bellatrix is a star in the Orion constellation... There are loads of star references and constellation names. And there's me, Draco."
"That's so cool," Cassy sighs. 
"Yeah, but the Blacks are known as some of the biggest Pure-Blood Supremacists," he mutters. 
"And the Malfoys?" 
"We're... an interesting mix. My parents value it, but I don't really care that much," he shrugs. "It's a lot of pressure when you're in Slytherin- you're expected to believe it and you're supposed to be invested in Pure-Blood superiority."
"That's a little crazy."
"A little," Draco agrees. They reach the tents and Draco bids her goodbye in front of the Weasley's, mentioning a peacock in front of his tent.

"Lovely to have you back," Ron sniffs stiffly. 
"Oh, give it a rest," Hermione sighs. "They haven't stopped whining over it."
Cassy lets out a small laugh. "Maybe you should be careful, hanging out with a Malfoy," Mr Weasley says cautiously. 
Cassy shoots him a grateful smile. "Thank you, I will. But seriously, he's nice enough to me."
"He probably thinks you're going to end up in Slytherin with him," Ron sulks.
"And other people don't?" she points out. "Will you hate me if I'm put in Slytherin?"
Hermione, Ginny and the twins immediately shake their heads, but Ron and Harry are more reluctant. Cassy rolls her eyes. "Boys," she mutters retreating to her tent with a yawn. "Wake me up when it's time to go.

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