Riddle (H.P)

Cassiopeia Riddle has lived in an orphanage all her life; no knowledge of her family or who she really is. Nothing, that is, until she's finally found by Hogwarts and she can finally go and become the person she's supposed to be, discovering not just herself, but her family in the process. Will she find what she's looking for? Will she be left disappointed, angry and, most importantly, in danger?

(The Harry Potter series is property of J.K. Rowling. I do not own any scenes or characters from the books or the films. Cassiopeia Riddle is my character, however, and some scenes may differ from the books. There may also be some modern references.)


6. Chapter 6

Cassy spins around, being forced out of the Weasley's chimney and across the sky, watching different chimneys and houses pass below her. She lands on a hearth, stumbling out unsteadily, just to be caught by George before she falls. She sends a smile his way before steadying herself and starting to brush herself off gently. 
"Where are we?" she asks quietly as she continues brushing door off her clothes.
"The Leaky Cauldron," George says, moving her further off of the hearth as Fred comes through the fireplace, throwing soot all over the rug, where she'd just been standing. She sent George a grateful smile and he grins back, brushing some ash out of her hair. 
Fred stands up and walks to the other side of George, ready to wait for the rest of them family. Harry comes through next, followed by Ron, Hermione's, Ginny and then Molly and Arthur. As they brush off the soot, Remus Lupin comes through the door with a big, shaggy dog. This dog looked strangely... human to Cassy, however and she looked at it skeptically. 
"Remus," Molly hisses, confirming Casey's suspicions that the dog wasn't actually a dog. "What is he doing here?"
"He's bored, Molly. He wouldn't stop. It's just one afternoon. There is such thing as a disillusionment charm, and he was desperate to meet Cassiopeia," Remus says, making friendly eye contact with Cassiopeia. 
"Fine. But we're only waiting five minutes for him to introduce himself and then the disillusionment charm is going on and he's not to say a word whilst we're out," she warns. "Could we use a private booth for five minutes, Tom?"
The bartender nods and leads the group over to an empty booth that wasn't near anybody. 
"Thanks," Remus says letting the dog in first and following behind the rest of the group. George stands close to Cassy, ready to explain anything she didn't understand. As the group stands expectantly, the big dog before them turns into a man. An actual man. Cassy almost scoffs at the predicability. The group waits for a reaction. 
"What? He didn't exactly act like a very good dog," she laughs, holding her hand out. "Cassiopeia Riddle."
He shakes it with a smile hanging in his eyes. 
"Sirius Black. Pleasure," he says. His voice seemed very dog like, which almost surprised her for a second. 
"Lovely to meet you. So, why do you skulk about in dog form may I ask?"
"I'm on the run from the Ministry of Magic because they think I murdered a whole street of Muggles when in actuality it was one of our old friends, who is presumed dead but is actually alive and is thought to be helping Voldemort," he says. Cassy nods, sensing his nonchalant attitude towards it. 
"Clever way to hide. But you really should try making yourself look dumber."
"I didn't think that was possible," Remus says, feigning shock. Cassy laughs gently. 
"It's always possible, although I see where you're coming from."
Sirius almost pouts, causing Cassy to snort slightly, choking on air for a second. 
"You are actually a drama queen, I can tell already," she laughs. 
Remus laughs along. "You've hit the nail on the head, she's a bright one."
Sirius rolls his eyes and turns back into a dog when Molly instructs him too. A disillusionment charm is placed on him, and he sticks by Cassy's legs like a guard dog. She follows the group out into a back alley, with Arthur taking up the rear and almost being stood in the doorway to the Leaky Cauldron. Molly taps a brick in the wall with her wand before the wall opens up, displaying an entire street full of witches, wizards and a whole host of other people going about their daily business as if nothing unusual was happening. Cassy stands with her mouth slightly ajar before remembering herself and straightening up, ignoring the sniggering of the twins. She follows Harry, nudging him slightly. 
"How am I going to pay for stuff?"
The thought had occurred to her very suddenly and very harshly and she was stuck wondering if she was supposed to have money. 
"It's really weird- but Dumbledore says you have an account in Gringotts, the wizarding bank. He says he doesn't know who opened it, or when, but it's in your name and has quite a bit of money in it. You'll be able to pay for things," Harry explains, pointing out Gringotts as a large white building in the middle of the street. Cassy nods, nervously however. Sirius' dog form was comforting to her somehow and she looks around, enjoying the sights but still plagued by nerves. 
They approach Gringotts and Harry gets his key out, Mrs Weasley handing Cassy her's. 
"Harry, would you mind taking Cassiopeia, too?" Molly asks.
"Not at all," he smiles, motioning for her to follow him. They go up to a stand with a human-ish creature behind it. In fact, these stands lined the halls, and each one had one of these creatures working on it- some were inspecting precious jewels, others were inspecting artifacts and sorting money. They all had a job, and they were all doing it. 
Harry walks them up to a goblin who was discussing something with some other wizards. They finished just as the pair approached them. 
"Hello, we'd like to visit Harry Potter's vault and Cassiopeia Riddle's vault, please," he says. 
"Keys?" the creature asks, boredom lacing his voice. The two place their keys on the counter for him and he inspected them. 
"The most unlikely pair though," he grins, although it wasn't a kind grin like Fred and George. It was almost malicious. 
"Yes, yes. Unlikely. Can we be escorted now?" Harry asks, not impolitely. 
The creature motions for another one to come over. 
"These two to vault 687 and 729," he instructs. His colleague nods, starting to walk. Harry follows him and Cassy follows Harry. 
"What are they?" she whispers as politely as she could muster. 
"Goblins. You'd be crazy to rob Gringotts," he says. 
"Interesting? Yeah," Harry smiles. 
They reach a cart and the goblin motions for them to get in. Harry climbs in and helps Cassy over the side. 
They sit and the cart starts quickly. They speed down the tracks, winding around corners far too quickly for Cassy's liking. By the time they stop at Harry's vault, she's visibly paler and she gripping the cart with all her might. Harry climbs out with the goblin and he opens the vault. It's full of gold, silver and bronze coins. None of them make sense, but Cassy gathers that the gold ones are worth the most and, boy, did Harry have a lot of them. 
The two climb back in, and Harry begins explaining the coins. 
"The gold ones are Galleons, silver are Sickles and the bronze ones are Knuts. There are 17 Sickles in a Galleon and 29 Knuts in a Sickle," he explains. 
Cassy nods, making sure she retained that information for a later date. 
"You can just get as much as you can and put it into a leather pouch," he explains, handing her a pouch to put it in. 
She gets out of the cart when it screeches to a halt. The goblin opens the vault and she almost gasps. It's full of all kinds of coins, artifacts and books and Cassy wants to take all of them. She restrains herself, collecting as much money as she can. Before she can leave, a certain artifact catches her eye. It's a ring, just like a Muggle ring, just it's got a tiny inscription on the side. 
"Come on, Cassy. You probably don't want to touch anything else," Harry warns from the cart. She nods and tears her eyes away from it. As they rush back up, the ring is pushed the the back of her mind by the nausea of the journey. 
When the reach sunlight (finally), Cassy joins the Weasley's outside Gringotts. 
"Do you have everything you need, dear?" Molly asks, smiling. 
Cassy nods, still not feeling quite right. 
"Those carts are always uncomfortable," Remus says kindly, noticing her slightly paled skin. "I'm sure you'll get used to it."
She offers Remus a smile as Sirius attaches himself to her leg again. 
She walks down the street next to Remus, chatting idly about the different stores. 
"You'll need a wand. In fact, Molly, should I take her to Ollivander's?" Remus suggests. 
"That would be really helpful, Remus. Thank you," she smiles. He nods and they set off in a different direction. Soon, the pair approaches an old building with peeling letter proclaiming that it's Ollivander's. 
Remus opens the door and Cassy thanks him quietly as he holds it open for her to pass in. The dusty silence gives Cassy a sense of foreboding, and she can't hell but be slightly startled when a man with grey hair and milky eyes appears behind the desk out of nowhere. 
"Cassiopeia Riddle," he says. "How interesting to see you now. I must say I was disappointed when you didn't come at age eleven..."
Cassy just nods. A shiver tries to make its way down her spine, but she refuses the urge. 
"You look just like your father..." he trails off after Remus gives him a slight look, warning him against saying anything more about who her father is. 
Cassy stares at the man behind the counter. 
"Now, you'll need a powerful wand, that's for sure," he muses, searching the shelves. He pulls out a few boxes and puts them on the counter, getting one out of offering it to me. "First, let's try an English Oak wand, Dragon Heartstring core, 9 1/2 inches. Give it a wave."
Cassy takes it and waves it, feeling slightly foolish. When she swings it through the air, however, it causes a bit of a mess, boxes falling off shelving and a vase smashing. She quickly puts it down again, eyes slightly wide. 
"No. Not that one, never mind... Try this. Apple, Dragon Heartstring, 10 3/4 inches."
Cassy waves this one in the same manner and gets the same result. Ollivander supplies her with more and more wands; Alder and Phoenix Feather, Chestnut and Unicorn Hair, Maple and Unicorn Hair- all of different sizes. 
"A difficult customer," he murmurs when a pile starts forming. "It's fine, we'll find something."
He pulls a wand off of the top most shelf, in one of the far corners. 
"Hmm... try this one," he says as he removes it from the box. "Cherry and Phoenix Feather, 9 1/2 inches long. Quite flexible."
Cassy waves it and she feels warmth spreading up her arm. Out of the end, red and gold sparks fly and nothing breaks. 
"Perfect!" cries Mr Ollivander. "Absolutely perfect! A very rare wand indeed, but a perfect match none the less."
Cassy smiles genuinely and pays for her wand, still happy with the match. 
Remus and Cassy make their way out of the shop, making their way to Madame Malkin's robe shop. 
We meet the Weasley's halfway there, as they're heading up the street to the potions shop. 
"Do you still need your potions ingredients?" Arthur asks. 
Cassy nods, smiling gently. "Okay, we can grab those for you. Remember to go and get your books," he calls as he's swept away into the crowd. 
Sirius is still at Cassy's feet, she can feel him weaving around people. They make it to Madame Malikin's and they walk in. Cassy gets fitted and pays for her robes before walking out and heading towards Flourish and Blott's, the bookshop. 
"You'll need all the books you didn't get in first year; that'll be A History of Magic, Magical Theory, One Thousand Magic Herbs and Fungi, Magical Drafts and Potions, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self Protection. That's alongside The Standard Book of Spells Grades 1-4," Remus rattles off as they walk up to the door. "If you let me do the talking I'll have make sure you get everything you need."
Cassy nods and they walk into the bookshop. A little bell sounds as they walk through the door and the worker is soon at their side. 
"How can I help you?" she asks, smiling. 
"We need every mandatory book from Hogwarts years 1 until 4, including Unfogging the Future,  The Monster Book of Monsters and the books for Muggle Studies and Study of Ancient Runes," Remus lists. The shopkeeper nods and scurries off into the book shelves. 
Cassy looks around at the heaving shelves, the smell and sight of so many books reminding her of the countless hours she's spent in libraries. She came back out with her arms full of books. 
"Are you starting teaching at Hogwarts?" the shopkeeper asks Remus. Cassy turns around. 
"No, I'm starting as a student," she smiles. "I missed a couple of years."
The shopkeeper drops the books she was holding, her jaw slack and her eyes wide with fear. 
"Y-You... you're a spitting image," she stutters, backing away slightly. 
All eyes from the bookstore were on her, including a family near them, with a boy who looked about Cassy's age. She looks to Remus for guidance, but he seems just as confused. 
"Spitting image of who?" she asks. Remus shakes his head slowly. 
"None of that now, you know that you're not supposed to know that yet," he says. "Can we just pay and leave?"
"I'm sorry, I-I can't serve you..." she says, running off into the back room. The store was still deadly silent as Cassy takes a few steps forward and collects all the books into her arms before walking to the counter. She gives Remus her money pouch. 
"Pay for these, please. I'll be outside," she mutters, starting towards the door and keeping her eyes focused on the ground. She couldn't help but be afraid of what they thought she might do. Everyone was so still, but they knew. They knew about her, more than she knows about herself. 
She stands in a little side street next to the bookstore, leaning against the wall and trying to control her whirlwind of thoughts. 
"She didn't mean to upset you."
Cassy's head snaps up to see the boy from the family. He had blonde- almost white- hair, sharp features and pale skin. He offers her a small smile from his taller position. 
"I'm sure she didn't," Cassy replies, with a sigh in her voice. "I just don't understand."
"It's almost as if you don't know who you are."
Cassy gives him a look. 
"Merlin's beard, you don't. You don't know who you are," he exclaims with a raised eyebrow. 
"I know my name," she mumbles. 
"Well then, why don't you introduce yourself."
He leans himself against the wall next to her, smiling slightly still. 
"Cassiopeia Riddle," she says, holding out her hand. 
"Draco Malfoy," he replies, shaking her hand for a second. 
"I know you can't tell me who I look like, but can you tell me why she was so scared?" Cassy asks quietly.
The boy pauses for a second, thinking. 
"Let's just say, the person you must've reminded her of did some pretty terrible things," he explains. 
"Well, crap. Is that what people are going to expect of me?"
"Probably. Most likely. The way that person does- or did- things was... ruthless. Merciless," he says. "But I don't think that's you, especially since you removed yourself from the situation."
Cassy smiles at him. This boy had cheered her up quicker than she would've thought possible. 
"Do you go to Hogwarts?" she asks, changing the subject suddenly. 
"Yeah. I'll be starting my fourth year."
"I'm joining this year. I'm going to have to catch up pretty quickly to get up to the standards."
"I'm sure you'll manage," he says confidently. 
"Thanks. I hope I will," Cassy replies, looking up at the rare blue sky. 
"I'm sure you will."
"Draco. It's time to go."
Another voice enters the conversation. An older man stands at the end of the alley. When the boy moves, the older man's eyes fix on Cassiopeia- making her fear what the mysterious parent might've done to them. 
"Coming, father," Draco replies. "I'll see you around, Cassiopeia."
Cassy nods in his vague direction, trying to ignore the man's eyes burning into her. 
The family departs, leaving Cassy in a better mood- but only marginally. 
Remus finally emerges from the bookstore, his arms full of book packages. Cassy takes some out of his arms, carrying them in silence as they walk down the street. As they're walking they spot the Weasley's. The pair make their way towards them, Sirius still following- invisible- in their wake.

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