Riddle (H.P)

Cassiopeia Riddle has lived in an orphanage all her life; no knowledge of her family or who she really is. Nothing, that is, until she's finally found by Hogwarts and she can finally go and become the person she's supposed to be, discovering not just herself, but her family in the process. Will she find what she's looking for? Will she be left disappointed, angry and, most importantly, in danger?

(The Harry Potter series is property of J.K. Rowling. I do not own any scenes or characters from the books or the films. Cassiopeia Riddle is my character, however, and some scenes may differ from the books. There may also be some modern references.)


5. Chapter 5

Ron, Harry and Hermione settled down on the bed, leaving the rest of the children (apart from Percy, who hasn't come out of his own room since they'd gone to play Quidditch) to find a space on the floor. The room was bright orange. People were flying on posters and even Ron's bed was bright orange. 
Hermione initiates conversation, asking about the orphanage back in London. 
"Well, it wasn't very big. There were only ten of us, and only three of us were girls. I had my own room, since I was there the longest. I'd had my own room because I was literally a baby when I got there, and I was the only girl. Then another girl came when I was six, Dana. She was seven, and she was the rudest person I had ever met. As a six year old, I didn't understand why she was so rude. Now I know she was just really... bitter for lack of a better word. Then came Becky. She's nice, but she's the polar opposite of me, so we didn't get on very often. Then there were the boys. Most of them were quiet, but Josh and Ronnie were the worst people I've ever met. Their parents were still alive, but they weren't capable of ever being able to take care of them. Instead of being nice to the other kids, they thought they were superior because we didn't have any parents who would sweep us away and take us home. The rest of the people were really nice. We were taken care of by a man called Mike. He's the best care worker anyone could ask for," Cassy finishes with a slight smile on her lips. 
The twins are smiling, happy that despite not having a family, she had someone kind to take care of her. 
"Did you go to Muggle school?" Ginny asks. 
"Yeah. It was crap," she says, popping the p dramatically. 
Fred laughs. "What made it so crap, Cass?" 
"The teachers, mainly. The had no scope of how much was too much. And the scientific and mathematical concepts were really difficult to grasp. And the people were pricks," she says after thinking for a minute. 
"That sounds a little bit like Hogwarts, really. Although not all the people are pricks. And there no maths or science." Fred says.
"Although we have Peeves!" Harry points out. 
"That we do..." George agrees. 
"Who's Peeves?" Cassy asks once some scattered laughter has died down. 
"He's a Poltergeist at school. He's a real pain in the ass to... umm... everyone," Hermione explains. 
"Wait, Poltergeist? You mean as in... ghost, Poltergeist?"
"Yeah, did no one mention? Hogwarts has ghosts. Peeves and then the House ghosts. Nearly Headless Nick-" George is interrupted by Hermione, correcting him. 
"It's Sir Nicholas!"
"For Gryffindor," he continues, glaring at Hermione jokingly. "The Bloody Baron for Slytherin, The Grey Lady, who's really Helena Ravenclaw, for Ravenclaw and the Fat Friar for Hufflepuff."
Cassy sits in silence, letting it sink in. 
"That's crazy. If I die, I'm coming back to haunt Hogwarts," she says.
Fred and George laugh together. 
Cassy shrugs, leaning back into the wall. 
Hermione starts talking about different lessons and how she's going to help Cassiopeia catch up in each and Ron watches her soaking in the information with a bemused look. 
"Bloody hell, Harry. I think we've got another Hermione," he says, earning a glare from Hermione herself and a smack across the back of the head from Ginny. 
Soon enough, the sun has set and everyone is spread to their own bedrooms- Ginny, Hermione and Cassy to their's with weary smiles on their faces. Cassy throws on a shirt and some leggings to sleep in before wiping off her makeup and going through her nightly routine. She can only hope she will get better sleep tonight. 

"Come on, girls! It's time to get up if we want to get to Diagon Alley before the big rush."
Mrs Weasley stands in the doorway, trying to coax the three girls out of their beds. Cassy feels tired despite the solid hours of sleep she got and she groans into the pillow. She raises her head to see Hermione looking around through half closed eyes and Ginny not even stirring. She sits herself up and tries to pay down her hair slightly as she smells breakfast. 
"That's it, deary," Mrs Weasley encourages, bustling out of the room again, leaving Cassy to get the other two up. 
"'Mione," she mumbles, nudging the girl with her foot.
"What?" Hermione grumbles, raising her head. 
"Get up," Cassy instructs, climbing to her feet herself. 
"Why?" Hermione groans, making further into her covers. 
"Because today is the day you get to start teaching me," Cassy says. "And I'm going to need you up and ready because I can't face this all by my self."
At these words, Ginny shoots up out of bed, more awake than anyone could've imagined. Cassy smiles at her as she hurriedly rushes around getting herself ready. 
Cassy lets her pick out clothes for her; a long sleeved black dress and some little heels to go with it. She goes to change without argument- knowing that she'll never win against Ginny. Hermione comes out of the bathroom completely ready- her hair vaguely tamed. Cassy sighs, moving her curls around in the mirror but knowing she'll never really be able to do anything with them. She fixes them to look somewhat presentable and changes quickly. She wanders back out to find Hermione and Ginny gone from the room, sounds coming from downstairs.

Cassy starts to make her way downstairs as other voices hush and three stand out- Mrs Weasley's and the twin's. 
"She doesn't know, and Dumbledore doesn't want her to know yet- so don't you dare go telling her," Mrs Weasley says sternly. 
"But it's not fair! If we didn't know who you were, wouldn't you want us to?" one of the twins argues.
"That is not at all the same, Fred! Not at all! She's a lovely, lovely girl but having something like that on her shoulders while she's trying to start at a new place would destroy her."
"But she deserves to know! It's not fair on her to make her march into a new place with no knowledge of who you are, just to have people whispering behind her back because she's a Riddle!" 
"I think they're right, Mrs Weasley. I didn't know who I was and I found out in little snippets. People whispered behind my back." Harry spoke quietly but politely. 
"Yes, Harry, dear. But this is different! You're known for different reasons... She's not going to be; people are going to make horrid assumptions and although I most certainly don't want her to go through that, she's going to no matter what she knows or doesn't know."
"Regardless," says one of the twins, both of them standing from the table, "if I was in her position, I'd want to know. Not just for myself, but so that I could know what I would be up against. And fine, we won't tell her, but that doesn't mean we won't lead her to it just a little bit."
Cassy bites her lip and rushes back up the stairs, making her way back down once she was certain that the conversation was over. Fred and George are on their way up as she's coming down and they grin at her as she passes. She smiles back, knowing that they want to help.
Mrs Weasley spots her coming down and smiles at her brightly. 
"Cassy, dear! Would you like some breakfast?" she asks, conjuring up a clean plate and some clean cutlery. 
"Yes please, that would be lovely."
She wasn't angry over the fact that Mrs Weasley didn't want to tell her anything, but she felt that Molly needed to see it from her perspective; to really think if it was for the best and distinguish between what's best and what's too protective.

Mrs Weasley proceeds to fill up her plate with bacon, fried eggs and toast before placing it in front of where she'd sat next to Harry. Hermione slips Harry a piece of parchment with a question written on it to Harry and he reads it quickly. After shaking his head in response, her brow furrows, standing up with the parchment scrunched in her hand and rushes away- probably to delve into some book or another. The table is quiet as Cassy eats, only becoming slightly louder when Percy comes down the stairs to eat, accidentally sitting on Crookshanks (who, Cassy had been informed, was a very valued pet of Hermione's). Once she'd finished, she runs back upstairs to fetch the twins and Hermione, as well as to grab her phone from where it was charging. 
When she walks into her room, Hermione isn't there, but there's a book on her bed- one that doesn't belong to her, entitled Great Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century. She picks it up, assuming it's Hermione's, and takes it up to Ron's room, where she'll probably be. She is there, as Cassy predicted but her nose is already buried in her copy of the same book as she cross references it with others. Hermione jumps as Cassy walks in with the book in her arms. 
"Oh, um, Mrs Weasley wants everyone downstairs, we're going to leave soon," Cassy says, feeling a little bit foolish standing with the book in her arms. 
"Oh, okay. I'll come down with you, let me just collect up these books..." she trails off, marking her place in each book and collecting the pile into her arms as she comes out of the room with Cassy. 
"Where did you get that book, by the way? I wasn't aware anyone else had it, especially not you," she asks. 
"I thought it was your's, honestly. It was laying on my bed," Cassy shrugs. 
Hermione suddenly gets a little glint in her eye, as if she knows something that she'd rather not. 
"Well, I can take it off your hands, if you want. Find out who it belongs to."
"It's okay, it might help me get a head start in catching up," Cassy smiles, dropping that book into one of her cases as she picks up her phone. She has multiple messages from her best friend, Isabelle, apologizing profusely for not messaging back sooner and for not telling her goodbye before she left. She promises Isabelle that she'll be back on holiday before she knows it, and hastily sends the message before following Hermione down to the living room after knocking on the twin's door and telling them to hurry up. 

Cassy ends up sitting downstairs, waiting for people to hurry up. Ginny in particular is trying to collect all of her things so that they can go to Diagon Alley. Finally, she's done and the Weasley's congregate around the fireplace, confusing Cassy. This must've shown on her face because Fred smiles at her and moves so he's by her side. 
"Floo Powder," he says. "You take some, throw it in the fire and say where you want to go and you'll get there." 
Cassy nods, but is still apprehensive, so Fred nudges his twin and motions for him to go first. He nods and takes some Floo Powder from him mum. He steps into the fire place. He throws it into the fire and the flames turn emerald green, roaring more than they were before. He shouts a quick "Diagon Alley" before he disappears in a spinning mess of flames, person and ash. 
Cassy blinks in surprise. "And it's totally safe?" 
"Yep. Keep your arms in, eyes and mouth closed and try not to worry," Fred says, pushing her forward gently. "I'll come straight after you."
Cassy steps forward, worried. She takes some powder with a nod from Mrs Weasley. She steps into the fire and throws it down. She makes one last bit of eye contact with Fred before yelling "Diagon Alley.

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