Riddle (H.P)

Cassiopeia Riddle has lived in an orphanage all her life; no knowledge of her family or who she really is. Nothing, that is, until she's finally found by Hogwarts and she can finally go and become the person she's supposed to be, discovering not just herself, but her family in the process. Will she find what she's looking for? Will she be left disappointed, angry and, most importantly, in danger?

(The Harry Potter series is property of J.K. Rowling. I do not own any scenes or characters from the books or the films. Cassiopeia Riddle is my character, however, and some scenes may differ from the books. There may also be some modern references.)


3. Chapter 3

Cassy is sat in an armchair on her phone, scrolling through messages from her friends from school. She's having a full blown conversation with her best friend, Isabelle. Mike is sat at the 'homework table' helping Dana through some of her summer homework and a few of the boys are scattered across some couches, playing video games. Mike checks his watch anxiously, as if he's hyper aware of the time, as if he's waiting for something. 
Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Mike leaps up to let whoever it is in. Everyone ignores this seemingly normal thing, but it feels different to Cassy. The same uncomfortable feeling she suffered from that night has crept back up on her and she no longer wants to sit down and stay still. She stands up suddenly and follows Mike out to the hallway. He's talking in hushed tones and stops as Cassiopeia approaches. She stops suddenly and turns to go up the stairs before Mike calls her quietly. "There's some people here to see you."
Her face scrunches in confusion as she follows Mike and some strange looking people into the office. One man, seemingly the 'leader' of the group had long silver hair and a long beard. He's wearing long robes and is accompanied by a strict looking woman and a man with dark hair and a hooked nose.
"Have I done something?" she whispers to Mike, looking at the stern woman with skepticism. 
"No, no. Nothing bad," he assures her. She nods. The adults sit on the four available chairs and Cassiopeia  sits on the floor in front of them. The old man begins to talk.
"Cassiopeia Riddle, I presume?" he asks with a kind smile.
She nods, smiling back shyly.
"Well, that's always a good start. My name is Professor Dumbledore. This is Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape. We're teachers at a school," he explains.
"Okay... Why do you want to see me?" Cassiopeia asks. 
"Well, this school is for very special people. People who have... abilities that other children don't. You're one of them. This school starts at age eleven, which is when you should have started, but none of the letters we sent were getting through so we decided now was as good a time as ever to come and tell you ourselves," he says, his eyes twinkling behind his strange glasses.
"Umm... I'm honored, but I don't think I've got any special abilities. Could you have the wrong Cassiopeia?" She knew that was quite possibly the most dim-witted question she had quite  possibly asked in her entire life. Of course they didn't have the wrong Cassiopeia, it isn't exactly a common name. 
"I don't think so," says Professor Snape, making this the first thing he had said. His eyes had been glued to me as if he recognized me from somewhere incredible. "She looks just like him, Albus. Are you sure this is a good idea?" 
Professor McGonagall shoots him a sharp look. "Of course it's a good idea. She's still a magical child, Severus."
Albus looks amused at this exchange and continues to smile kindly at Cassy, who was watching it unfold with the most confused expression on her face.
"Well, of course she's magical... she is his daughter after all-"
"Who's daughter? And what do you mean magic?" Cassy asks quietly, cutting Professor Snape off. His eyes drift over to her slowly.
"You're a witch, Cassiopeia," Dumbledore says, smiling still. "And your father is... a discussion for another time, I think."
Cassy stares at a spot on the carpet for a minute before looking up. "So, I'm late to the school, would have three years to catch up on and you know who my father is, but you're not going to tell me?" 
"A fair summary," Dumbledore nods. "Are you willing to come early so you can get a head start? We have someone just waiting to jump at the chance to house you for a while before term starts, she's very excited."
Cassy looks at Mike. "It's all been cleared," he assures her. 
"When do we leave?" she asks.

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