Riddle (H.P)

Cassiopeia Riddle has lived in an orphanage all her life; no knowledge of her family or who she really is. Nothing, that is, until she's finally found by Hogwarts and she can finally go and become the person she's supposed to be, discovering not just herself, but her family in the process. Will she find what she's looking for? Will she be left disappointed, angry and, most importantly, in danger?

(The Harry Potter series is property of J.K. Rowling. I do not own any scenes or characters from the books or the films. Cassiopeia Riddle is my character, however, and some scenes may differ from the books. There may also be some modern references.)


2. Chapter 2

As morning finally drew over the London care home, Cassiopeia decided that it was finally an appropriate time to get out of bed. She slips out and, with little enthusiasm, pulls on a jumper so that she doesn't freeze to death after being curled up under the covers for so many hours- shaking and frightened and, quite frankly, wondering if she's insane. Her steely eyes roam around the impeccably tidy room, the collection of perfumes organised to perfection making a smile grace her lips momentarily. She soon became overcome by her foul mood again as she moves to leave her room and the dark bags under her eyes become impressively apparent as she passes the mirror. She sighs, poking at them as if it'll make them go away and she opens her door and walks down the stairs.

She can already hear the tell tale signs of the orphanage coming to life. Plates clicking in the kitchen as someone slowly unloads the dishwasher. She lands with both feet at the bottom. 
"Morning, Cassy," comes the voice from the kitchen. 
"Morning, Mike," she replies, her voice sweet and full of appreciation. She walks into the kitchen as his back is turned. 
"Did you-" he stops short. "You look like you got no sleep."
"That's because I didn't," she groans, laying her head on the table as she gets comfortable on the chair. 
"Why not?" he asks, concern filling his eyes. 
"I'm not sure. The clock was ticking super loud and I'm not sure if I fell asleep or not but I came downstairs to get a drink and I heard a voice saying my name and it sounded like something was sliding across the floor... but I don't think I was dreaming," she adds quietly. 
"That's... strange," says Mike, standing up straight and closing the washing machine. 
"What do you mean by 'strange'?" 
"Because the window was open last night, and I have no idea how it opened."
Cassiopeia's heart dropped to her stomach. 
Mike shrugs. "I'll check the cameras, but I can't promise that we got something."
Cassy takes a deep breath, trying to calm her thoughts. "So... you think someone was here last night?"
"Maybe, or I left the window open. Did it feel particularly cold last night?"
"Well, as cold as it normally feels in here," she shrugs, trying to think of anything that was off last night.
"Hmm... that is strange," Mike says before shrugging. "I'm sure we'll figure it out."
Cassiopeia nods, standing up again and announcing that she was going to get ready. She runs up the stairs quietly and goes back into her room. 
Being one of the three girls in the orphanage, she got an en suite, like the other two girls. The other two shared a room, however, and so they shared with each other. Cassy, on the other hand, had her own space- something she was very happy about. She takes a quick shower, washing her hair and using her favorite face wash, before changing quickly into some blue jeans and a jumper. She slips on some fluffy socks and starts to dry her hair when it starts again. 
"Casssssiopeia... Cassssssiopeia..."
This time it sounded much more snake-like, the 's' sounds in her name being elongated and sounding like a hissing. She freezes, towel still in her hands as she feels cold panic pumping through her veins. 
"Don't be frightened, little Casssssiopeia... I'm not going to hurt you..."
She turns around and tries to find the source of the noise but she can't. She slowly backs towards the door, hoping to make an escape. 
"Don't go... Ssssstay... let me talk to you..."
Cassiopeia rips her bedroom door open and flees down the stairs, towel still hanging from her hands as her wet hair flops around behind her. She runs into the kitchen, where she can hear Mike still cleaning. Mike spots her terrified face and immediately jumps into action. 
"The... it's the same voice," Cassiopeia says, shaking violently. "It's telling me it wants to talk to me."
Mike sighs and coaxes her back up to her room, asking her where the sound came from. 
"I don't know... I don't know! It was coming from everywhere."
"Ahhh, look... Little Casssssssy hassss a friend..."
She jumps and looks around. 
"He can't undersssstand me, Doll. Only you..."
"Can you not hear that?" she asks, freaking out and looking around. 
"There's a strange hissing sound... it almost sounds like a snake. But there aren't any words and snakes don't come around these parts..." 
"Not normally, but I'm not just any ssssnake."
"Mike, please. Please do something," Cassiopeia begs, holding the towel close to her as if it's going to save her life should it come to it. 
"I can't, Cass. Not if I can't see where the noise is coming from. I'm sorry," he apologizes, making to leave the room. "Just... just ignore it, I guess."
Cassy looks around apprehensively and sits on her bed again. She restarts drying her hair, although some of the water flew off when she ran downstairs. 
"There'sssss no need to be frightened. I'm not going to hurt you."
"How do I know that?" Cassy cried suddenly, but she realized soon after that she wasn't speaking English. It was a strange hissing noise, and although it sounded foreign coming out her mouth, it felt as if she'd been speaking it her whole life. 
"You've jusssst got to trusssst me, dear. If I come out, will you promisssse not to sssscream?"
Cassy nods apprehensively. Then, out from under her bed slides a huge snake, almost black but with dark green diamonds littering it's body. It has light scales scattered around, mainly close to its mouth, and it's eyes glints in the light of the room. Cassy moves her knees to her chest as it begins to climb her bed, slithering onto it like it belongs there. 
"I am Nagini. I am your ssssnake. I am your'sssssss."
"How come I've never seen you before?" 
"I have been with your father all thesssse yearssss... waiting for newsssss of you... waiting for the day I could sssssee you again."
"I would know if I had a snake, wouldn't I?"
"No. You were very, very young lassssst time I sssssaw you... but I'm here now..."
"How do I know I can trust you?"
"I haven't killed you yet."
Cassy gulped. She didn't like the sound of that at all. 
"I musssst go, for now. But I will ssssssee you ssssssoon."
The snake slides off her bed and up to her window and it pops up, giving her a way out. She slides out and the window stays open, letting the crisp summer air pour in. Cassy sits in pure shock for a few minutes before finishing drying her hair and trying to convince herself that she did not just have a conversation with a snake, that it was her imagination. There was no way... but it had happened. She sighs and hangs up her towel to dry before heading downstairs. There are more people awake now, the other two girls and the majority of the boys. Ten people in one house... lots of arguments but also lots of things to help distract yourself... here's to a long day.

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