Secret Lover/Killer

You get a note from your locker, but the girl can't tell if the note was a love letter or a threat


2. The Unknown

Ella Went to the address it was an abandoned house, she went inside and saw lot's of blood she Went to the first room and saw a skeleton then she went to the second she saw a dead body with a pool of blood she went to the last room the 3rd room she saw he person she couldn't tell if they were a boy or girl then Luna Said "W-who a-are y-you" the man or woman said "i'm someone you'll never know but i'm making a deal with you" Luna still couldn't tell if it was a man or woman voice  but Luna said "W-what i-is t-the d-d-deal?" The man said "The Deal is that you have to give me a Hundred Million Thousand dollars BY THE END OF THE MONTH! or else i'll Kill you" Luna was scared but she agreed to the deal because she didn't wanna die, she went back home and check the time on her phone, it was already midnight and she found her dad not home because she just remember he had an meeting in L.A so she went to bed.

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