Secret Lover/Killer ( ON HOLD!)

You get a note from your locker, but the girl can't tell if the note was a love letter or a threat


1. The Letter

There was a girl named Ella she was a beautiful girl and 17, she's a Senior she's also in college, one day she went to her locker because she forgot her books she found a note on one of her books she read the letter it said "Roses are Red Violets Are Blue Come to this address 1,2 RollingRedBlue -Mysterious Secret" Ella was scared to go to that address but then the bell rang and she skipped a whole period of class, she wanted to skip the rest of school but she couldn't because her father would ask her why she was home so early, she went to the next class and the other and the other then school was finished, she went home and put her stuff away then told her dad that she'll be at a friend's house that's when she made her BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER

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