murder in my mind


1. Goodbye,


 Blood trailed from the living-room to the door, staining the rosemary wood floor. 

Filling bags to the brim of human hair and flesh so thin.

The strong smell of bleach will wipe this room clean like nothing ever happened.

You should have left me alone.

I would have gone home.

Now its too late, its done ,thats that.


Blood trickled from the bags, the rotten smell of meat.

We're going to go on holiday, no body shall suspect a thing.

Dragging the bags across the path, not a figure in sight.

Our train will be here soon , don't worry it will be alright.

The air is dimming, darkening, black, its just me and you.

Do you think it will come, I'm sure of it ,quite soon.

I won't be alone, so don't worry you see, I have you, my buddy ,my pal my number 1 friend.

It didn't have to be this way, I'm sorry that it did.

But I can't go back now so this is it. 


I walk up the old rusty steps, refusing help from anyone who's there.

avoiding eye contact is my main priority,

we don't want suspicion now

it will ruin the holiday.

The looks I see and the murmurs I hear.

There talking about u, I wonder why, they won't take you, your all mine.

Don't be scared ill protect you, so stop moving , stop fussing , stop making a noise.

Were almost there now, the sense, the smell, the sight.

We have made it, the city of love, 

haven't u always wanted to come here , oh stop making a fuss.


The smell of freshly baked baguettes is nutty, slightly tangy and faintly sour.

I am told there are 143 different smells of bread alone. Wow, the amount I could devour.

The smell... That smell... makes me hungry and eager, to rip of hunks of warm baguette and fill my mouth with an oxymoronic mouthful of crisp yet chewy French bread.

This is where my journey ends, but yours has just begun.

You will travel the seas, be a sailor, like you always wanted to become.

I must let go now, I'm sorry, be free. But remember ill always think about you. 


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