The Watergate Conspiracy

The story of the Watergate political break-in. And the devastating result that led to the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon in 1974. And beyond.


17. The End of the Presidency-Epilogue 4


Quote: "I can see clearly now, that I was wrong in not acting more decisively...and more dealing with Watergate", unquote, (37th President of the United States-Richard Milhous Nixon,-(January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994).

​January-August, 1974

​President Richard Milhous Nixon sat down on the chair in The Oval Office. For most of the new year he was worried. His policies over foreign countries, Vietnam, and having a strong Cabinet. The end came when Vice-President Spiro Agnew resigned, (October 10, 1973). Several months later, (December 6, 1973), Gerry Ford was the new Vice-President, (before he was President himself). The House Judiciary Committee, (HJC), were sure that they could impeach President Nixon; (the President paid four hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars in taxes), hoping to stem the bad blood, while American protestors were on the streets wanting him to resign. By August 8, 1974, Nixon looked into the television cameras in the Oval Office, and spoke about leaving politics after the heat became too much for him to bear.


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