The Watergate Conspiracy

The story of the Watergate political break-in. And the devastating result that led to the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon in 1974. And beyond.


7. Political Games-Part Six


Quote: "The great thing about Watergate is, is that the system worked; the American system worked. The Press did its job. We did what we were supposed to do", unquote-American journalist Carl Bernstein-(February 14, 1944-).


America's loss of innocence happened on Saturday, June 17, 1972. The weekend newspapers namely ​The Washington Post​, was prepared for the fall-out. Ben Bradlee stared out his office window and sighed. With him was Katheryn Graham, Carl Bernstein, and Bob Woodward. The journalists were eager to tell their bosses what was going on. "The President's on edge, Bob; we're all on the edge. We have to be careful; we have to think before both of you write your articles on Nixon...and his Cabinet...and staff", Bradlee said. Woodward nodded. Bernstein stared at Graham. "You can continue working on the Watergate case, Bob, Carl. It's your time to shine", she said. And she was nervous, as both of them continued to think why would five men burgle the Democratic National Committee, (DNC)'s Headquarters at the Watergate Complex, in Washington, DC.


Woodward stared at the time on his watch. It read: 3:00 AM. He headed towards the underground carpark. It was a cold morning when he saw the shadowy figure smoking a cigarette. "Time is short, Bob. You have to know I can't be seen at all", Deep Throat said. Woodward wore his coat. "The burglars weren't ready to be caught", Deep Throat said. "Maybe they made many mistakes", Woodward said. "You have to go back to the start of nineteen seventy-one; you have to know about The Pentagon Papers. And then go forward to get to the truth". Woodward nodded in the freezing cold. Deep Throat stared at the journalist. "I'll be careful", Woodward stated. And Deep Throat finished his cigarette. He stubbed it out, and stared at his watch. By four o'clock AM, the short, but valuable, meeting had come to an eventful end.

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