The Watergate Conspiracy

The story of the Watergate political break-in. And the devastating result that led to the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon in 1974. And beyond.


2. Political Games-Part One


Quote: "Watergate has been the center of the media's universe-and in the remaining year of my presidency, the media tried to force itself to revolve around it", unquote, -37th United States President Richard Milhous Nixon, (January 9, 1913-April 22, 1994).



The date was January 20, 1969. Chief Justice Earl Warren sworn in the Nixon family. Warren, was the 30th Governor of California, (1943-53); then the 14th Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, (1953-69). Nixon cast a happy smile, as he was with his wife, Pat. They were finally in The White House; they were there for two terms in office. By 1970, the smooth tradition was flawless. In 1970, Nixon knew that Vice-President Spiro Theodore 'Ted' Agnew, would change America for the better...not for the worse. Agnew, a native of Baltimore, Maryland, was a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, and the Baltimore School of Law. Later on, he after the Second World War ended, he entered politics in the nineteen fifties, and nineteen sixties, until his resignation that scorched the political landscape of America in the early nineteen seventies because of the Watergate scandal.


Before anyone had heard of Watergate, Nixon was interested in establishing relationships with Asia-especially China. He, and his National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger, were glad to met Chairman Mao. Afterwards, the United States foreign policy was successful. But certain events inside America would focus on the news that something dire was brewing...and wouldn't go away.

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