The Watergate Conspiracy

The story of the Watergate political break-in. And the devastating result that led to the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon in 1974. And beyond.


10. Political Games-Part Nine


Quote: "I will appoint an Attorney-General who will reform the Department of it was necessary after Watergate", unquote, -45th United States of American President, -Donald John Trump, (June 14, 1946-).


By July through to December of 1972, the frigid air was masked by a sense of dread. Bob Woodward was tired. He walked to the carpark at 3:00 AM. He waited for Deep Throat to appear. He had told Ben Bradlee that his source was on the money with the leaks in Washington, DC; Bradlee was waiting for the news to come to ​The Washington Post​; Bernstein was away interviewing people. Suddenly Deep Throat appeared in the darkness by 3:30 AM, half an hour later. "You're close. There's Magruder, John Mitchell, John Dean, and Charles Colson; there's more people that's associated within the Nixon Presidency; there's a sense of disillusionment in Washington, DC at the moment. The FBI, CIA, and the Department of Justice, are itching to take Richard Nixon down". The whiff of cigarette smoke hung in the air; the cars in the carpark was the only audience. "Why Watergate? Why now? The President wouldn't condone any wiretapping, and secret recordings", Woodward asked him. "The President is a man who hates his enemies. I'm risking my career telling you about top secret problems that are plaguing our country", Deep Throat answered. He finished smoking, stubbed out his cigarette with his right boot. By 4:00 AM, both men left the carpark. And the meeting was over.

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