I snapped

When an girl (Italia) snaps on her parents who had abused her both mentally and physically all her life, she soon discovers that the world is better off without jerks in it. After running away and starting highschool mid year, Italia meets Jason. The most stick up person in school. She decides that he will be her first victim....


1. Act 1, Scene 1

  * Young Italia hums while fiddling with her thumbs *

* (Mom) Ivile walks into the room *

Ivile- Ugh... (Angrily) What are you doing

Young Italia- Huh?

Ivile- Don’t play stupid with me!! Now get out of my way!!

Young Italia- I’m... I’m sorry....

* Young Italia starts to tear up *

* Ivile sighs annoyed *

Ivile- What have I said before? Sorry is just a word that babies use! And your just a pathetic nobody who needs to grow up!!

* Ivile smacks Italia across the face *

* Young Italia falls down on impact, quietly begging to sob *

Ivile- (Coldly) Now go to your room. I can’t stand to look at you anymore...

* Italia scampers to her feet and runs to her room * 

Ivile- Pathetic imbecile.                          

* Italia shouts her bedroom door gently and uncaringly throws herself to the ground sobbing*


Narrator- At the end of each day, I used to wonder why. Why was every other kid in the world going to be luckier than me? Was this how it was going to be forever? ... Guess it didn’t matter what I thought back then, cus back then I was only a kid. But sooner or later every kid has to grow up


[Time skip\ 7 years later]

*Italia is sleeping in bed*

*Ivile starts to pound on the door*

Ivile- (Screaming) Hey!!! Stupid!!! Wake up!!!

Italia- (tiredly and quietly) Ugh.... woman....

Ivile- Get Out Here!!!!!

*Italia groans*   

Ivile- NOW!!!!!

Italia- I’m coming!!! Geez!!!

*Italia flips the covers off of her legs and gets out of bed*

*Italia walks to the door and opens it*

*Ivile, without hesitation, grabs hold of Italia's ear and drags her into the living room*

Italia- Ow! Let go!

*Ivile lets go and pushes Italia off her feet* 

Ivile- Worthless... Piece of Shit! That should never had been born!

*Italia growls as she gets to her feet*

Italia- I have a name! 

Ivile- Don’t you dare you little- -

Marcos- Ivi, dear....  

*Ivile straightens her back in obedience and fear*     

Ivile - Yes dear?                

Marcos- Be a doll and get me a coke from the kitchen. I’ll handle the twerp.

*Italia gulps* 

*Marcos walks up to Italia*

*Marcos Slaps Italia across the face harshly and Italia falls to the ground*

Marcos- Get. Up.

*Italia coughs*

Marcos- Get Up!!!

*Italia gets up, slowly*

*Marcos raises his hand to slap Italia again, but Italia stops him by grasping his wrist*

Marcos- Let’s Go, you little brat!

Italia- (Quietly & Angrily) No more....

Marcos- What? Couldn’t hear you under your MUMBLING BREATH!!!!

*Italia's eyes glimmer red for a split second*

Italia- (Clearly) No More!!!

* Italia punches Marcos in the throat*

*Ivile walks into the room & sees the situation, immediately dropping the opened soda*

Ivile- Marcos! 

*Ivile Runs to Marcos's side* 

Ivile- (to Marcos) Oh my gosh! Baby! Are you okay? Don’t worry hun! I’ll fix this!.... (Facing Italia) I promise....

*Ivile storms to Italia*

*Italia runs into the kitchen and grabs the first thing she’s sees*

*Ivile grabs Italia's shoulder and grips it as hard as she can*

*Italia flips around and pummels Ivile with a wooden cutting board*

*Ivile passes out*

Narrator- I stood there, shocked, still coming to reality. But once it did hit me, What I had just done, I ran. Out the front door, out of the house, not waiting around for what would happen to me when my folks got back up. For I.... Had snapped......

Narrator- And they where never going to get over that. 

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