Secret admire (mystery book)

Amy have a Secret admire She don't know who he is so this is a mystery who is her Secret admire???

Cover By - Zireee's Cover Store


5. Writing my diary about what happen

I was in my room I get my notebook and I  wrote  “Dear Diary I’m am so sorry that  didn’t  wrote you a long time, I was busy but then something wreird happen because I have a note in my locker and he say he’s my secret admire... So I go to  my friend house because we  were haveing a sleepover, but then we took a photo and there a guy  right behind us I told my friend who he is they don’t know but then ones of friend say that maybe he’s my secret admire and I didn’t know if he is or not. So when it  morning my mom pick me up so when get to my house  there a note  again it say really  creepy HE IT A GUY WHO WAS IN THE PHOTO!!. I was  freaking out! So I stop thinking about this stuff, will think for  Reading  my diary... 





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