Secret admire (mystery book)

Amy have a Secret admire She don't know who he is so this is a mystery who is her Secret admire???

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2. write back note

i got home from school then I  rest for a little bit. Then 5 min later someone  knock at the door I thought it was my parents so  I go check it in the window, I don’t see anyone but I saw a  note again I go  check it and it say “ hey  Beautiful  how it was going? your secret admire”, I was so  scared because my secret admirer is  freaking me out  “how do he know where I live!?”  I said in my head. The next day I was in school and put my  stuff In  my locker the note is in my locker  again it say “I hope I met you someday my love ❤️ Your secret admire” when I’m  Reading it I just fell like I What to  write a note back so l  write “ Who are you and how do you know where I live?” And I go to  class.

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