Secret admire (mystery book)

Amy have a Secret admire She don't know who he is so this is a mystery who is her Secret admire???

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3. secret admire reply and watching Amy

When I  go back to my locker my  Secret admire reply, and it say “ I’m a guy who like you and I keeping this a  mystery one day you will know who am I your  Secret admire” when i  done Reading  I have no  idea of what to say so I want to my class. I came back  from school I saw there a  note again and it say “ Amy I’m not to  scare you I was  watching you the whole time but I know what you live ;) your secret admire” “wow why my secret admire  keep  watching me?, i really  What to know who he is” I said.


guys I know that this chapter is  so  short but I will do the  next chapter in a be a little bit longer I do it  tomorrow XD


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