Secret admire (mystery book)

Amy have a Secret admire She don't know who he is so this is a mystery who is her Secret admire???

Cover By - Zireee's Cover Store


4. Secret admire is in the photo...

 I was in my room I was getting ready for school. I can’t wait  for school because today is   Valentine day,  then later someone knocked at the door  “here’s the note again” I say  with  rolling my eye then I go  check it it is the  note and it said “happy Valentine day I can’t  wait  to see your  special day  I will love to give you some  flower :) your secret admire” and he did. When I was in school my  friend  ask me if i what to go for a  sleep over and I say “I will love to”, when school is over my friend pick me up we haveing to much fun and when we have  picture together on my  phone. I found there a guy  right behind us while when we take the picture. I show my friend “ Guys who that guy  right behind us do you guys know who he is?” I ask ones my friend Abby, “ no i don’t know who is he, guys do you guys know who this guy?, Abby ask all my friend don’t who he Is then ones my friend Hope said “ Amy do you  remember that you say you have a secret admire?, “yeah” I said “ Amy I think that your secret admire” said hope “ I don’t know maybe... I said with  quiet voice. In the  morning my mom pick me up and take me home there a note in the door  again it say “ amy I know your at your friend house and haveing a sleep over when you ask your  friend who that guy is... It me ;) Your secret admirer” I was so  scare :0  “my secret admirer  was following me around?!? :O I say 



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