Secret admire (mystery book)

Amy have a Secret admire She don't know who he is so this is a mystery who is her Secret admire???

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1. explain weird happen

Hi guys my name is amy I’m 14  years old and today it a very  weird day  because  when I go to my  locker there a  note in it and it said “ hello Amy I’m your Secret admire your very pretty and I think I have a  crush on you ❤️ Your secret admirer,  and after I read it I What to know who is he. When it  Lunch  time  I tell my friend about this and they say “ Wow that was weird” say  Emily “ I know right? I say “Amy I can’t  Believe you have a secret admirer” say Abby “ yeah I know I What to know who is he is...” when it  after school I went to my  locker again because I going to get my ball cause my friend and I going to play  Soccer then GUESS WHAT the  note is in my locker again and it said “ Amy I know that your going to  play with your friend in after school because I was   Watching you, and I give you some  chocolate love you :) your  Secret admire”. After when I’m reading it I feel like that person was stalker at me so I get the ball and play  with my friend....


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