Fnaf life

A new animatronic is here. Her name is Phoenix. She is a fox. All the animatronics are very exited when she arrives. Let’s see how life is like in her diary!


1. August 25, 2015

Dear diary,

Today, I am going to Freddy’s Pizzeria! I can’t wait all my friends say it is the best. My favorite robot is chica! She is sooo pretty! Anyway I am getting in the car now. So see you later! 

Ok I am here now! We are walking inside! My mom showed me around! It is sooo cool! I am 10 but it still is the best! Hey guys... I am excited! This janitor said that I can come to the back and I will get something really big to take home! I told him, “ Hey what if I ask my mom and dad if I can go?” He told me, “I already told them they said it was perfectly fine.” So we are walking there now! I can’t wait! 

Guys... I... made a mistake...He knocked me unconscious and put me in something... I can’t move.....I wonder where my parents are.... I believe it is night. I can see a clock. It says it is 8:00. Now, I can move my hands! So, I get up and start walking around. I finally found a mirror. When I looked in the mirror, I was someone different. Not me. I looked like a fox. My dark brown hair was still there. But I had ears. Then, I started walking. I came to a dark hallway. “Hiya!” Said a purple bunny. “H...h...hi..” I said. Then a brown bear came. Also, chica! “Chica!” *gives hug to chica*. “Umm... who is this little girl?” Chica says. “It’s the new animatronic!” Bonnie says with a smile. “What? I am not...” I said looking at my hands. *freddy walks in.*  “Heyyyyyyy...............”. He says blushing.


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