Ronnie is the typical good girl and has moved schools. In the first day she’s already caught the eye of the towns bad boy, Archie. Will she be able to resist his charm? Will he finally fall in love again? What will happen when she’s involved in a serious accident and the only way out of it is to trust Archie? Read to find out!
Ps. The names are used from Riversale but the physical description is not of the real character. The only copy right is the names.


4. Sceptical

“Bye mum!” I shout as I leave the house. It’s Monday today and it’s freezing. I have a coat with a fluffy hood on and a knitted jumper. My feet are smothered in fluffy socks and lost in my timberlands. I arrive to biology five minutes late.

“Sorry” I mumble taking my seat. Archie isn’t there, where is he? When the bell goes to signify a long hour of Bacteria is over, me and Kayla walk to Pe together.

“You have to join the netball team Ron!” Kayla exclaims at half time. We were winning 8:2.

“Yeah not gonna happen!” I laugh taking a guzzle of water.

“Ronnieee” Kayla whines.

“Kaylaaa” I mock. She sticks her tongue out playfully and then we go and take our positions.

When we finish Pe me and Kayla walk towards the canteen when I spot Archie.

“Um I’ll meet you in there” I smile at Kayla and walk towards Archie.

“Hey” He smiles.

“Hi” I smile warmly back.

“How’s the head”

“There’s a massive lump and it doesn’t half fucking hurt, otherwise I’m just dandy” I reply sarcastically.

“Well” he laughs.

“Anyway I was just seeing if you were okay, Adios” I laugh walking away. I can feel his eyes burning into my back.

“What was that about?” Kayla asks as the others come and join our table. I explain the story and Kayla instinctively pulls me into a hug.

“You are never leaving my sight again!” Kayla says protectively.

“I already have one mum I don’t want another” I laugh.

“Ronnie I swear down I’ll kill who ever did that!” Sophie says grabbing her plastic fork and pretending to use it as a sword. I laugh at her. I decide it best not to tell them about the massacre that took place down said alley.

“The point is I’m fine now!” I smile taking a bit of my apple. All three of them look sceptically at me but then change their mood to a happier one.

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