Ronnie is the typical good girl and has moved schools. In the first day she’s already caught the eye of the towns bad boy, Archie. Will she be able to resist his charm? Will he finally fall in love again? What will happen when she’s involved in a serious accident and the only way out of it is to trust Archie? Read to find out!
Ps. The names are used from Riversale but the physical description is not of the real character. The only copy right is the names.


2. Party

Today went so fast and before I knew it I was in Daisy car with the rest of the gang on my way to the party. I was wearing a pair of really tight white skinny jeans that made my bum look great and then a very tight and small black crop top- it didn’t reach past my ribs. My nude heals we’re starting to rub a bit though but I guess, no pain no gain, right? I had put my long blonde hair in a messy pony tail and had done a grey smokey eye.

“Okay so meet at the The drinks table in three hours to regroup and shout ‘Girls’ really loud if it’s an emergency we get said shouter home, got it?” Sophie looks at all of us before we walk through the doors. We all nod and then the part begins.

The house is massive and it stunk of booze and body Oder. I make my way to the kitchen where I pour myself a shot and down it. I stand on my own for a while until a boy comes over.

“Hi” a shaggy blonde says smiling.

“Oh um hi” I smile warmly.

“I’m Liam”


“Well Ronnie, wanna dance?” He smirks.

“I’d love too” I giggle as he takes my hand, leading me to the open space living room. He puts his hands on my waist as we start swaying to the music. We’re dancing for a while and the whole time I feel a pair of eyes on me. I turn and face Liam, my arms draped around his neck, and smile at him. When I look over his shoulder Archie sits there with a whiskey glass in his hands, shooting daggers at us.

“Hey um can you get us some drinks?” I ask.

“Yeah of course be back in five” Liam smiles and walks away. I stand there in a crowded room not breaking eye contact with Archie. He takes a swig from his whiskey and walks over to me.

“Hello love” he breathes on my neck.

“Archie, I” I stammer pushing his shoulders gently away.

“What” he spits.

“Your drunk” I snap.

“It’s a fukin party” he gestures to the room.

“Just go away Archie” I snap and go to leave but he grips my arm.

“Archie your hurting me” I struggle under his grip but he just gets tighter.

“Archie!” I shout at him as he drags me away from the dance floor.

“Fucking let go!” I slap him hard in the face. I stare as my arm and there’s already a bruise forming.

“What the fuck did you just do?” He says coldly. His eyes go a stormy grey colour and he clenches his jaw.

“I hit an ass hole who was hurting me” I snap rubbing my arm.

“Don’t you ever hit me again” he snaps.

“Likewise ass hole” I spat walking away. I go and meet Liam where he stands with two drinks.

“Oh my god Ron your arm!” He exclaims.

“Don’t worry about it Come on let’s dance!” I smile dragging him with me. Daisy and Sophie are making out with who I think are their boyfriends while Kayla dances with her other friends wildly. The whole night breezes by and I completely forget the episode that just went down with Archie.

I don’t remember getting home last night but when I wake up Sophie, Daisy and Kayla are all snoring in my bed with me. I guess they slept round.

“Oi guys want coffee” I whisper and all of them groan a yes. I walk down stairs in a baggy shirt and fabric shorts, scrolling though social media. I take a cute mirror selfie making sure all my old bullies see my beautiful figure. It’s my little way to spite them.

“Good morning” I whisper in embarrassment. My mum must of looked after us last night.

“Hey sweet, have fun last night?” She laughs flicking the kettle on.

“I’m so sorry” I smile awkwardly holding my head and running my tired eyes to wake up.

“Your 17 it’s okay to have a night out” she laughs pouring four coffees.

“Your the best mum” I smile putting the cups on a tray.

“I love you darling” she coos.

“Love you too” I shout walking up the stairs. When I get in three tired hung over faces stare at me.

“Mornin” I smile getting under the covers again and handing out the coffee.

“What the fuck happened last night” Kayla says staying into her coffee.

“I can’t remember” Sophie groans.

“Pretty sure Ron had a make out sesh with Liam” Daisy smirks.

“I did not!” I attempt to hide the panic in my voice but they all see straight through it and laugh.

“Yeah ya did babes” Sophie winks.

“Oh my lord” I cringe. I tell them about Archie and they all look gobsmacked.

“Prick” Kayla says speechless.

“I know but I’m over it” I smile.

We talk for a while about anything and everything until Daisy goes, “We need to go for brunch!”

“It’s 1 o’clock in the after noon” Sophie laughs.

“Let’s go for lunch then!” Kayla interrupts.

“Let’s do it!” I laugh.

They borrow some clothes and I slide on a pair of black skinny jeans, a white hoodie and then a large denim jacket. My hair is thrown into a messy top not and I do a really basic make up look. I put on the fake circular glasses you can get from urban outfitters and shove my feet into timber lands and then we leave.

The four of us all look hung over as we go into a little cafe. “Toasties?” Kayla gets up from our little table.

“And coffees!” Daisy chimes in. Kayla decides that lunch was on her so we all sit and wait for her to come back.

“Oh my god look who it is!” Sophie grips Daisy’s arm.

“Look it’s Liam!” Daisy gasps.

“Fuck sake” I whisper as he walks over.

“Hey girls” Liam smiles warmly.

“Hey Liam” I smile, “we need to talk.”

“Yep.” he responds his hands deep in his pockets.

“Be right back ladies.” I smile showing a look of cringe on my face that gets them to snigger. Me and Liam walk outside and sit on a little table.

“About last night...” I start and then he interrupts.

“I actually have a girlfriend.” he blurts out.

“Oh my god.” is all I can say.

“Last night can never happen again, friends?” He smiles.

“Yes! Friends” I smile. I hug him good bye and then walk back inside where Kayla has just arrived with our food.

“So?” Kayla says taking a bite of food.

“Friends” I smirk. They laugh and then we tuck into our toasties and coffee.

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