Ronnie is the typical good girl and has moved schools. In the first day she’s already caught the eye of the towns bad boy, Archie. Will she be able to resist his charm? Will he finally fall in love again? What will happen when she’s involved in a serious accident and the only way out of it is to trust Archie? Read to find out!
Ps. The names are used from Riversale but the physical description is not of the real character. The only copy right is the names.


1. New school

“Veronica! Your going to be late” my mother calls from down stairs.

“I’m coming!” I shout. I take one last look at myself. My blonde hair is perfectly curled and my leather jacket sits nicely on my body. I smile and bundle down stairs, my combat boots echoing with each pound.

“Ready?!” My mum says beaming at me.

“As I’ll ever be” I smirk as she grabs the keys. For the entire car ride she rattles on and on about how important this is until I finally exclaim, “Mum! It’s just school!”

“Oh I know sweetie but your going to be the new kid and oh I just want my baby to be happy!” She whines taking my hand as she parks out side the daunting building.

“I’ll be fine!” I laugh.

“I love you so much Ronnie!”

“Bubye mamma” I kiss her cheek and get out the car. I watch as she drives away and then stair at the school.

Everyone should be in first period but a few strays wonder round. Confidently I walk towards the school. If I’m honest I’m gonna be absolutely fine. Over the summer I lost loads of weight and am now a comfortable size six and then I got my hair done, my acne cleared and my braces were taken off. I’ve moved schools hundreds of times because of bullying but I’ve officially had my glow up!

“Excuse me, Sir?” I ask timidly at an old man who looks like a religion teacher.

“Hello, dear, how can I help?” He says slowly.

“I’m new here and I’m completely lost! Where can I find the office?” I smile.

“Ah just down the corridor” he smiles.

“Aha thank you!” I say half running in that direction.

“Good luck!” He calls laughing.

I arrive safely to the office where they give me my time table: I have Biology. Trotting upstairs to the lab I’m meant to be in I knock the door.

“Hi I’m Ronnie- the new kid” I smile as the teachers plump body fills the door way. I see heads trying to peer around her body to see what’s going on.

“Ah Okay! Take a seat in the back right” she smiles moving out the way. As soon as they all get eyes on me the boys whistle and the girls start whispering. I walk towards my seat where a reddish brown haired boy sits playing with a pencil in a leather jacket.

“Excuse me” I say sweetly.

“Huh” He responds so bluntly.

“Move” I snap. I can not be dealing with his shitty attitude.

“Stressyyyy” He laughs. I roll my eyes and take a seat. As the teacher babbles on about diffusion the boy goes, “I’m Archie and you are?”

“Not interested” I snap.

“Come on babe” he laughs as he slides a hand up my thigh.

“If you don’t remove your hand of me right now I’ll chop your dick of and choke you with it” I whisper to him coldly and he instinctively removes his hand.

“I like you” he laughs and I ignore him for the rest of the lesson. When the bell rings he grabs my arm and whispers in my ear, “I’ll see you later babe” I shrug from his grip and scavenge my way to my next period- Pe.

I find my way to the pe hall where a load of gossipy girls wait to be let into the changing room.

“Hi I’m Kayla” a cheery brunette walks over to me.

“Oh Hi I’m Veronica but everyone calls me Ronnie” I smile and we make small talk till the teacher lets us in.

The pe kit we have to wear isn’t that bad. I have to wear nike pro shorts(the bum ones) and then a thin material top with the logo on it. I put my hair up and shove my feet into my white Nike’s and walk out. Thank god I live in an era of spray tan! We had netball outside and the boys are in the second Astro. The girls giggle and laugh at them as they make sexual gestures.

“How do they find that attractive?” I laugh to Kayla.

“Your guess is as good as Mine” she laughs back.

“Hey come with us” she smiles and we put on our bibs. I’m meant to be gold shoot and I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty good.

The hour goes smoothly and every time my team passes me the ball I shoot and I score! We won 20-16 thanks to me.

“Ronnie your amazing at it!” Kayla cheers as we leave the changing room.

“Hey a few rumours have gone round that you’ve been chatting to Archie” She says as we walk into the cafeteria.

“Oh my god no!” I laugh.

“Well Good he’s a shady character. He’s the definition of a bad boy!” I laugh at her and then we carry on talking until I’m rudely interrupted.

“Hey!” Archie waltzes over and falls into step. Kayla instantly becomes uncomfortable. Why?

“Um hi?” I say cautiously.

“Come sit with me for lunch”

“No thanks I’m siting with Kayla” I say walking with her to her friends.

“That wasn’t a question.” he clenches his jaw.

“Well I answered” I snap and flick my hair, grabbing Kayla’s arm. We walk to her friends table and I’m introduced to everyone.

“So how’s your day been so far!” A girl called Sophie asks taking a sip of apple juice.

“Interesting” I laugh.

“School” she says exaggerating.

“Well you clearly are a babe! Archie Andrews hasn’t stopped staring at you!” Another girl called Daisy laughs. I turn my head confused and sure enough Archie is staring at me.

“Stay away from him Ron he’s really no good” Kayla says resting her hand on Mine.

“Don’t worry, I will!” I smile.

“So are you guys going to the party tomorrow night!” Sophie says excitedly.

“Oh hell yes and your coming to Ronnie!” Daisy laughs.

“That should be fun” I smirk.

The rest of the day goes by in a flash. My new friends are great and I’m having so much fun with them. I shove Archie to the back of my head. If he’s a bad boy I need to stay away. But do I really want to?

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