Ronnie is the typical good girl and has moved schools. In the first day she’s already caught the eye of the towns bad boy, Archie. Will she be able to resist his charm? Will he finally fall in love again? What will happen when she’s involved in a serious accident and the only way out of it is to trust Archie? Read to find out!
Ps. The names are used from Riversale but the physical description is not of the real character. The only copy right is the names.


3. Closer

When we finish off in town, we go our separate ways. My mums working so I have to walk home. I walk down an ally way, where a group of guys stand smoking and drinking.

“Oi blondie” one shouts but I ignore him.

“Oi I was talking to you!” They shout again and one of them grab my arm.

“Let go of me!” I shout but they laugh and throw me against the wall, winding me. A tattooed man walks over and grips my face, “Well aren’t you a pretty one”

“Fuck. Off!” I spit in his face.

“You little bitch” he growls and punches me hard in the stomach making me drip to the floor. This gains a few laughs as he brings his foot down on my arm. I let out a shrill cry. I squeeze my eyes shut as he slams my head against the floor. The world starts to go black but my attention is caught when a familiar voice sounds.

“Oi!” I look up and Archie stands there menacingly with a group of men behind him. All of them have weapons. I scuttle to the side clutching my arm as tears roll down my cheeks.

“Who the fuck are you?!” The tattooed man shouts.

“Get em boys!” Archie shouts, ignoring his question and the men behind him advance forward, taking down all the men that were smoking. Archie walks towards me and picks me up bridal style.

“Archie?” I ask looking up at him and then back to the boys. All of Archie’s men are standing where as the others are on the floor.

“Shh shh shh don’t worry. Your safe now” he smiles at me and places me in his car. I don’t have the energy to retaliate so I just lie there in the back seat as he drives off.

10 minutes later we arrive at a medium sized house in the middle of a forest. Think the vampires house in Twilight. Archie opens my door and helps me out.

“Fuck that shit” I mumble and then jump on his back. There was no way in hell I was walking through the mud plus my body aches all over. Archie just chuckled lightly and carries me to his house. I can feel how muscular he is and his scent is intoxicating. Right there and then I felt so safe. So completely contempt. This boy is going to rock my world I just know it.

“Wanna drink?” Archie asks as we walk into his kitchen.

“Anything with vodka” I lightly laugh checking out my new bruises.

“As you wish” he smirks and pours me a vodka and coke.

“Cheers” I mumble and take a gulp of the drink. I put my head in my hands, massaging my temples. My head is throbbing so much.

“So what the hell happened?” Archie sighs taking a seat at the island.

“I was walking home and then those pricks started beating me up after I told em to fuck off.” I roll my eyes.

“Well they won’t hurt you again. I can promise you that” he smiles.

“Thank you” I sigh.

To be honest I wasn’t really bothered about the fact he had just killed someone. It should of but it really didn’t. Like I didn’t even think twice about it. Does that make me a psychopath? He smiles and then we go into the bath room where he starts to clean my cuts.

“So how the fuck did you know where I was?” I laugh as he bandages up my arm.

“I was already in town doing some business and that’s when I saw you walk down the alley. I kind of instinctively followed you” he says shyly.

“Well thank god for your instincts!” I laugh taking a sip of my drink. We go into the living room and watch telly for a bit until both of our phones go off. My mum phoned me asking where I was and if I was okay whereas Archie was having a rather heated discussion with some other knobber.

“I gotta go” we both say at the same time. We laugh at each other and then he drops me home.

“Oh my god Ronnie!” My mother gasps as I walk through the front door.

“Don’t freak out! I’m okay” I put my hands out in defence.

“I’m not even gonna ask but Ronnie I swear to god. Who did this to you?” She pulls me into a light hug.

“I was walking home and these tossas decide to beat me up. A friend from school got me out and now I’m here” I smile.

“Oh baby” she kisses my forehead lightly.

“I love you mum” I wrap my arms around her waist and hold her tight.

“You to baby” she smiles and hugs me tighter.

When we finish the last of the unpacking we sit down together watching movies and doing face masks. My mums my rock and ever since my dad died it’s just been me and her. I don’t know what I’d do with out her. At midnight I go to my room, leaving my mum wrapped in a duvet on a sofa. It was at that moment I realised how tired I was and as soon as I hit the mattress I’m asleep.

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