"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


9. 9

She opened the door then put up the brolly and hurried out. Peter watched as she crossed the road and then went into the hospital then closed the door. His excitement began to slowly grow knowing he had the whole day with Deborah Jane. He took out some books for her so he could read to her and set the mood. He filled a bowl with Kellogg’s Cornflakes and a drink of fresh orange juice into a glass ready. Washing the plates, he’d used for the toast and the knives he dried them and put them away.

He sat reading the daily telegraph after it was delivered. He’d gone to the paper shop and ordered a copy to be delivered each day. He paid in advance so that if he was away Janet would still get the paper when he left to go back to his ship at the end of the week.

He read the sports section to discover England had restored the balance in the second test against the West Indies. He smiled knowing that now they had a chance to redeem themselves after losing for the first time at Lords.

Deborah Jane walked into the Dining room rubbing her eyes and asked where her mummy was.

“Mummy has gone to work princess, there’s just you and me today. I thought we could go out in the car somewhere.’

“Can we go to aunty Mildred’s?

“Not today princess, maybe tomorrow aye.’

“Where are we going to go then daddy?

“Well if the rain stops we could go to the boating lake at Tynemouth, or we could have a little drive down to North Shields fish quay and watch the ships sail down the river.’

“It will be hard to go to many places because it is boxing day and there’s nowhere open today.’



“If you wash your hands you can eat some breakfast, I’ll teach you how to read this new book then you can take a bath and we will get you ready and we’ll go out.

Deborah Jane stood on a chair over the sink and washed her hands then dried them on a towel.

Then sat at the table whilst Peter poured milk on her Cornflakes. She took the spoon in her right hand then dug into the sugar bowl and sprinkled sugar over her flakes in the bowl and began to eat. Peter watched her as she savoured every spoonful and picked up the small bowl and drank the milk left in the bottom. Then she drank her orange juice then placed the glass and the bowl on the bench the way she had been taught by her mother.

“I tell you what, do you want to help me make some turkey patties?

“Can we make chips with them daddy.’

“Yes, I’ll teach you how to peel potatoes.’

“Oh, can you, I want to help mummy.’

“Okay I’m going to run you a bath first and then we’ll get you ready and then we can read that new book and then go for a drive what do you say?

Alright, do I have to wash my hair?

“No, you can put on mummy’s shower cap It will keep your hair dry. We don’t want you to get a cold do we.’

Peter went into the bathroom with a large bath towel he ran both the hot and cold tap after placing the plug into the bath recess. The water swirled around and he added some washing up liquid to make bubbles so Deborah Jane could have fun. he found her rubber ducks so she could play with them in the bath. He didn’t over fill the bath he used his hand to swirl the water around to test its heat before calling the girl. His heart began to beat faster.

Rubbing his forehead there was a bead of sweat or was it condensation he thought.

“Here Deborah Jane, you get undressed and get in and I’ll get the potatoes ready.’

“Alright said Deborah Jane.’

Peter left the door open a crack and stood behind the door watching as Deborah Jane began to undress. He shouted “Are you in yet from outside.

“I can’t get in, it’s too high, you’ll have to lift me in.

Peter came into the bathroom he placed the shower cap on her head then lifted the naked body of the small child into the water. She sat down in the water picking up handfuls of bubbles then blowing them. She giggled away as Peter joined in and began to scoop bubbles back at her. “Mummy washes me then lets me play daddy can I do that? you will have to wash me though.

“Yes princess, you can do that said Peter.

He picked up the soft sponge and dipped it into the water and soap suds then squeezed the water over the child’s milky white skin he rubbed her shoulders then worked the sponge further down her back and then in between her legs he felt himself getting aroused and he turned her around and massaged the sponge on her chest then the softness of her belly and then in between her legs at the front. He lingered there. He dipped the sponge into the water and let it run down her legs. He felt himself jerk. His breath shortened as he ejaculated and he closed his eyes.

“Are you alright daddy asked the child.’

“Yes, yes, I’m fine.

He dropped the sponge then told Debbie that he would be back in a moment. 

He went to the toilet and cleaned himself. There was tears in his eyes now, he felt guilty for feeling the way he did but he just couldn’t stop himself. He buttoned up his flies and fastened his belt on his trousers then walked back into the room where Deborah Jane was playing happily with her rubber ducks and making up voices for them.

Then she began to sing the ugly duckling.

“You can be the ugly one this time Gertrude, it was Gemma’s turn last time. It can be Tilly’s turn next time.’ Peter picked up the bath towel and wiped his eyes then said. “Are we getting out then.’ Peter returned to the bathroom shortly after cleaning himself in the toilet.

“Oh, Daddy can I play a little longer please, you can help me sing the ugly duckling song.’

“Alright, said Peter and began the first verse making quacking noises that had Deborah Jane giggling again. You are so funny daddy.’

“You are going to have to get out now princess we have Patties to make for dinner tonight and then we can go down to the Fish Quay and I’ll read you some of that new book alright.’

“Alright then said the girl who stood up with her arms out stretched.

 Peter held the bath towel out and she was lifted out and he dried her off then wrapped another towel around her. He took of the shower cap from her long blonde locks and asked her to come into the bedroom whilst he got her clothes on. When she was ready he brushed her hair, and formed a pony tail and tied a ribbon in it.

“There all done. Now you are going to have to wear your pinny because we don’t want you getting into a mess before we go out. She went to her play corner and brought out her little pinny her mother had bought her. Peter tied it at the back and she put on a pair of white socks and then put on her slippers.

“What do we do first daddy?


“Well we have to make bread crumbs first. So, we have to heat up the oven really hot. Peter lit the oven then closed the door. “Now we have to crack an egg, do you think you can whisk it with the egg whisk?

“Yes, I’ve done it with mummy.’

“Good girl.’ Peter took out an egg carton with six eggs in it and broke a large one into a bowl. Then he took some flour and placed it into another bowl whilst Deborah Jane went to the kitchen drawer and found the whisk it had a handle that you turned to beat the egg up. Standing on the chair to reach the table she began to whisk the egg. Peter cut up some turkey into really small pieces then placed them into the biggest bowl then added the vegetables and mashed potato from yesterday’s Christmas dinner. He mixed the ingredients together and then took a scone shaper and fed the mixture into them until he had eight large scone shaped patties. He dipped each one into flour then he placed the scraps from an old loaf onto a tray and placed it into the oven.

Ten minutes later the bread was crushed to make bread crumbs. Each one was dipped into the beaten egg and then rolled into the bread crumbs. After he’d done that he set them onto a greased tray where they would be placed into a hot oven for twenty minutes.

“Right, it’s time to wash up and then we can go out. Look the rain has stopped.

Deborah Jane stood on the chair again and washed her hands with Peter and the shared the dish towel to dry them off.

“We’ll do the chips when we come back go put your shoes on. I’ll get your coat and hat.

“Who was in his Civvies. He put on his jacket and a top coat then waited for Deborah Jane to come to the door. He quickly put on her coat and she buttoned it up as peter put on her woollen hat then placed a pair of woollen mittens on her hands because it would be cold down on the quayside.

 Peter drove down to Northumberland Park with Deborah Jane on the back seat. She had the new book on her lap. He turned right and went down the bank past the kipper houses and fish stores that were all closed today he drove towards the ferry landing. 

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