"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


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Johnathan Fisher had to remain professional as much as he hated what Peter had done. “Okay let’s get them in and you can make a statement.’

You don’t need to tell them everything, it will only make matters worse for you.’

“I know but I want to get the whole thing off my chest.’

“It’s your funeral Peter.’

Johnathan Fisher rang the buzzer and then the two detectives came into the room where Peter confessed to all of the charges.

The statements took over three hours to complete Peter was taken back to his cell he was given a meagre meal and a mug of tea which he left because it looked like the officers had spat in it.

Again, he spent a night in the eight by six feet cell staring at the same green brickwork and lying on a mattress covering himself with a grey blanket.

He fell asleep this time and was woken at 7 a.m. he was given a mug of tea and this time it looked okay so he drank it. By nine he was handcuffed and placed in a van and taken to Newcastle crown court where when asked pleaded guilty.

Judge Reginald Owens told him that due to the severity of the case he would be taken to HMPS Durham Prison where he would be placed into solitary confinement until his return to court to be sentenced.

Peter was led down stairs where he awaited with six other prisoners waiting to be transported.

Soon as the guard was gone the other men who had been told of Peter’s crimes set about him and beat him and kicked him repeatedly until blackness over took him.

When he came around his nose was broken he’d lost a front tooth, both lips were swollen and cut inside. So was his right eye and cheekbone. He could barely see as they led him handcuffed into the prisoner transport van.

They had little sympathy for him and threw him into the dog sized box. His head banged off the reinforced steel wall. He sat up trying to regain his senses. He clearly had double vision.

The handsome looking man that was once Peter Thompson was no more. He needed stitches in a laceration over his right eye as well as his cheek bone. He ran his tongue which he had bitten when he was kicked in the face over the cuts inside his mouth. He was sure he’d cracked a few ribs too. When he arrived at Durham Jail he was led to the main area and waited his turn to strip off all of his clothes. Standing naked he was given a bundle and then marched through the main wing of the prison and put in a cell.

“I’m not supposed to be here I’m meant to go into solitary confinement.’

“Make an application to the governor you fucking nonce shouted the prison warden.’

In the cell was another prisoner who was physically bigger than Peter with bulging pectorals and biceps; he had tattoos all over his body. His head was shaved and he had a sinister look about him. He grinned at Peter when the screw locked the cell door.

Peter made up the bottom bunk and put the rest of his stuff in his locker. He lay on the bunk until the screw moved the spyhole. The key was placed in the door and the screw burst in and dragged him off the bed and threw him against the wall.

“No lying on your bunk during the day you prick, understand?

“Yes sir,’

Peter didn’t expect any favours from anyone after that, instead he watched what his cell mate did. For the rest of that day the man in his cell never said a word to him.

Peter never slept that night he’d read about how men were raped whilst they slept.

He was ready to defend himself. He had learned self defence at HMS Raleigh. even though he’d tried to defend himself against the six men in the cell in the court he been overpowered.

He felt empty and he wondered what Janet would say to him if she came to see him.

Looking in the drawer he found only one book it was the Bible. He had never been a religious man as such, although he had gone to church each Sunday in the navy because he had to on the orders of the captain. Now he prayed to God for forgiveness.

The next morning, he followed the line to the sluice and then to washroom. He rinsed his face with the soap he’d been given and then dried himself quickly.

He then asked a screw if he could go to the hospital to get his cheek and eye stitched because the wounds were pouring with blood once he’d washed them. There was a gash three inches long on his cheek and another over two inches right across his right eye. The eyelid was hanging over his eye and he couldn’t see out of it. He was escorted down to the hospital wing where seven stitches were inserted into his cheek and five into his eye. As for his missing tooth, they told him to get it seen to upon his release. They x rayed his ribs and found he had seven of them cracked. They gave him some aspirin water then sent him away. Because he had gone to the hospital wing to be stitched up he’d missed breakfast. He then got a piece of writing paper and made an application to see the governor. Because of his injuries he was excused duties so all that day he sat in the only chair in the room waiting to be called to see the governor. Nothing was forth coming.

By lunch time Peter was starving he’d hardly eaten anything. They were marched wing by wing to receive what resembled a pile of sick. Peter had to force down the food and washed it down with a mug of tea. His delicate stomach was fought to keep the food down until the next slop out when he vomited all the food up in the toilet. His cell mate returned later that afternoon and pushed him off the chair.

“You fucking move when I come in here do you hear me, you sick bastard, this chair is mine this cell is my space.

I don’t want to see your fucking ugly face; so, you can stand by the window and look out onto the exercise yard. Peter thought better of a confrontation with this man; he had seven cracked ribs and facial injuries he didn’t want to make matters worse so for two hours he was forced to look out the barred window. Which was only about 9 inches wide There wasn’t much to see apart from a little bird called wagtail. it was pecking the ground for remnants of crumbs left from discarded crusts of bread. The starling and crows had made off with the larger pieces at dawn this morning.

“Thompson put your tie and coat on, you’re going to see the governor. Peter looked for his tie in his cupboard.

“Fuckin’ move yourself we haven’t all day.’

Yes sir, Peter grabbed his coat a donkey jacket type coat given to him to wear he fastened his tie as he followed the screw down a long corridor. He opened a heavy iron gate then let Peter through and then locked it again. Some inmates from another part of the jail stared at him contemptuously as they mopped the floor. When they got to the governor’s office Peter was told to wait outside.

He stood waiting for a good ten minutes then the officer came out and led Peter into the governor’s office.

 “Stand on that line, name and number for the governor.

Thompson 53172031 sir. Peter looked at the middle- aged man with froglike eyes wearing a white shirt, tweed jacket and grey slacks. His mousey coloured hair was turning grey at the sides.

I see you have a military background Thompson, it is unfortunate for you that you find yourself here because of your sexual behavior.

You are to be sentenced next month and I envisage that you will be back here in our custody for 3 years a least. You have requested that you be placed into solitary confinement is there a reason for that?

Yes sir, I feel if I am left on the main stream prison I will be attacked. I …

That’s enough Thomson said the officer.’

“I see we can’t start segregating every prisoner in here Thompson, but I see your point.

Officer Tindal you will have this man taken down to solitary later this evening. That is all.’

“Thank you, sir.’

“Left turn, march!’

Peter turned with ease and marched out of Governor Geoffrey Dunleavy’s office.

Peter was marched back to his cell. His tattooed cell mate was now lying on his own bed so Peter figured that it was okay for him to do so. He lay for what was just a few minutes and before he knew it he had drifted off to sleep. He never heard his cell mate climb down from his bunk or the other four men who entered his cell. He was pulled from his bed and held down on the floor. A sock was rammed into his mouth and then his trousers and underwear pulled down he couldn’t see what the others were doing but then he felt something incredibly hot in his groin. He tried to scream as the burning got worse. The men had saved up their sugar ration and then had poured it into a metal mug they had added some water and stirred it then used matches to heat it up to boiling point. the thick boiling syrup was poured over Peter’s genitals. The syrup was like molten toffee it would not wash off easily it would burn deep and would leave him with permanent scarring. His penis or his testicals would never work normally again. Peter lost consciousness and when he came around the pain was unbearable. He couldn’t stand, he crawled out onto the landing and screamed for help. An officer on C Landing pressed the alarm and 

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