"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


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“Look Bobby it’s only a cup of tea, it won’t take long to make. You go sort your stuff out and I’ll have it ready for you.’

Bobby went into a spare cupboard in the house that had at one time been used for coal. It had been cleaned and painted out and it was there that he kept his fishing tackle.

He lifted the tackle boxes and his tent first and opened the van doors at the side then went back for all of his rods, bags and other fishing clothing he used.

After storing them away Bobby locked the van he came back in and closed the door.

Kipper jumped up on the sofa next to Bobby and he stroked him gently. Elizabeth brought out the tea and set it down on the table.

“Are you cold, I can turn the heating up for you.’

“I’m fine honestly.’

“Is there enough milk in your tea I…

“Just relax Liz it is fine honestly.’ So, what are you doing with yourself asked Bobby indignantly.’

“Not a lot, you know going to work taking the dog out across the beach, just the normal.’

“Have you been to see your mother Liz? does she know about you and I?

Yes, I’ve told her. She said that she’d told me that our marriage wouldn’t last.’

“What about your dad and Deborah Jane and your Alan, said Bobby sipping on his tea.

“I haven’t spoken with him or my sister or brother.’ “What about you?

“Well my parents know and they are both sorry that it didn’t work out between us and have said you will be always welcome to call at their house. I am flying off to Canada for two weeks to shoot a new video with Rachel next week.’

“So that’s her name is it?

Yes, she’s a film editor.’

“Well I hope that you will both be happy.’

Look Liz I hate to bring this up right now but I must.’ I have been to see a solicitor and I have told him that I would like a divorce.’

 “I will continue to pay the mortgage for this house until such times as our divorce becomes final.’

“Who’s going to pay it then Bobby?

“I don’t know, maybe you could sell it and buy a smaller property elsewhere?

“I don’t want to sell this house, I happen to like living here.’

“Well Liz,’ that will be for you to sort out yourself I’m afraid. I’ve also closed the joint account at the bank. I have left you quite a considerable sum in there. The interest may pay the mortgage if you go easy.’

“Very kind of you, what happened to half?

 “Liz, I have given you this house, I am not asking for half of that.’

“Seems to me as if you come out of this better than I do Bobby.’

“I’m sorry I cannot give you more.’ I must go Liz, I have a three-and-a-half-hour drive ahead of me. Handing back his cup he said goodbye. He went to hug her and she stepped back.

“Bye Bobby have a nice life.’

Bobby turned embarrassingly away and headed down the passage; Kipper followed but Elizabeth called him back. This time she closed the door and didn’t wait to see him drive away.

She turned on the television to watch The Bill a police drama. This week it was about a girl whose father had been abusing her. As much as it pained to watch the programme she watched it to its conclusion. The girl now thirteen had gone to her school teacher and told her what had happened to her.

It was at that moment when Elizabeth picked up the phone and called the police.



Peter Thompson was enjoying himself on his night out with friends from the Royal Navy they were all dressed in uniform and had been down to The Big Market. Starting at Circus, Circus they made their way to all the bars and clubs. Masters, Macey’s, The Black Bull, the Vault, and The Pig and Whistle were just a few. They ended up on the Tuxedo Princess a floating night club with a revolving dancefloor. The women were flocking around the men in uniform and a couple of single lads brought girls back to the Hilton Hotel and disappeared into their rooms.

Peter said goodnight to the others and headed to his room. He’d had a good drink and was the worst for wear but he knew that the lads would expect him to be out at lunch time later that day.

He looked at his watch it was twenty-three minutes past two. He hung up his uniform and then took off his tie and white shirt instinctively he then rolled into bed with just his boxer shorts on.

Within five minutes Peter was fast asleep.


The heavy sound of banging woke Peter up and he looked at his watch it was only just gone six o’clock.

Going to the door he said my you lot are early, then realised it was not his shipmates but two police officers.’

“Can I help you officer said Peter.’

Are you Peter Thompson Sir?

“Yes, what’s up?

“Get dressed sir we are taking you down to the station.’

“Not again, whatever for this time, I have done nothing wrong.’

 Peter put on his clothes and took out his case then went down to reception with the two officers where he paid for his room then he was bundled into the police car. The officer packed his case in the boot and then the car sped off with the blue lights flashing.

“Can someone please tell me what on earth is going on.’

“We need you to ask you some questions.’

“What about, am I under arrest?

“No sir, not at the moment you are just helping us with our enquiries.’

Peter sat back and remained silent after that.

When the Panda car reached the Police Station in Whitley Bay Peter was led in and then asked to give his full name and address all his possessions were taken and bagged from him and again the laces from his shoes were removed. He knew the drill he’d been here before. They let him sweat for a few hours. This time he remained silent when he was later questioned and never told them anything. “I want to speak to Johnathan Fisher, I know my rights.’

A big burly detective punched Peter so hard it had him on the verge of unconsciousness.

His left eye now swollen and turning black and blue by the second but he still demanded to see his solicitor.’

“You lost all your rights when you sexually assaulted your own daughters you nonce.’

“I don’t know what you are talking about, I’ve assaulted no one. Now either charge me or let me out of this place.’

Peter Thompson I hereby charge you with the sexual assault and gross perversion of your stepdaughter Deborah Jane Denny and your daughter Elizabeth Rose Thompson you do not have to say anything but any thing you do say will be taken down and used against you in a court of law. Do you understand the charges?

Peter nodded and then reiterated that he wanted to speak with Johnathan Fisher.

It was two fifteen that afternoon when Johnathan arrived and he was allowed to speak with his client. He’d been taken to get a police mugshot and his fingerprints taken again.

His left eye was now black and blue it was very sore to touch.’

“Have you seen what those bastards have done to me.’

They say that you banged your face when you resisted arrest.’

“You know that’s a lie as well as I do.’

“Look Peter, I’m not going to be able to get you bail this time. Your wife doesn’t want you near the house so you have no fixed abode. You are going to be remanded in custody until you come to trial.’

“How long for?

“It will take three to six months before this comes to trial. They have to get social worker reports, forensic evidence and doctors reports before they can procede.’ Both of your daughters will be put on the stand to give evidence, can you live with that?

Peter thought for a moment; “What if I plead guilty?

“Well then it will take about a month, are you guilty?

“Peter lowered his head and nodded.’ Tears welled up in his eyes as he told his solicitor everything.

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