"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


81. 81

Using the gaff both Bobby and the captain Mick Douglas pulled the fish on board and using a special tool, disgorged the hook. The eel with powerful jaws capable of biting off fingers lay coiled up in the corner Vic set his rod down and he fearlessly picked up the eel after inserting a hook to weigh it.

“What do you get Bobby asked Vic holding the fish up?

63 pounds eight ounces Vic.’

“Just a bairn then he said.’ The director Sid Smith moved away when Vic came in for a close up pushing the head of the eel towards him.

Let’s see if we can get a bigger one shall we.

The Sun Dancer had drifted off the wreck and Mick Douglas brought it back around then they dropped the lines off the back of the wreck. Almost immediately Bobby was into a fish and the battle was on to get it into the boat. Bobby showed how his reel made the job easier with an automatic drag system soon as the fish gave line it was wound in it took a while to bring the fish up from 150 feet down. The conger was certainly bigger than his first as it struggled to get away.

Bobby kept the tension on the rod until they finally got the fish on the surface. It was hauled on board. Bobby pulled open its jaws to reveal its teeth and the hook was then disgorged. Conger is a good eating fish but they had a good haul of cod from the first wreck so the two monsters were returned to the deep. The film closed with Bobby and Vic looking over the side as the two eels disappeared into the depths.

“Well that’s a wrap I think said Rachel.’

“Happy with it replied Bobby?

“Very, it is a great piece of film. Mind you I’m glad I wasn’t on board.

“Wait until you see the shark fishing video.’

Elizabeth Rose went for the bus after finishing work. She hoped that Bobby hadn’t called, surely, he would know that she didn’t get in until after six o’clock that evening. Well at least he’ll be home tonight she thought as she boarded the double decker she sat next to an old lady who complained about the weather. It had turned cold and it was also damp.’

This cold play’s havoc with my arthritis she said to Elizabeth who tried to sound interested but just wanted to get home.’

The lady with platinum hair showed Elizabeth her buckled fingers which made her wince.

“That must be very painful Elizabeth finally said it keeps me awake all night.

“My feet are worse that is why I walk with two walking sticks.’ I won’t give in though, I carry on going out to the shops.’

“Do you have anyone looking after you?

My daughter Irene comes around, she’s married now to a pool attendant at Tynemouth Baths called John White. They’ve been married for 5 years and still no grandchildren to speak of.

“Well you never know they might just surprise you.’

“I don’t think so, she’s gone and bought a dog and she calls it her baby.’

“What kind of dog is it? I love dogs.’

“It’s a Scottish terrier I think, barks incessantly and it stinks too. I’ve told our Irene that she’s feeding it too much; no wonder it farts all the time.’

“Maybe she ought to change the dogs diet?

It needs something it jumps all over my new sofa, it chews my cushions and I have to spray the whole house after she’s gone. “Oh, this is my stop can you ring the bell for me.

Elizabeth helped the old lady to her feet after ringing the bell and the lady hobbled to the front of the bus as it came to a halt. No assistance was forth coming from the conductor who was engrossed in conversation so the old lady had to struggle to get off. No sooner had her feet hit the ground the bus pulled away. Another young lady got to the stop and banged on the door just after the lady with the walking sticks got off but the driver ignored her and pulled away.

“Bastards,’ public service my arse she cursed.’

“Aye,’ you can say that again hinny said the old lady as she hobbled up past Shields Road Byker and onto Chillingham Road.

Elizabeth looked out of the window when the bus stopped at Percy Main. It was now raining and she wished she’d brought her brolly.

The rain ran down the windows of the bus in streams. Only the driver could see as he put on his windscreen wipers. He sat and waited until the changeover driver appeared. They chatted away for a good 5 minutes as the driver put on a heavy overcoat in luminous yellow with reflector arm bands. He threw on a Go Ahead Northern woolen hat then carried his case with the ticket machine with him back to the depot which was just further up from the Percy Main Club.

The replacement driver seemed to be in no hurry as he adjusted his large frame into the seat of the cabin of the bus. He picked up a bag holding his bait and began reading the racing results from a cheap tabloid newspaper. More passengers got on and Graeme Smith began to take fares. Elizabeth showed Graeme her ticket and he moved on further down the bus.

By this time the fat driver who had clearly been fed a diet of pies and fast food decided to pull away. He began to whistle which annoyed some of the passengers who were already upset because he had sat reading the paper instead of driving off. He put his foot down and made up the time he’d spent reading and was soon approaching Northumberland Square having only picked up two passengers at the Spring Gardens Pub.


When Elizabeth Rose finally got home she had to take Kipper out before doing anything. Crossing the road, she kept the dog on the lead until they got onto the beach the wind threatened to blow her umbrella away. Bending down she released Kipper who went charging off along the beach. She had brought a poop scoop and waited until it had done its business the placed the turd into a small black bag and then discarded it into a bin. The rain made no difference to Kipper who was enjoying his freedom having been locked up all day. It had only been allowed out for a few minutes that morning so it was making the most of it now Elizabeth walked as far as St Georges Church in Cullercoats and then turned back. The wind was behind her now and she felt better able to walk. She walked up the bank at Tynemouth open air pool and then replaced the dogs lead before crossing back over and going into the house. There were still no messages from Bobby on the answer phone which annoyed her there was two from her mother who asked her to come to dinner at the weekend with Bobby. She waited until she had made a cup of tea before ringing her mother. She told her that Bobby was away in Manchester and didn’t know when he’d be back.

“Does he really have to go galivanting all over the place, I mean it’s no life for you being on your own.’

“No different to you mother.’ At least Bobby is home most of the time.’

“Your father works hard Elizabeth Rose.’

Is he back at the weekend?

“I expect so but he has a reunion at Newcastle so I don’t think we will see much of him. He usually goes on a bender with them and they go to a hotel and crash out. You know what men are like.

Yes, I know what he is like alright.’

“What do you mean by that?

“Mother you know nothing do you.’

Elizabeth what’s going on why are you talking like this.’

Speak with our Deborah Jane maybe she will tell you.’

Tell me what?

“Did you really believe that dad had nothing to do with the murder of that little girl?

“Why shouldn’t I believe him he was proven innocent.’

In a court, he’s been making a fool of you for years.’

Look Elizabeth have you and your father had words. Please come along and we can talk about this.

“Speak to Deborah Jane Mam.’ I have to go, I have to make dinner in case Bobby comes home.’

When the phone clicked off Janet was left puzzled by what her daughter had said. She replaced the handset the lifted up the receiver and dialed the number of her other daughter. The phone rang but no one answered. Deborah must be on duty she thought. She left a message for her to call her back.

When Bobby and Rachel had finished editing the second part of the video they drove back to her place Bobby took out his case and brought it inside after Rachel had deactivated the alarm system.

“Would you like to go out for dinner tonight asked Bobby?

No,’ I just want you in my bed she said. You’re not driving back tonight are you?

“What’s the point, I’d only have to drive back again tomorrow. I’ll book a room in a hotel.’

“Don’t you want to stay here?

 “Yes,’ but I must ring my wife and let her know that I’ll be here until the end of the week.’

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