"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


80. 80

The historians fed the film onto the reels then turned the handles left or right to view the images. It was a slow and laborious work which took hours of careful study. Many brought in a flask of coffee and a sandwich to eat at a table away from the screens to give their eyes a rest. Many of them were retired school teachers or civil servants. There were two architects who came regular to look at old plans of the town and surrounding areas. It was a relatively quiet morning and there was very little to do except check to make sure books had been returned to their proper places. Some people were just down right lazy. They would take out a book and then walk out of the library leaving the book for Joanne or herself to put back. Some just shoved the book anywhere, so every book was checked to make sure it was alphabetically correct. Then there was the replacing of returned books. A trolley was loaded up with books sorted into categories and then taken and replaced on the shelves again in alphabetical order. By lunch time they had both sorted out all the returned books on that floor. Elizabeth took her break and walked around the shops. She walked up Northumberland Street or went into the newly built Eldon Square where she sat watching crowds of people just like herself, taking a well-earned break. Many like Elizabeth carried a small rucksack with a drink usually orange juice or a can of pop and a sandwich. Others were more elaborate and had Tupperware boxes with salad and chicken or tuna steak inside. They even brought with them plastic knives and forks. Elizabeth had to buy a ham salad sandwich today because she hadn’t had time to put one up waiting for Bobby to call. She also bought a banana from the fruit barrow on the street. The wealthier of society frequented the coffeeshops and snack bars in Eldon Square.



As she sat an elderly man who had obviously passed retirement age and found that he could not cope with sitting around all day doing nothing

Patrolled the Mall with a brush and shovel sweeping up discarded paper and other rubbish left on the seats or ground. The grey- haired man walked slowly and slightly stooped. His wrinkled face showed many years of stress and struggle to survive. Stopping with his trolley that contained a mop and bucket with clean water, disinfectant spay and bottles which contained bleach. He began to mop part of the floor where a young child had spilt a can of Pepsi on the floor. He took out his two yellow plastic warning signs to alert people passing of the danger due to a wet floor and erected them around where he was about to mop. Using a contraption over the bucket he pulled on the handle of it until the disinfected mop head was squeezed out then proceded to mop the floor. No sooner had the old man finished when to boys on BMX bikes rode through the wet floor making dirty tyre treads. The old man was angry having just cleaned the floor he picked up his bricklike phone that was strapped on a belt around his waist on the blue uniform he was wearing, he radioed the security staff as cycling in the mall was not permitted. The two boys were quickly apprehended and led out of the mall by to black security men. The old man re-mopped the floor again then carried on sweeping down to the entrance.

After sitting for half an hour Elizabeth crumbled up her sandwich wrapper and took hold of the banana skin and placed it in the bin then walked out of the mall back to the library.

Hanging up her coat and bag she went out to help Joanne who was helping customers who were looking for books on ornithology.




Bobby woke to smell of a cooked breakfast. Rachel had gotten up long before him and had showered and changed before making Bobby his breakfast. This was something that Elizabeth never did for him. It was usually a bowl of cereal or a quick slice of toast before heading out to work. He got up and went to the bathroom where he did his ablutions before getting ready.

He didn’t have a razor to use and he had to let his five o’clock shadow on his face go until he got to his car where he carried an electric razor. He ran his fingers through his shoulder length hair then headed into the dining room.’

“I made you breakfast, I thought that after last night you’d be hungry. ‘

“Thanks, it certainly smells good.’

Bobby ate his breakfast with gusto using his toast to mop up the yolk from his eggs and washed it all down with two pots of tea.

“I have a spare tooth bush in the cabinet in my bathroom if you would like to use it Bobby.’ I’ll just go and put on a bit make up.’

 Thanks,’ Bobby headed for the bathroom once inside he opened the mirrored cabinet door and found a new Colgate toothbrush. Taking it out of the wrapper her squeezed some toothpaste onto it and then ran it under the tap. The new brush felt good against his gums and teeth. When he’d finished he inspected them in the mirror? An annoying piece of bacon was still lodged in one of his canine so he snapped of a length of dental floss and worked the floss at the back of his mouth until the offending piece of food was removed. He went along all of his teeth until he was satisfied that they were now free of food. Coming out of the bathroom he found his jacket and slipped it on as Rachel came out of the bedroom.

“We can get you a clean shirt and some underwear from your car on the way to work.

They hurried out closing the door after Rachel had reset the house alarm.

 The streets were now busy with people and the shops were just opening. They passed the Cathedral along the way. Bobby saw his car and hurried to it and opened the boot. He placed a clean shirt, socks and a pair of boxer shorts into a plastic carrier bag. Closing the boot of the car he then hurried inside where they took the lift to the editing studios.

“It was funny how he hadn’t thought of Elizabeth since last night. He couldn’t get Rachel out of his mind. When they got to the fourth floor Bobby excused himself then went to the toilet to change. A few minutes later he returned. He had run back to the lift and out to the car with the bag containing his dirty clothes dumped them in the boot then ran back again. Breathing hard he found the room where Rachel was. They sat together and then played the tape of the second episode. Rachel was the true professional at work and they spent the full morning cutting and pasting film and dialogue until they were both happy. Each half hour programme took you through different fishing techniques. From what baits to use when out on a boat or how to tie a Binami twist. Each episode targeted a different species. Today it was the turn of the Conger eel. A snake like fish that could grow huge. Some over 100 pounds had been caught off wrecks around the North East Coast. The video showed how to make what was called a flapper. A whole mackerel was split in two and the bones, guts and tail removed. The head was left on with the two fillets left flapping around then the large hook was inserted into the mouth of the mackerel. A heavy weight was attached to the line using the Binami twist where two pieces of strong 40-pound line were spliced together on a length of 30- pound main line. The line had a wire trace hooked on with a strong swivel and held a large hook with the flapper inserted. The line was then dropped over the wreck using a fish finding device that showed the captain where the wrecks were located.


 The line had to be strong because of the metal from the wreck would just cut through it like butter. Once the line was lowered into the water the flapper came into its own it resembled an injured fish and conger eels and other predatory fish would suddenly seize the prey. Competition was fierce and only the biggest competed for food. It had been known for a smaller fish of say seven pounds take the flapper bait only to be swallowed in turn whole by a huge conger eel lurking in the depths. Bobby was explaining on the video the power of these fish. He told the interviewer that they were that powerful they could pull an unsuspecting man overboard.

After one hour of fishing the wreck they had only caught two good sized cod of 20 pounds in weight each which they kept. The moved onto another wreck four miles away. Bobby was seen baiting several of his own rods and the Architeuthus boat and multiplier reels that were also his design. Bobby had helped to design the new reels named after the giant squid. His photo was on the front of every box that people bought and he was being paid handsomely as a shareholder. The film cut to another wreck and it showed Bobby and World Record holder Vic Evans lowering their lines over the side of the Sun Dancer, an eighty feet charter boat. The twin engine boat was worth 2 million pounds and was a beautiful boat, it was smooth, sleek, and fast.

Once the lines went down both men wearing life jackets and groin protectors waited patiently the lines hadn’t been down two minutes when Bobby stuck into a fish. “Is it a conger Vic asked Bobby.’

“Yes,’ that bite is unmistakable Vic.’

“Winding away Bobby fought to bring the eel to the surface.

“It’s not a big one but it’s giving me one hell of fight.’

Vic used the “Bobby Parkin Resistor” boat rod bending then winding to bring the fish to the surface.

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