"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


8. 8

Janet went to the car with Alan then opened the door to the brand-new car. The smell of new upholstery inside and the gentle purr of the engine as she turned the key in the ignition made her heart race with excitement. Then slowly she pulled away. driving up to the lights on Queen Alexander Road she indicated left turned the wheel and away she went then reaching the garage and down towards Appleby Park she drove all the way past Tynemouth infirmary then along towards the Spring Gardens pub and along Albion Road to Church way turning slowly left and back to Alma Place. She parked along- side her husband’s car and got out. Mildred and Peter were standing at the window as she walked down the path with Alan.

“Merry Christmas darling said Peter as she walked back into the house and threw her arms around her husband and kissed him.

“That is the best Christmas present anyone has ever given me.’

“I feel pretty guilty now, I’ve only bought you a small gift.’

She handed her husband a package and he opened it and inside was an Ingersoll watch.

On the back it was inscribed “To my darling husband Peter all my love Janet.

“It’s wonderful thank you, Peter kissed his wife and then they handed out presents to Mildred and Alan who in turn gave them gifts. Mildred had knitted some dolls clothes with little booties and hats for Deborah Jane along with a selection box. There were also two knitted cardigans for Janet and a jumper for Peter. Peter gave Mildred some gifts he’d brought back from Malta.

He bought Alan some cigars that he liked to smoke.

Shortly after Susan and her husband Graeme called and Janet took great delight at showing her the brand- new car that Peter had bought her. Eddie had bought a car, it was second hand, it was rusted in places and Graeme had to fix it with fibre glass, before rubbing it down with wet and dry and giving it a few coats of paint. It was passable and a man on a galloping horse would not have noticed the cover up. “Would you like a drink Eddie?

“I’ll have a beer if you’ve got one.’

Alan would you like a drink?’

“A scotch would be nice if you have one.’

“Yes, I have whiskey, vodka, rum, and beer and lager.’

Peter poured Alan a large scotch and himself a rum; then poured the girls a sherry each from a bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream.

“All the best everyone said Peter.’

They all raised their glasses and toasted.

Janet turned on the radio and there was a little light music on Deborah Jane was content with sitting on the rug playing mother with her new doll.

They listened intently to the kings’ speech before Janet checked that everything was cooking properly. She basted the turkey again to keep it moist. Another half hour and they’d be all sitting down to dinner. The men retired to the conservatory with their drinks where they discussed the plight of England test cricketers who were playing the West Indies and had lost the first test. It was the first time England had lost at the Lords ground. John Goddard was the English captain and Everton Weeks described the win as the West Indies greatest triumph “London Bridge has finally fallen.’ He quoted.

“Well let’s hope that the new blood in Alfie Valentine can restore the balance.

I remember my father taking about Don Bradman and the bodyline series against the Aussies in 1932-33 season.’

“Yes, it nearly split the two countries you know.’

“Really said Graeme, who wasn’t so hot on cricket as he was on football. He’d actually had trials for West Bromwich Albion. He tried to sound interested but football was his game.

At two o’clock the dinner was ready and Peter helped put everything into serving bowls whilst Janet made the gravy.

Peter went out the back and sharpened the knife then came in and cleaned the blade before carving the bird up.

“Light or dark everyone.’

I’ll have a bit of both please said Mildred.’

“Me too thank you said Susan.

What about you Alan, are you a leg or breast man?

“I’ll have some breast please.’

“Same here said Graeme.’


Janet took a bowl and placed some mashed potatoes carrots and sprouts into it she cut up some turkey into very small pieces then poured lots of gravy onto it before giving it to Deborah Jane. When everyone had food on their plates the gravy boat went around and Peter refilled everyone’s glasses then he stood up at attention the way he would if he was onboard his ship with a glass in his hand “A toast ladies and gentlemen. “God bless the King and the British Empire.’

“God Bless the King and the British Empire.’

They then got stuck into their dinner which was followed by Christmas pudding and rum sauce.

After dinner they all had a sit down to rest after the heavy meal that they’d all eaten and listened to the radio and chatted until six o’clock it was then Alan said that they ought to be getting back. “I think we will head back too father said Susan.

“What about the washing up said Mildred?

“Leave them Mildred, Peter and I will do them later.’

“Are you sure Janet.’

“Yes Mildred, this is your day of rest. Go on get yourself home and relax.

Mildred hugged her sister and thanked her for a wonderful day out.

“Now that you know where we live Susan don’t be a stranger said Peter as they walked down the path and then to their cars. Deborah Jane was in Janet’s arms and she was waving away furiously as they got into the cars and drove away.

“Well that went well, didn’t it?

“Yes, darling you were the perfect host.’

Peter went into the dining room and took away the serving bowls and scraped the plates into the bin before running the water to wash the dishes.

“There is still lots of meat here Peter and potatoes and the vegetables we can fry up tomorrow.’

“Splendid, I like bubble and squeak, I have to go into work tomorrow can you look after Deborah Jane for me?

“Yes of course.’

“Just let her sleep because she was up early this morning. With all the excitement of today she will out until nine o’clock. I will leave her clean clothes out for you. Make sure she cleans her teeth.’

“Look darling don’t worry, I’ll look after her. When they’d finished cleaning they sat on the sofa until just after ten thirty then went to bed.


The sound of the rain hitting the windows woke Janet she slipped out of bed and went to the toilet which was an absolute pleasure to use in doors. She washed and cleaned her teeth then heard Peter filling up the kettle in the kitchen. She smiled as she put on her navy-blue uniform.

“Toast said Peter as he took out a loaf from the metal bread bin.’

“I don’t know if I’ll have time Peter.’

“Yes, you do, it will only take a moment, go and put your face on then it will be ready for you; Would you like marmalade or strawberry jam?

“Strawberry for me darling.’

Peter brought out both jars because he was partial to marmalade on his toast.

He placed two slices under the grill of the oven then took out a glass dish from the larder with some butter in it.



“When Janet came out of the bedroom she had put on her coat with a cape which had a red band around the collar and her nurses hat held in place with a pin on her head. Her hair had been pinned up as she always did when working in the hospital which made her look quite stunning as the nape of her long neck accentuated her facial features. She picked up the tea and took a slice of toast and took just a few bites, swallowing it down with the tea. “What time is it she said am I late?

“No darling it only 6.45 a.m.

Janet’s watch was pinned to her uniform but she couldn’t be bothered to undo her coat to have a look. Grabbing a brolly from the hat stand in the passage she quickly kissed her husband. 

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