"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


78. 78

“Thank you, shall we sit down?

Yes, I don’t want my arse kicked again he laughed.’

“Are you driving back tonight?

“I was going to why?

“Well you could come back to mine if you like, I mean only if you want to.’

“Yes, I can do that ’ I’ll just make a call first if you don’t mind Rachel.’

“Bobby saw the phone in the corridor and went to it. He dialed Liz’s number and waited for an answer.

“Hi Liz it’s me somethings come up and I have to stay over. I’ll see you when I get back okay, there was a deathly silence on the other end of the phone as Elizabeth listened She could hear music coming from the pub.

“Where are you?

“I’m in Manchester.’

“I meant where are you in Manchester?

In some bar I’m playing pool with the editor. He wants me to come to the studio again with him tomorrow.’

“When will you be back Bobby?

“I can’t say because this editing may take a few days.’

“Are you staying at a hotel?

“No Robert, is letting me crash at his house it will save me some money.’

“I see, alright I’ll see you when you get back then.’

“Bye Love, see you soon.’

Bye, I…

“Bobby hung up.’

 You told her then said Rachel?


“Your wife?

Yes,’ I told her that I might be away a few days.

“What about your boss?

“I’ll call him tomorrow and tell him that the programme is taking longer than expected.’

“Good, I think we should go for a take away then go to my place what do you say?

“Sounds pretty good to me. They walked along the street to a local Chinese take away and Rachel passed Bobby the menu. He looked nervous.’

“Look Bobby just relax.’

“This is something that I’ve never done before.’

“What, order Chinese food.’

“You know what I mean.’

“Do you think I make a habit out of taking men home?

“No,’ I meant it like that.’

“Rachel took his hand and squeezed it. “look Bobby everything is going to be fine.’

They ordered the meal of curried prawns and fried rice and a portion of chips.

“Shall I order us a taxi?

“Taxi laughed Rachel, I only live a few streets away.’

Bobby paid for the meal which was placed into cartons to keep it hot then put into a transparent carrier bag.

They walked down the street crossing over at a set of traffic lights. Rachel turned right and then walked along to Angel Street.

“See that’s my house over there.’

“You live there, in that house isn’t it a bit big for one person?

“Yes,’ but I need room for my work.’ It’s all bought and paid for.’

“You must be on a good wage.’

“It keeps the wolves from my door.’ Rachel took out her key and turned it in the lock then the sound of beeping could be heard in the passage. Lifting up the panel on the wall Rachel tapped in a code and the beeping stopped.

“ It’s a burglar alarm declared Rachel, you cannot be too careful around here.’ Come in, kick off your shoes and relax. Bobby removed his shoes. The house was gas centrally heated and the place was nice and warm. Walking into the living room it was tastefully decorated with a chocolate brown leather sofa and a reclining chair. The house was carpeted carpet throughout in a fawn colour. The kitchen was huge in comparison to his and it had a separate dining room. Rachel put the food out onto navy blue square plates that looked expensive and took some chopsticks made of ivory from a side board cabinet in the dining room. Something Liz never did, they usually ate straight from the cartons to save the washing up.

The food was placed on Chinese bamboo mats and there were napkins at the side of his plate.

“I could get used to this said Bobby as Rachel open a bottle of white wine to go with the Chinese food.

“You do like wine don’t you, I mean I can get you a beer if you would prefer.’

“Relax Rachel, come and sit down and eat your supper before it gets cold.’

Bobby poured the wine and they clinked the glasses together “Here’s to a wonderful evening.’

Bobby used his utensils perfectly picking up a prawn in curry sauce with mushrooms and onions.  After they had eaten Bobby helped her clear the table, she had a dish washer. She pulled down the door then inserted the dishes and cutlery into the compartments then added some dish washer liquid and set it away. “Come, bring your wine into the living room. Nervously Bobby got up and carried his wine he sat on the thick leather sofa. Placing the glass on the smoked glass coffee table that had chrome legs he looked at Rachel Simmons who turned on a music centre that was state of the art with a cassette player. The sound of the group “The Eagles” Hotel California sounded great as the twin mini speakers that were fixed in each corner of the room on brackets made the group sound as if they were actually playing live. She casually came and sat next to him, she took a sip from her wine then took Bobby by the hand. “Dance with me Bobby”

She wrapped both arms around Bobby’s neck and then moved seductively to the music. Bobby put his arms around her slender waist. Rachel’s head rested on his shoulder and he could smell the aroma from her perfume as the danced around on the deep piled carpet.

Rachel lifted her head and looked up at Bobby. Her deep blue eyes were like deep pools of a lagoon and her lips looked so inviting. His head lowered and before he knew it his lips met hers and his hand was caressing her firm breast. They were not as big as Elizabeth’s but she made up for it with the size of her nipples that were larger. He grasped it and it made Rachel gasp. Bobby just followed his instincts. He had only made love to one woman in his life and he was curious to know whether or not that he came up to scratch.

He need not have worried, by the sounds that were coming from Rachel told him that he was doing alright.

Rachel broke away after a few moments and took Bobby by the hand to her bedroom.

The bedroom looked more like something from a scene from a Hollywood movie stars house.

Silk sheets and pillow cases. There was a large white Sheep skin rug on the floor and champagne pink fitted wardrobes and dressing table. He watched as Rachel undressed slowly and seductively. Booby became excited with expectation. His breathing increased as Rachel danced naked in front of him.

She walked towards him and unbuttoned his shirt and then unbuckled the belt on his trousers.

Bobby stood up and the he pulled Rachel to him.



Elizabeth Rose hugged her pillow wishing Bobby was with her. It was the first time that he’d stayed away from home and she wondered why? Bobby had always tried to get back home no matter where he was. It seemed since he had been on television he had suddenly become more popular. He received fan mail from all over the world. Every day he got around 60-100 letters some asking his advice on knots and baits to target certain species. Then there were the females who sent him photos of themselves in seductive poses and their phone numbers. At first Bobby laughed about them and he would lie in bed with her and he would read them out. Then he became more secretive and read the letters whilst he was at work. Some he replied to others he told to buy the Sea Angler or the Angling times where he was paid to write a column every week. The two thousand- word pieces were written via his computer which he had been given among the many other gifts he received from different companies. Bobby was fairly well off now and had a sizable bank balance. Bobby kept a rein on his money and gave Liz so much every week to pay the bills. He checked all the accounts and budgeted the income for the month so that they didn’t over spend. Liz had to ask Bobby if she wanted money to buy luxuries like clothes.


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