"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


77. 77

“That’s not nice said her mother you make him sound guilty.’

Look mother I don’t want to talk about it.’

Why don’t you and Bobby come up for the weekend. It’s been ages since your father saw you.’

Bobby is busy, he’s away in London this weekend.’

Well you could always come.’

I think the library want me in this weekend mam.’

Okay then, I guess I’ll see you at Easter.’

“It was a similar story from Deborah Jane, neither of them wanted to come home and that set her thinking why?

For nearly a year after the trial Peter kept his nose clean he didn’t go near any young girls at all in case he was being watched. He knew that the police were following his every movements.

By the start of 1982 he went back to Gibraltar and met up with a mate from the Royal Navy. “You’ve heard about the reunion haven’t you said Simon Carindale?

“No when is it, are all the lads going to be there?

“Yep, on the twenty eighth of next month they are having it in your neck of the woods.’

“What in Newcastle?

“Yes, we are in for a refit and will be docked at HMS Calliope, some of the lads want to go to the Big Market.’

Alright I’ll be there, what time?

“Seven bells alright?

“Fine, Uniform or casual?

“Uniform, all the girls love a sailor.’

“Are you still chasing the women?

“No, he laughed, they chase me these days.’

Peter punched him playfully on the shoulder shaking his head then said that he’d see them next month.

He walked up to the bridge to see Captain James Roberts and told him that the supplies had been delivered. The captain signed the requisition papers and Peter saluted then turned sharply and left.

He rang Janet and told her about the reunion, you don’t mind if we go and let off a bit of steam do you darling?

“No of course not Peter. ’Janet knew that when he got with his mates from the navy it would be an all-night session and he wouldn’t be seen until the next day.

“See you in a few days Janet, I love you, then he hung up.’

Walking back along the dock he made his way back to his ship, normally he would have gone into town and had a beer or two and try and get fixed up with a young girl. But since the trial he stayed well away. He couldn’t afford to get caught again. He would lose his job and his reputation. He picked up a book in his cabin and began to read.


Bobby Parkin had made another fishing video and had gone down to Granada Television Studio’s to see it. if approved the video would go on general release and make Bobby a lot of money. The editor was a woman called Rachel Simmons, she liked Bobby the first time they met. She adored his accent and the way Bobby made her laugh. The tall blonde was very attractive, she was twenty- five and had spent three years at Granada TV on Quay Street since graduating from Manchester University. She had worked with Bobby during the making of the Fishing programme and they had gone out to dinner to discuss the film which was in six episodes. After dinner Bobby asked Rachel to show him around so she took him to a few local bars. They visited The Shambles which looked more like a Shakespearian village with a medieval village theme. There were seats outside as well as in, Bobby bought them a drink and they sat outside. There was about sixty to eighty people there and the atmosphere was good.

“There’s a new shopping mall just opened in the northern quarter said Rachel smiling.’

“Where do you live then asked Bobby?

“Not far from here actually I live in Angel Street.’

Very apt said Bobby as he sipped on a pint of Strongbow cider.’

“I wouldn’t have taken you for a cider drinking girl said Bobby.’

“Why not said Rachel drinking from her pint glass.’

“I thought you’d be a wine and cocktails type of girl.’

“Really, you got me all wrong then didn’t you.’

“Go on then tell me a bit about yourself?

“Nothing to tell really Bobby, I grew up in Trinity Way with my parents and younger sister Florence. Went to college then onto university to study cinematography and now here I am.’

“So apart from television what do you like to do?

“Have fun the same as every other girl.’

“So where do you like to have fun Rachel?

“I like to play pool,

Do you really, so do I, are you any good.’

“Well,’ I know how to hold a cue if that’s what you mean.’

“I will have to give you a game sometime.’

“Bring your pint they’ve got a table inside.’

Bobby walked inside and held the door for Rachel.

“Thank you, if you follow me I’ll show you where it is.’

In the lounge area there was a pool table ad there wasn’t anyone playing on it.

“ Rack them up then said Bobby I’m going to the loo.’

“It’s over there on the left.’

Bobby walked across and opened the door to the toilet then stood at the urinal and undid the zip of his trousers reaching in with his hand he took out his penis and began to relieve himself.

A hot jet of steam erupted from the stainless-steel trough. When he was done he milked himself before putting it away and began to wash his hands in the posh looking wash basins with liquid soap.

On the far wall was a condom machine and Bobby dried his hands and popped some coins in the slot then pulled the drawer open. He took the pack of three condoms and put them into his pocket and walked back out where Rachel was practicing hitting the cueball.

“Go on then I’ll let you break said Bobby.’

Rachel duly obliged and with a swift push of the cue she sent the cueball crashing into the pack.

Not bad said Bobby as he watched as Rachel bent over the table she was wearing black trousers that came up to her hips and a tee shirt that showed part of her midriff. He tried not to stare at her perfectly shaped buttocks and the short-cropped top opened at the bottom to reveal that she was wearing a light blue lace bra over her rounded breasts. He swore she could hear him gasp as he took a sharp intake of breath. Rachel potted three balls then missed, she stood back as Bobby who was now six feet three inches tall in his bare feet reached across with a muscular leg and V shaped back.

Bobby had a long lean look about him and Rachel was taking it all in as he potted his first ball.

“Good shot said Rachel, you’ve obviously played this game before.’

“I used to play in a league, I won the country championship.’

I had better not give you too many chances then.’

Bobby levelled the scoring with a brilliant long pot but had nothing to go for as the remaining balls were tight on the cushion. He brought one out trying not to leave Rachel a shot but she rolled a yellow ball all the way down the rail and into the right corner pocket.

“Nicely done, I like your style.’

 After knocking another three balls she was left with a double into the middle bag on the black to win the game. She steadied herself then looked at Bobby as she fired the black was struck then bounced off the cushion and rolled into the middle bag.

“My game I think said Rachel smiling.’

“You set them up and I’ll get us another cider.’

Bobby watched her as her long legs moved elegantly like a model and her hips swayed from side to side. She turned and caught Bobby looking at her and tossed back her long blonde hair. She had the look of Farrah Fawcett from Charlie’s Angels he thought.

“She was beautiful alright and he was attracted to her like a magnet picking up paper clips.

He set up the balls and again he watched the curve of her bottom as she broke off. He was happy to just let her win so he could gaze at her magnificent body.

Gliding around the table she potted ball after ball she left herself a long black and just got down and stroked the cueball.

It hit the black and the ball rolled towards the pocket then seemed to hang Tantalisingly before dropping in.

“You are some player Rachel.’

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