"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


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times and had four children. Now his business was on the slide and Brian saw an opportunity to increase his growing bank balance.

He turned off the TV after the news and went into the bedroom, Lorraine was sleeping soundly as he got into bed.


When Janet Thompson rang both her son and two daughters to tell them that their father had been arrested and the circumstances of that arrest. She was surprised at how unconcerned both Deborah Jane and Elizabeth Rose were. Only Allan asked about his father. He was in the police force now and was worried in case it impacted upon him. Even though he was working in a different borough it would soon get to the ears of his superintendent.

“When is he flying to Singapore?

“In two weeks Allan.’

“Are you going with him?

“Of course, he needs my support.’

“I can’t get the time off mother or I would come too.’

“I understand son don’t worry.’

“Tell dad I will be thinking of him. ’Keep me posted.’

“I will bye.’ Janet hung up the phone then looked out of the window. She now had to run the gauntlet of pressmen as the camped outside of her house. She never tried to go the back way because they were aware of that exit too and had it covered. She pushed her way through avoiding all questions.

Someone shouted in the crowd “your husband is a child molester; how can you live with someone like that Mrs. Thompson?

As much as she wanted to reply she kept silent she crossed the road and went into the hospital.

Security men kept the reporters out. They had been warned not to allow them inside the building and to ensure that they didn’t get in. Two policemen were posted outside of her office.

Janet felt as if she was being judged by everyone, her staff, the patients, doctors who had all read the story of the murdered girl in the newspapers. There was always going to be the finger of suspicion pointed in her direction unless Peter could prove his innocence.

 The days leading up to the time that Peter was being extradited back to Singapore was hell. Peter had to face charges of child molestation and murder and Janet wasn’t enjoying her work all; she could think about nothing else but the trial. The trial dominated their lives day in and day out. Peter had been like a caged lion; he couldn’t leave the house on the advice of Johnathan Fisher his solicitor. because the press would only plaster his face on every front cover. He stayed indoors with all of the curtains closed but it was Janet who was being hounded by the press every day.

The morning of his flight to Singapore the police arrived at 6 a.m. They told them that they had all the exits covered in case Peter should try to escape. By 6.30 a.m. the press gathered in force. Someone had tipped them off that Peter was leaving to go back to Singapore to face trial.

Marco Lau Chan waited in a car outside with two senior police officers. Peter, his head covered in a blanket was led out to the police van with his wife. The cameras clicked away as Peter got into the van and then the police sped off led by a police motorcyclist and a police car behind. Peter was rushed privately through customs then taken on board the aircraft before anyone could see him. He sat right at the back of the plane with his wife. The handcuffs that the police had put on him were removed once on board but an officer sat next to him on the end seat. Marco Lau Chan sat opposite. The other passengers paid little attention to them as they boarded and after all the safety checks were done the plane taxied down the runway then took off.

The twelve- hour flight was the longest of Peter’s life and although Janet had tried nervously to make polite conversation during the flight, it was agony.’ He had to be escorted to the toilet and an officer stood outside whilst he went and then led him back to his seat. They flew to London to pick up more passengers then onto New Delhi where they would stop to refuel then onto Singapore. It was early morning there when they arrived. Janet was taken to a hotel. Peter was taken to the station and held there until his representative came. Richie Woo the forty-year-old barrister was appointed by Johnathan Fisher in England. He dealt with many murder trials. The small bespectacled balding man explained the procedure of law.

When later that afternoon he was led into the court room where oscillating fans whizzed around to keep everyone cool. Judge Anthony Zhang started the proceedings.

Jiang Chen made his opening statement in Chinese which was being interpreted to Peter by Richie Woo.

Chen told how thirteen-year-old Wei Wei Fong had been taken to the Grand Hyatt Hotel for the sole purpose of having sex with Mr. Peter Thompson. After which he had murdered her.

How had the girl been murdered asked the Judge?

She had been strangled your honour said Chen.

“Was this during the sexual act of after?

“Going by the pathology report we ascertained about forty minutes to an hour after sex your honour.

Lilli Wu Fong the mother of the murdered girl was crying as she gave evidence and eye witnesses gave their accounts of how they had seen Wei Wei Fong going into Peters room on the day of her murder.


 Judge Anthony Zhang adjourned the trial. Tomorrow it would be the turn of the defence to make their statements. The way the evidence was being read, it was as if Peter was as guilty as charged.

Richie Woo assured him that tomorrow when he gave his evidence that it would be a different story. Peter was visited by Janet who had sat listening in the courtroom and was shocked by what she had heard from the medical examiner as he gave a report on the murdered young girl.

“This is terrible Peter, how can they accuse you of all people.’

The trial was big news in Singapore and it was being televised all over the world.

Peter didn’t sleep well in his cell that evening. He hadn’t slept for three nights now and looked terrible. There were bags under each eye as he was led to the courtroom.

The commanding officers from both the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy had written letters of recommendation saying that Peter was a hard-working, loyal employee with an exemplary record.

Richie Woo cross examined the witnesses and the hotel manager.

Lee Jung hui the well- known triad gangster had not been found yet, he had fled the scene and the country. There was a warrant issued for his immediate arrest if discovered.

Peter in his uniform was called to the stand and gave his account of what happened and he categorically denied all the charges against him. Peter made sure he had an alibi and spoken to a female receptionist on his way out of the hotel. Miss Cindy Wong was questioned and had confirmed the time she had spoken to Peter and what time he had left the hotel. This proved that he did not kill Wei Wei Fong.

The case was dismissed. All the evidence pointed to Lee Jung hui as the murderer. A week after the trial Lee Jung hui was killed by the police in a drug raid. Peter Thompson walked free from the court room he had beaten all the charges against him.

The next day Peter was free to leave. He had been extremely lucky not to have been caught. His reputation intact, he and Janet returned to London where he was met by Johnathan Fisher who gave a statement to the press.

Watching the television in Ireland was Rose Sullivan she smiled knowing Peter was innocent.

She rang Janet later that night and gave her sympathy.

“It’s all over now Janet you can now get on with your lives.’

“How are you getting on, is your father any better?

He is improving slowly Janet, he is still going to need care though.’ My sister and brother have been taking turns so I get a bit of free time.’

Does this mean you will be back soon then?

“I hope so,’ it seems ages since I left.’

What’s the weather like there?’

“It’s pouring with rain here.’ It’s never stopped for two days.’

“It’s fine here said Janet; Look I’ve got to go, Peter hasn’t eaten much or slept since the trial.’ I’ll call you at the weekend.’

Alan rang next to congratulate his father, Janet had to ring both Deborah Jane and Elizabeth Rose.

“He got away with it then said Elizabeth,’

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