"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


75. 75

She wore small diamond studs in each ear and a single diamond in a gold pendant around her neck on a thin gold chain.

She had placed her long hair up which enhanced her profile.

She wore navy blue high heels to match the colour of her dress which was five inches above her knees.

“Wow you look amazing.’

  “Take me to dinner Brian, I’m ravenous.’ Michelle picked up her blue clutch bag before closing the door behind her. Brian drove to Cicchetti’s.

They parked around the back of the restaurant and went through the kitchen to the front where Mario showed them to a quiet spot. The fifty-two-year-old Italian had lost none of his charm as he complimented Michelle, by exclaiming Bella, Bella.

Michelle knew her way around a menu and ordered in Italian what she wanted.

Brian just said “I’ll have whatever the lady is having and could we have a bottle of your finest wine.’ Mario brought out an antipasto of stuffed olives, parmigiano, and some freshly baked bread. Primo followed and that was a bowl of minestrone soup made to Mario’s special recipe.

Secondo was a ham and mushroom risotto- They didn’t bother with a dolce (dessert) instead they had caffe- a cup of espresso.

How come you know how to speak Italian?’

“I spent six months in Venice when I was a student, plus my parents live in Tuscany these days. They went for a holiday and ended up retiring there. They make and sell cheeses and run a little bistro.’

Very nice, how long have they been out there?

“Four and a half years now.’

Did you not fancy living there.’

“Yes, I was in a relationship for three years with a sculpture that I met in university.

He was very eccentric and would do things on a whim.’

“Impulsive then.’

“Spontaneous Paulo was.


He went back packing to Australia to study indigenous (aborigine) people and their art. Just like that. He came in from a night of drinking, Paulo liked to drink wine Excessively because he said he could sculpt unless he was drunk.’

He became temperamental and argumentative so we agreed to separate for a while. He was seeing other women behind my back but thought nothing of it. He would even tell me afterwards that he was sleeping with his students who came to pose for him. I don’t blame him really, he was handsome and the girls loved him. He said he couldn’t help loving them back.

“How long have you been on your own.’

“Almost two years.’

“Do you still love Paulo?

“I care for him yes,’ but I ‘m not in love with him if that makes sense.’

“Perfect sense.’

The wine and soft music had made Michelle sentimental, and very sensual she ran her bare foot into Brian’s crotch and the shock of it made him stir in his loins. “I think we ought to get you home don’t you.’

“Only if you are going to make love to me again Brian,’

Brian looked at his watch it was now gone ten thirty and Lorraine would be home by eleven forty-five.’

 His mind was in a whirl, he should go home to his wife. the lure of this woman had him captivated. Brian paid the bill and they left the way they had come in.

Bona note said Michelle to Mario who kissed her hand as they left.

What a lovely man Mario is said Michelle, let’s find my car, or I’ll get a ticket.’

You sit in the car and wait and I will go and see to your car. Give me your keys.’

Michelle handed Brian the keys to her Renault Coupe.

“What’s the registration number?

YTM 49J.

“Okay hang fire, I won’t be long.’

Michelle turned on the radio and was listening to some music.

Brian disappeared up the top end of Regents Street he ran across the road when he spotted the Renault. He saw the ticket under the windscreen wiper. She would get a fine but it would only be about ten pounds.

He got in then drove back to where his car was parked. He got out then locked the vehicle. Then he got into his car and drove Michelle home.

They had no sooner closed the door behind themselves when Michelle was undoing his clothes on the stairs. His hand slid under her dress to find that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He hiked up her dress and buried his head between her legs. They never made it to the bedroom as they made love on the stairs. Holding onto the stair rail Michelle was again in control and he let her orchestrate things until he turned and took her from behind as she knelt on the stairs.

They were both panting with excitement and Brian was again taken to a place that he’d never experienced with Lorraine. What have I been missing out on he thought as he pumped his manhood into the woman before him who wailed in ecstasy.

When it was over Brian carried Michelle to the bedroom He laid her down under the sheets and kissed her softly before leaving.

He had only thirty minutes to get home before his wife came in.’

  As soon as Brian got home he went in the shower again, he put his shirt in the wash basket and slipped into a pair of jogging bottoms and an adidas tee shirt. He heard the key in the door and his wife coming in.

Hi darling she said and kissed her husband.

“Sorry darling, I was asked to eat out, I took Mal and Forest to Cicchetti’s. We were celebrating.’

“Oh,’ celebrating what Lorraine enquired.’

“The fact that I’d pulled off the biggest deal Big City Traders ever had and also made us a lot of money in the process. I’ve been to order my new Lotus. It’s coming in two weeks.’

That’s marvelous.

“Mal has given me £250.000 pounds to play with, he trusts me so much.’

“Well you know what you are doing.’

“Fancy a drink?’

“No not for me darling, I’m going to have a quick shower, my feet are killing me with standing all day.’

“Do you want me to make you something?’

“No thanks’ I’m okay, I had a pie in the canteen about four o’clock.

“Are you on earlies tomorrow, maybe we can go out together?

“I can’t, I was asked to cover a late shift for Peggy Watson. It’s her birthday and Jimmy her husband is taking her out. You don’t mind do you Brian?

“No, no, I might just hang out in a bar in town and have a few drinks.’

“You seem to be drinking a lot these days Brian, I would go easy.

“I can handle it he retorted, pouring himself a large scotch into a crystal glass and adding some ice from the freezer.’

He downed half of it like a seasoned drinker as Lorraine toddled off to the bathroom.

Brian turned on the television and watched the news. Nothing jumped out at him as it had the previous evening as he watched intently.

Lorraine came out of the shower in her robe she made herself a cup of Ovaltine and asked if Brian was coming to bed.’

You just go darling you look done in, I’ll be along soon.’

Lorraine took her drink into the bedroom then closed the door. Brian poured himself another large one then sat cursing because nothing about the price of oil or gold was jumping out at him then he saw that Laker Airways were in trouble. He smiled again. That was the link that he was looking for, tomorrow he would keep an eye on Freddie Lakers company. Fredrick Alfred Laker Born in Kent in 1948 formed the “No Frills” airline. Seats on board his aircraft were cheaper than anyone else’s. Freddie borrowed £38.000 pounds and used £4.500 of his own savings to start his own business selling war surplus goods. The Russian embargo with Berlin allowed Laker’s business to flourish. His second business venture saw him fly cars and their owners to Calais. In 1960 he became manager of British United airlines where he stayed until he formed his own company “Skytrain.” 1977 he was knighted by the Queen. Freddie was married four 

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