"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


74. 74

“This is massive Lori’, the stock markets will be buzzing tomorrow and I’m going to cash in big style.’

“How, because the price of Gold and diamonds will fall dramatically because of this. All I have to do is buy, buy, buy. “We’ll be bloody rich if this comes off.’

Brian sat with a pen and paper writing down the price gold was at the moment then looked at the FT share index. Lorraine went to bed and left Brian working out how much he would make if he invested wisely.

Brian was the first one in the next morning followed by Michelle Adams.

“Did you see what I saw last night Michelle whispered.’

“Yes, we are going to make a killing. Forest Witherspoon arrived with Lillian Bridgett, Robert Thornton, and Desmond Thomas the Welshman.

After a brief meeting in the boardroom they set off to their desks Michelle and Brian share the pages of the Fanatical Times. On the TV the US link was predicting heavy losses as the price of gold and other commodities like silver, platinum, copper, and steel began to fall in the price share market. Brian and Michelle sat and waited patiently as the others began to buy up shares.

Capital ETX -MT4 – Crypto 5- Cloud Nine Mining co – Spot Gold were falling steadily as trading opened. “Wait said Brian as Michelle was about to buy up at £125.00 per share.

“They are going to fall even more said Brian.  Michelle waited until they were £99.00 per share then bought 20 thousand high and eighty low.

They took the chits in and placed them on the nail then went back to their seats and waited. At first the market didn’t move much and Michelle was beginning to doubt Brian’s prediction.

Then after lunch the monitors were going crazy, gold topped at 1131.60 and Michelle and Brian sold making a massive profit.

Brian had gambled and it had come off. Forest came out and congratulated them both.

That lime green lotus would now be his. The Lotus Europa was different to the Lotus Elan, it used lightweight folded and welded minimalist boxed steel backbone chassis. It had a moulded fibre glassed body. The chassis was split into a Y shape to accommodate the combined engine.

The Europa was capable of reaching a top speed of 120 mph in just 9.2 seconds. It was a dream car alright and Brian couldn’t wait to buy it.

Later that afternoon Brian and Michelle went for a celebratory drink.

They were a good team and bounced off each other. Brian was surprised that she wasn’t seeing anyone. She told him that men were put off by her intelligence.

“Don’t forget the stunning look’s as well.’

Michelle threw back her hair and Brian couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was attracted to him, his rugged charm and handsome looks appealed to her. She asked him about how he had got into the stock market and when he told her that Malcolm Moore had head hunted him, she was quite surprised.

“He will be very pleased that he trusted his judgement today.’

“What made you change jobs, I mean you were a good solicitor?

“I began to question if I was doing the right thing defending murderers and thieves who I knew to be guilty.’

“I see so would you ever go back to it?’

“One day maybe but not here in England, I want to go to America.’

“What relocate?

“Why not, they say it’s the land of opportunity.’

“They drank three Martini’s before parting company. She kissed Brian lightly on the lips before leaving telling him that she was going back to an empty house.’

“Well so am I, Lorraine is working late. ’why don’t you come with me to order my new lime green Lotus Europa then I’ll take you to a new restaurant that I found.’

“Okay, but will your wife not mind?

“Not at all, we are just two work colleagues enjoying a bit each other’s company.’

“Alright then do you want to take my car or yours.’

Where are you parked?

“In the city centre, it costs me about £2.00 per day to park there.’

“Come with me and I’ll show you where I park for free.’

Brian took her arm and led her across the street and around the back lane to Cicchetti’s Italian restaurant.

“How long have you been parking here?

“Since I started working for Big City Traders.’

“Does the owner not object?’

No in fact it was him who told me to park there. I am a regular customer you see.’

Well then we must try it tonight.’

Here there are the keys to my car, let yourself in and I’ll be two minutes.’

Brian went to the delivery entrance and asked to speak with Mario de Cicchetti. When he came out he greeted Brian like an old friend.

Listen Mario do you think you could keep me a table this evening? I will be entertaining a work colleague.’

“I see, that is a no problemo.’

Good man Mario, I’ll be in around six tonight okay.’

“Okay Ciao my friend.’ Said Mario.’

Brian walked confidently back to the car then got in and started the engine.

“Right, dinner is sorted, let’s find the Lotus car dealer.’ Brian drove around London until he found what he was looking for.

A man with a spiv moustache and a trilby walked casually up to him and asked if he could help him. After some bartering by Brian he managed to buy his new car £300 pounds cheaper than the asking price and acquired some extras too. He would have to wait two weeks for the car but Brian wasn’t bothered. He paid a deposit and Frank Johnstone said that the car would be delivered to his house. Brian assured him that the cheque for the final payment of the vehicle would be paid upon delivery. They shook hands after doing the paperwork and that was that.

Brian drove Michelle to her house near Hyde Park so she could change. The terrace house was bigger than it looked from the outside. It was an Edwardian type building that had plenty of character and the price reflected this. It had cost her £300.000 pounds to buy.

She excused herself then went into the bedroom.

Coming out again she told Brian to help himself to a drink and that she wouldn’t be long because she had to take a shower. Michelle left the bathroom door open and began to remove her clothes as Brian poured himself a drink he gazed at her nakedness and was astonished at her figure. Her long tanned legs and body and peach like bottom had him twitching in his trousers. She turned to turn on the shower and Brian saw her magnificent breasts and the small shaven triangle between her legs. It was different to his wife’s who let the hair down there grow. Michelle looked at him unashamedly then stepped into the shower.

Brian removed his jacket then undid his tie he swallowed half the whiskey then walked into the bathroom and quickly undressed. He stepped into the cubical and took hold of Michelle’s left breast and she moaned softly. Then she turned and faced him, her hands exploring the hardness of him. They kissed long and passionately, she was more experienced at lovemaking than Lorraine. Sliding down the full length of his body Michelle began to use her lips and mouth on his chest, his torso, and his genitals.

When she came up again She wrapped her legs around Brian’s waist whilst he took hold of each cheek of her buttocks. She held onto him by the neck with one hand and guided him inside her.

Her soft moans of pleasure became more vocal. “Oh God she screamed and threw back her wet hair she arched her back so that Brian was now deep inside of her. Brian bit on her earlobe and then kissed her neck. This was nothing like making love to his wife he thought. Mainly it was him who took the dominant role. Here it was all different, Michelle took control as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure overcame her and she cried out for Brian to go faster. He was near the end of his resistance himself, but drove himself on until he felt her quiver once more and then he let out a loud sigh as he ejaculated. Michelle was wonderful and Brian hadn’t felt anything like that before or since marrying his wife.

Afterwards they looked at each other then laughed. They both dried off and then Brian put his clothes back on whilst Michelle dried her hair with the hair drier.

He arranged his hair with his fingers in the mirror before buttoning the collar of his shirt and redoing his tie.

Brian poured himself another drink then sat on the sofa until Michelle emerged from the bedroom wearing a beautiful dress, it was gathered at the waist and she wore a white belt.

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