"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


73. 73

“I hope not Peter or my career will be over, you realise that don’t you.’

People talk, and you know what they will say don’t you, “No smoke without fire.’

“What happened to innocent before proven guilty.’

“That means jack shit and you know it.’

Janet pulled in outside of the house the road was empty and they got out and went into the house then closed all the curtains. It was still light but she couldn’t bear to look out. Janet picked up the phone and rang Deborah Jane. Surprisingly enough, the news did not shock Deborah at all.


 Lorraine Thompson came in from work to find Brian waiting in the living room.

“Do you know that the bloody Old Bill have been here today?

“Why? Asked Lorraine taking off her heavy rain coat she wore for work.

“Because of that engagement ring your wearing.’

“What about it, you bought it didn’t you?

“Yes,’ from a guy in a pub, but the coppers are saying That I knocked off Emmanuel’s Jewellry shop.’

“They are having a laugh aren’t they, you knock off a Jewellry shop, you couldn’t steal anything.’

“What happened?

“I just went in and bought a bracelet and he happened to see my rings and asked to see them.’

“Is that all?


“Good because I don’t want to lose my job over some ring, if the bill come snooping and asking questions tell them nothing.’ Bloody diabolical liberty that’s what it is.’

Alright, alright keep yer bloody hair on, I’m not going to say anything am I.’

  Both of them had lost their composure momentarily and had reverted back to their cockney twang.

“Are we going out tonight or what?

“Where do you want to go?

“Well there’s that new curry house that’s not long opened if fancy a Ruby Murray.’

I tell yer what I fancy said Brian as he chased Lorraine into the bedroom.

 Later that evening they sat in Bengal Tiger they ordered the chicken madras with onion bhaji’s, mango chutney with saffron rice, pompadoms, and naan bread. They both drank a glass of white wine with their meal.

“Sex always makes me hungry said Brian laughing.’ As he broke of a piece of the pompadoms and dipped it into the mango chutney.’

“I better ask for a doggy bag then hadn’t I.’

“Waiter could we get more wine please asked Brian as their food began to be brought to the table. Lorraine had become partial to Indian food which was now becoming very popular in London. You had to book early in the Bengal Tiger in order to reserve a seat. By nine thirty the restaurant was packed out. The owner Ali Rahman told them that the restaurant was full every evening and Brian was not the least surprised. The food was excellent. The chicken was so tender it melted in your mouth. The bhaji’s were huge and with three on each plate. They struggled to eat just one. The naan breads were sixteen inches long and over a foot wide and there was four of them. The rich curry sauce was mopped up using the naan bread. They were both struggling after eating only half of the meal so Lorraine politely asked if they could take it home.

They sat for well over two hours as the Indian music of Sitars and drums accompanied some Indian lady neither Brian or Lorraine had ever heard of played softly in the background. The last time Brian heard a sitar being played was by George Harrison on the song Norwegian Wood. The Beatles music had blown him away like many others in the world. The four lads from Liverpool started playing music in “The Cavern Club in the early sixties. John Lennon and Paul McCartney formed the group. Stuart Sutcliffe -Known as “The Fifth Beatle” was the original base payer who later left the group to concentrate on art which was his real passion.

He went to Hamburg where he met and got engaged to Astrid Kirchherr He left the group to go to Hamburg college of art where he was tutored by Eduardo Paolozzi – He found world acclaim as a painter of abstract expressionism. He complained of severe headaches and in April 10th 1962 he died of a cerebral aneurysm. Pete Best the drummer was replaced by Ringo Starr.

(Richard Starkey) and the rest as they say is history.

Brian and Lorraine left the restaurant at just after eleven thirty they got into the car and drove home. “Well at least we have the weekend off said Lorraine as Brian turned the car left then stopped on a set of traffic lights and waited until a young couple walked over to the other side of the road. The lights changed to orange and Brian pulled away. “Brian, you should wait until the lights turn green.’

“Why, the road was clear.’

“Someone may have just jumped out in front of you.’

“Don’t be silly, I’ve moved on amber for years.’

“So, you are an amber gambler, are you?

“Life is a risk Lorraine, sometimes you have got to take risks. In my job I have to assess the risk against the reward.’

“Calculated risks are different Brian.’

“A risk all the same.’

“How can you live on a knife edge like that?

“Because I enjoy the buzz I get when I rake in thousands of pounds.’

Five years in this game Lorraine and we could retire to Spain.’ You’d like that wouldn’t you?


You know I would, but not at the cost of your health.’

“Most of the guys on the team are frightened to take a risk but this is business. If you study your market then you can’t go wrong. It’s a bit like playing poker, you either stick with the hand you have or go all in and wait for the others to fold.’ I have made us over a hundred grand in just a few months.

“I kept my original stake and now play with the money I won.’

“Yes, but what happens if you have a bad day and you lose it all, what then?

“You just have to trust me Lori, I know what I’m doing.’

“For our sake I hope so Brian, I couldn’t go back to living like my mother and father.’

“This is only the start darlin,’ we are going to be mega rich. Maybe one day set up my own business.’

“You have big ideas Brian.’

“No good being a small fish, you have to be a great white shark, the ultimate predator.’

Brian pulled in outside of their house and they both sat and looked at it.

“I would hate to have to give this all up too, this is why I’m doing this, it’s for us Lori so we can enjoy the good things in life. I want to buy a better car, I fancy one of them Lotus sports cars. In Red. I want to drive into work in it and see the look on the faces of all the team who will be jealous as sin of my success.’

“What about this car.’

“Well you can use this one until I make enough to buy you a sports model as well.’

“What is the biggest commodity to make money from said Lorain as she got out the car?

“Gold and diamonds said Brian, now if I could corner that market then the money would be rolling in.’

Lorraine opened the door with the key and let them into the house. They kicked off their shoes before walking on the shag pile carpet.’

“Fancy a nightcap asked Brian pouring himself a large scotch from the cocktail bar in the corner of the living room.’

“No,’ I’m going to have a cup of Ovaltine.’

Brian went to the freezer and broke a couple of ice cubes into the glass and then swirled it around. The ice clinked the side of the crystal glass tumbler. He took a large gulp and swallowed. The whiskey burned his throat on the way down then warmed his stomach.

Lorraine filled a mug with boiled milk then added two heaped tea spoons of Ovaltine to the mug.

She’d already put the doggy bag from the Bengal Tiger in the fridge. She walked seductively over to where Brian was sitting.

“Do you fancy an early night tonight.’

“Brian had the TV on and was watching the late news. There been a robbery of a bank in California with an estimated $30 million dollars from safe deposit boxes taken. Some were saying that the estimated figure was wrong and that there was gold and diamonds worth more than $100 million in the vault.

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