"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


72. 72

Then he heard footsteps the spyhole moved and a voice outside asked if he wanted a cup of tea.

“Yes please.’

“Just a minute and I’ll bring you one.’

When the officer returned the hatch on the door was opened and then a plastic mug was handed to him. He took the tea and then the hatch was closed. Peter looked at the wrist of the officer. It was now twenty past two in the morning.

There was no sugar in the tea but Peter drank it anyway. He began to yawn and after drinking the tea removed his shoes and lay down on the wooden bench with grey woolen blanket.

He drifted off to sleep and when he awoke the lights in the passage were still on so he figured it was about 6 a.m.

He was wondering what Janet was making of all this, surely she wouldn’t think him guilty. His mind was working overtime in case Elizabeth Rose or Deborah Jane said anything to their mother or even worse the police. No,’ he thought he had terrified them when they were young. They wouldn’t tell now.’ Sitting on the edge of the bed the tears flowed down his cheeks. His past had ruined his life, He thought to himself why couldn’t he just be like any other man. Why couldn’t he get sexual fulfillment from his wife. He loved her yet when it came to sex it just didn’t work for him.’

He made love to Janet more out of obligation that sexual fulfillment. She was contented he made sure of that, but when it came to the excitement, the thrill of having sex with someone young and innocent made him feel great. He had total power over them and they obeyed his every wish.

He thought about Wei Wei Fong she was fourteen years old, her sweet innocence excited him.

The firmness of her skin, and a virgin to boot. The fact that he could do anything to her anally or otherwise and she would never complain because it would bring shame on her family.

 Peter had turned her on her stomach and penetrated her anus and she cried out, he held his hand over her mouth until she stopped. It excited him all the more and he had the biggest orgasm that he’d ever experienced in his life. But like all the rest, even with his own kids, it left him with feelings of guilt and shame afterwards. He showered and dressed himself and he would leave the room and join his friends at the casino. He couldn’t bear to even look upon their faces afterwards. He was a monster and he remembered a quote from his father.’

“He who rides a tiger cannot dismount” he would say. It was certainly true of him. He could not stop what he was doing even though he knew it was wrong.

The door to his cell was unlocked and his Royal Navy uniform handed to him, a clean shirt and tie and underwear and his best shoes.

“Here your wife brought these for you to wear.’

Where is she, can I see her?

“You can see her in court, get dressed.’

After dressing Peter was led to the van outside and driven to the court. It was just after nine in the morning and Peter was hungry.

They led him to the cells below with some of the other men who were awaiting trial for various misdemeanors. They gave him a ham sandwich and a mug of tea at 11a.m which he ate. Johnathan Fisher his solicitor got to speak privately with his client for only fifteen minutes before he was led to the courtroom.

“Will I be going home today asked Peter I need a shave and a shower.’

“That depends on the judge Peter. You may be extradited back to Singapore to await trial there. I have rung a good friend of mine called Richie Woo to handle the case if you do. Today is only a hearing.

You just have to answer your name and state whether or not you are innocent or guilty.

“Can I ask you a question.’

“Yes,’ go ahead.’

 “Did you murder Wei Wei Fong?

“No,’ I did not.’

“That’s all I need to know at this stage.’ Okay I will see you in court number, Jonathan checked his notes, ah yes,’ court five. They will come for you soon.’

Johnathan left the room and the duty officer took him back to his cell. There was what seemed like a long wait before the officer returned. He was led up the stairs to a doorway leading into the court room. He stood with an officer at each side of him until Johnathan fisher arrived. He saw his wife in the dock and could hardly bring himself to look at her. She half smiled at him when he did look at her. The door opened and out walked and elderly man of about sixty- five.

The Usher asked everyone to stand until Judge Adam Cross sat down.

Marco Lau Chan was also in court as the Judge asked Peter to state his name and address.

“Today Mr. Thompson you are here to answer the charge of the murder of Miss Wei Wei Fong.

How do you plead?

“Not guilty your honour.’

I have an application here from the Singapore government for your immediate extradition to answer this charge.’

“Do you have a representative?

“Yes,’ your honour, I have Mr. Johnathan Fisher.’

“If it pleases the court your honour, may I speak asked Johnathan Fisher?

“Go ahead Councilor but keep it brief.’

“I would like to apply for bail to allow time to prepare a case for my client. Mr. Thompson has an exemplary record having served in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy for over 30 years he has no previous convictions.’

“Objection said Mr. Chan, we are worried that Mr. Thompson may skip the country and we would like to extradite him immediately.’

Mr. Chan, with all due respect I am going to allow Mr. Thompson bail which will be set at fifteen thousand pounds you will however surrender your passport and not attempt to leave the country is that understood?

“Yes,’ your honour, replied Peter.’

“You will return to this court in two weeks from today.’

Peter breathed a sigh of relief and Janet came over and hugged Peter.

“What’s going on Peter, why are they saying that you murdered that woman?

“It was not a woman Mrs. Thompson said Jonathan Fisher, it was a young girl. She was only fourteen years of age.’

“What has that got to do with Peter?

“She was found in the hotel room where your husband was staying Mrs. Thompson.’

Janet looked at Peter, then said through tears that were now rolling down her cheek. “Did you sleep with a child?

“No darling, I did not. This girl was found in my room after I checked out, do you honestly believe that I would sleep with a child?

“No, I do not.’

“There you are then, come on, let’s get out of here. I will write them a cheque for £15.000 pounds then we can go home.’

“I will need to see you in my office tomorrow Peter.’

“What time?

“I’m due in court at 2 p.m. so can we say 10 a.m.

“Yes, that’s fine.’

Try and stay calm and stay indoors because when this breaks in the newspapers you will have
pressmen swarming around your house. You must say nothing to them, it could jeopardise your case.’ “Park your car in another street and slip out the back if you can.’

“What about me said Janet I work in the hospital across the road?

“Can you take time off?

“No, I’m needed in the hospital.’

“Well you will have to just ride it out I’m afraid.’

Peter shook hands with Johnathan then left the court as he walked down the steps of the building outside the press were already waiting and snapping photos of him and his wife.

“What does it feel like knowing that your husband killed a child Mrs. Thompson? Asked one pressman.’

Janet refused to answer.

“Does your husband enjoy sex with minors shouted another.’

Peter forced his way through to Janet’s car then got in and Janet drove away.

“What are we going to do Peter this is one hell of a mess we are in?

“Today’s news is tomorrows fish and chip papers Janet.’

“What about the kids, we are going to have to warn them before they read this for themselves.’

Janet was driving faster than the speed limit, she just wanted to get home.’

“You do believe me don’t you darling, I wouldn’t do anything like that.’

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